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Box artwork for Tekken 3.
Tekken 3
Year released1996
System(s)Arcade, PlayStation
Preceded byTekken 2
Followed byTekken Tag Tournament
Japanese title鉄拳3
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB TeenELSPA Ages 11+USK Ages 16+
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Tekken 3 marquee

Tekken 3 is a one-on-one fighting arcade game that was released by Namco in 1996; it was the first game to run on the company's then-new System 12 hardware (a PSX CPU running at 16.9344 MHz, with a Hitachi H8/3002 sub-microprocessor running at 14.7456 MHz, and a C352 custom sound chip which runs at the same speed as its sub-CPU for audio), and as its name suggests, it is the third title in the Tekken series. The players must again use an 8-way joystick and four buttons (two for left and right punches, and two for left and right kicks), to take control of two of ten fighters (five from the first two games, and five new fighters, Xiaoyu, Marshall Law's son Forest, Hwoarang, Eddy and Jin) - and as in Tekken 2, a month after the NVRAM has been initialised, the game will introduce one new character over a period of ten weeks for a total of twenty characters. When this game got converted for the Sony PlayStation on March 26, 1998 (and later released in the US and EU on April 29 and in September of that same year), it added three new characters (Anna from those first two games, Dr. Bosconovitch, and Gon), as well as two new modes: "Tekken Force" mode (which plays similar to Namco's earlier beat 'em up games of the mid-to-late 1980s, and features fried chickens as energy pickups), and "Tekken Ball" mode (similar to volleyball, and players must "charge" its ball, meaning "strike it with a powerful attack", to injure their opponents); the former mode went on to reappear in the PlayStation conversion of Tekken 4, but succeeded by "Devil Within" for the PS2 conversion of Tekken 5. This was also the only title for the Tekken series which did not feature Lee and Kazuya.

The hidden characters are Kuma and Heihachi (of the first two games), Bryan, Gun Jack, Michelle Chang's daughter Julia, Mokujin, Ogre, True Ogre, Tiger (who plays identical to Eddy) and Panda (who plays identical to Kuma); Xiaoyu and Panda also appeared in less serious-looking form, as the Nikotama Gals' third-baseman and short-stop, in Super World Stadium '99 with several other Namco characters (including Anna and Nina, who were on the team as two of its five pitchers). A port of this game's original arcade version (along with one of both of its two predecessors!) was also featured in "Arcade History" mode in that aforementioned Sony PlayStation 2 conversion of "Tekken 5" in 2005.

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Character Select[edit]

Forest Law Ogre Kuma Mokujin Julia Chang True Ogre Paul Phoenix
Ling Xiaoyu Yoshimitsu Nina Williams Heihachi Mishima King Lei Wulong Jin Kazama
Hwoarang Doctor B. Bryan Fury Gon Gun Jack Anna Williams Eddy Gordo