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Anna Williams[edit]

Bryan Fury[edit]

Doctor B.[edit]

Eddy Gordo[edit]

Forest Law[edit]


Gun Jack[edit]

Heihachi Mishima[edit]


Jin Kazama[edit]

Julia Chang[edit]


Portrait Tekken3 King.png
Name Input
Double Punch TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png
Double Punch - Upper TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png
Elbow Hammer Arcade-Stick-DR.png+ TKButton-1.png
Low Jab - Upper Arcade-Stick-Down.png+ TKButton-1.png, TKButton-2.png
Ankle Smash While Crouching Arcade-Stick-DR.png+ TKButton-1.png
Head Spinner TKButton-12.png
__Hand Knife TKButton-1.png after Head Spinner
Bouncing Knuckle Bomb Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+ TKButton-12.png
Knuckle Bomb Arcade-Stick-UR.png+ TKButton-12.png
Lay Off Push Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png, TKButton-12.png
Flying Cross Chop Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+ TKButton-12.png
Elbow Drop Arcade-Stick-Down.png+ TKButton-12.png
Upper Standing Up TKButton-2.png
Straight Right - Elbow TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png
Side Swipe Arcade-Stick-DR.png+ TKButton-2.png
Dynamite Upper While Crouching Arcade-Stick-DR.png+ TKButton-2.png
K's Flicker Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+ TKButton-2.png
Stomach Smash Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png, TKButton-2.png
__Hi-Jack Back Breaker TKButton-12.png after Stomach Smash
__Jaguar Driver TKButton-12.png,Arcade-Stick-Up.png,Arcade-Stick-Down.png,TKButton-34.png after Stomach Smash
Black Arrow Tap Arcade-Stick-Down.png or Arcade-Stick-Up.png +TKButton-2.png
Black Shoulder Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ TKButton-23.png
Atomic Elbow Drop Arcade-Stick-UL.pngorArcade-Stick-UR.png+ TKButton-24.png
Diving Body Press Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png TKButton-23.png
Rib Buster Arcade-Stick-DR.png +TKButton-3.png
Exploder (Arcade-Stick-Right.png) TKButton-34.png
Satellite Exploder While Running TKButton-34.png
Deadly Boomerang Tap Arcade-Stick-Down.png or Arcade-Stick-Up.png+ TKButton-34.png
Ali Kick While Crouching TKButton-34.png
_Spin Upper TKButton-2.png After Ali Kick
_Ali Kick - Spin Upper TKButton-4.png,TKButton-2.png After Ali Kick
_Ali Kicks TKButton-4.png,TKButton-4.png After Ali Kick
__Spin Upper TKButton-2.png After Ali Kicks
__Extended Ali Kicks TKButton-4.png,TKButton-4.png After Ali Kicks
Knee Buster Arcade-Stick-DR.png +TKButton-4.png
Disgrace Kick Arcade-Stick-Left.png +TKButton-4.png
Konvict Kick Arcade-Stick-Right.png,Arcade-Stick-Right.png +TKButton-4.png
Jaguar Lariat Arcade-Stick-Right.png +TKButton-12.png Unblockable
Spinning Clothesline Back Towards Opponent TKButton-12.png Unblockable
Moonsault Body Press Back Towards Opponent TKButton-14.png Unblockable
Tornado DDT TKButton-13.png
Vertical Suplex TKButton-24.png
Argentine Back Breaker (Left of Opponent) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Knee Crusher (Right of Opponent) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Half Boston Crab (Back of Opponent) TKButton-24.png
Cobra Twist (Back of Opponent) TKButton-13.png
Pump Handle Slam (Back of Opponent) Arcade-Stick-Left.png,Arcade-Stick-Right.png +TKButton-12.png
Frankensteiner Arcade-Stick-DR.png +TKButton-34.png
DDT HoldArcade-Stick-Down.png,Arcade-Stick-DL.png,Arcade-Stick-Down.png,Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-12.png
Tombstone Piledriver Arcade-Stick-DL.png,Arcade-Stick-Right.png +TKButton-2.png
Giant Swing Arcade-Stick-Right.png,Arcade-Stick-Hcf.png +TKButton-1.png
Figure Four Leg Lock Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-12.png
Coconut Crush Arcade-Stick-DR.png +TKButton-23.png
Muscle Buster Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png +TKButton-12.png
Irish Whip Arcade-Stick-Left.png +TKButton-12.png
_Feint TKButton-13.png After Irish Whip
_Ground Smash TKButton-34.png After Irish Whip
_Quick Slam TKButton-24.png After Irish Whip
_Turn Around Feint TKButton-12.png After Irish Whip
Ultimate Tackle Hold Arcade-Stick-Down.png then TKButton-12.png
_Ultimate Punches TKButton-1.png,TKButton-2.png,TKButton-1.png After Ultimate Tackle
_Ultimate Punches TKButton-2.png,TKButton-1.png,TKButton-2.png After Ultimate Tackle
__Cross Arm Lock to Arm Twist TKButton-12.png,TKButton-12.png Ater Ultimate Punches
_Leg Cross Hold TKButton-34.png Ater Ultimate Punches
__Ground Grapple Combo TKButton-12.png After Leg Cross Hold
Jumping Power Bomb,Opponent Crouching. Arcade-Stick-Down.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Turn Over (On Back, Left or Right) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Mini Swing (On Back, By Feet) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png
Head to Crotch (On Back, By Feet) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-24.png
Figure Four Leg Lock (On Back, By Feet) Hold Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-24.png
Shoulder Cracker (On Back, By Head) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Crucifiction (Face Down, By Feet) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Chicken Wing (Face Down, By Head) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Bow Break (Face Down, Right) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Camel Clutch (Face Down, Left) Arcade-Stick-DL.png +TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png


Lei Wulong[edit]

Ling Xiaoyu[edit]


Nina Williams[edit]



Paul Phoenix[edit]

Tiger Jackson[edit]

True Ogre[edit]