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To access this dungeon, you must get Zelda's Lullaby OoT Items Fairy Ocarina.png, Saria's Song OoT Items Fairy Ocarina.png, and the Goron's Bracelet OoT Items Goron's Bracelet.png. Then you bomb the rock sitting in front of the cavern, walk inside and bomb the odd wall.

The first visit to the central room[edit]

Get the Bombs Early
Bomb skip
You can skip most of this dungeon by getting the bombs OoT Items Bomb.png immediately upon entering. By jump slashing toward the green column hanging from the ceiling, you'll bounce off and land on the ledge with the bombs, enabling you to open the mouth early, thereby skipping the dungeon.

Once you enter the dungeon, jump to the center platform in the room. If you look to your right you will see an odd wall. Pick up the bomb flower and carry it over to the wall, and blast open the wall. You will find a treasure chest inside. The chest contains the Dungeon Map OoT Items Dungeon Map.png.

Now jump back to the central platform and look at the bottom of the room near the same side you found the map on. You should see a lone boulder lying down there. Go blow it up. Beneath it is a yellow switch. Stepping on it causes one pillar to go up to the second floor of the room. Use it to get to the top.

Up here you will see a wooden bridge. Cross it and on the other side you will find another yellow switch. Step on it to open a door below you. Now either jump down, or ride the pillar back down, and go through the door you opened.

A Compass, three Dodongos, and five silver Rupees[edit]

This Gold Skulltula requires the Song of Time OoT Items Ocarina of Time.png. Go in the room behind the bombable wall in the giant pillar room. Keep on playing the Song of Time on the left side of the room. The Gold Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Gold Skulltula.png is under the back most time block.

You come into a room with a giant pillar in the middle of it surrounded by bomb flowers and guarded by two Beamos LoZ OoT enemy Beamos.png. Picking up a bomb and throwing it at the Beamos will kill them. There is also another bombable wall in front of the pillar. Use another bomb flower to destroy it and uncover yet another bomb flower. Use the torch near it, and a lit Deku Stick OoT Items Deku Stick.png to cause it to drop, and quickly throw/set it in the gap between all the bomb flowers. If you do it right, it will cause a chain reaction of explosions, causing the pillar to lower and reveal a staircase.

Now it is time to collect some Silver Rupees OoT Items Silver Rupee.png. There are five of them throughout this room, and you probably already have the first one. They can be found by:

  • Blowing up the Beamos on the far side of the room from the entrance
  • Rolling into the crate behind the same Beamos
  • Rolling into the first crate on the left path at the top of the staircase
  • Rolling into the second crate on the right path at the top of the staircase
  • Climbing the vines where the two paths meet at the very top

This will unlock the door to the next room.

This room has three Dodongos LoZ OoT enemy Dodongo.png moving around a small pillar. On top of the pillar is a bomb flower giving you two ways to fight the beasts. You can either run around slicing the tails of the Dodongos three or four times each, while avoiding their fire breath and when they spin around after their tail is hit; or you could climb the ladder to get to the top of the pillar and start throwing bombs at them. After you kill them a chest will appear that holds the Compass OoT Items Compass.png. Now leave through the western door.

Path of a pyromaniac[edit]

In the room with the three floating torches is a door that opens when all three torches are lit. In that room, a Gold Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Gold Skulltula.png hides in one of the crates by the right wall.

You find yourself in the central room again. Just jump across the bridge to the next room. In here there is a lit torch next to you, three unlit torches hanging on walls below you, and a golden torch on a platform in front of you. Drop down to the bottom and you will also find three blocks that you can push. Drag them beneath the torches so you have platforms you can jump on to be able to light the torches. Now climb up the ladder back to where you started, light a Deku Stick OoT Items Deku Stick.png, and use it to light the three torches. This will cause the golden torch to light up.

Now run over to the other side of the room and pull the block under the ladder out just enough so that you can climb both. Jump over to the golden torch and light a Deku Stick. Jump the gap to the opening you jumped from and run to the next room. You will see a web in front of you. Don't burn it right away, instead throw a Deku Nut OoT Items Deku Nut.png so that the Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Skulltula.png waiting for you is stunned. Then burn the web and light the two torches. This will light another golden torch on the other side of the room.

Now drop to the right of the platform and drag the block to the other side of the room. Use it to climb up. Kill the Skulltula and Keese LoZ OoT enemy Keese.png in the hall and light another Deku Stick. Run it over to the bomb flower to make it drop and blow up the bombable wall.

Lizards and rings of flame[edit]

This Gold Skulltula requires bombs OoT Items Bomb.png. In the back of the room where you first fought the Lizalfos LoZ OoT enemy Lizalfos.png is a line of boulders. Bomb the ones in the center to open a path to the Gold Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Gold Skulltula.png.

This room has two blade wielding Lizalfos LoZ OoT enemy Lizalfos.png in it. The easy strategy is to just have them come to you, then hit them, and guard when they jump over you and attack. You can get about three hits on them before they switch off to the other. They don't take too long to get rid of, and from here on out, you should just get used to them. Once you kill them go through the eastern door.

This room has two rings of fire on two platforms. First thing to do is kill the Keese LoZ OoT enemy Keese.png immediately to your right. Then jump down to your left and go to the opposite side of the room and smash the crate. Behind it you will find a crystal switch. Don't hit it yet. Instead go back to where you entered from. If you stand on the edge of the platform you should be able to see the switch. Shoot it with your slingshot OoT Items Fairy Slingshot.png to get rid of the closest fire ring.

Jump on to the platform and look to your left. There is a little alcove with a Keese and a bomb flower. Shoot the Keese and jump over to get the bomb flower. Pick it up and take it to the side of the crystal switch (same half of the room) where you will find a boulder. Blow it up and it reveals a yellow switch. By now the crystal switch should be reset, so go over to it and hit it again. If it hasn't reset yet, just wait for it to do so. After you hit it quickly go over to the yellow switch and step on it. Now even quicker, climb back to where you entered the room and jump across the platforms to the opposite side.

Gaining the bombs with bomb flowers[edit]

This Gold Skulltula requires the Boomerang OoT Items Boomerang.png. In the Poe LoZ OoT enemy Poe.jpg room is a door to the right of the entrance. Unlock the door by using the bomb chain on the pillar right in front of the door. Kill all the enemies inside; the Gold Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Gold Skulltula.png is in the top left corner of the room.
Zelda OOT Master Quest Dodongo Skulltula 4.png

You'll be back in the room with the torches all over the place. Just jump across in front of you and move on. If you need another Deku Shield OoT Items Deku Shield.png, there is one in the chest to the left. Now you will be back in the central room again. Use the bomb flower where it is at to get rid of the boulders. Now if you look at the bottom floor to the left you should see another wall that can be bombed. Pick up the bomb flower, and jump down there. You will not drop the bomb so do not accidentally drop it or throw it. Just carry it over to the wall and throw/set it. If you mess up you can just ride the pillar that rises to the top to get back to the bomb flower.

In the next room you will find two white blocks on the ground. The left one rises up to reveal a bomb flower, and the one on the right will reset the left one if you mess up. Carry the bomb flower to the boulder a little bit farther in the room. It has another bomb flower underneath it. You can use this to break open the wall on the south side and enter a room with a Business Scrub LoZ OoT enemy Business Scrub.png in it. If you don't have a Deku Shield, leave.

Now if you look just a little bit farther down the hall on the right side you will see a chain of bomb flowers going up the wall to the ceiling. Use the bomb flower near you to cause a chain reaction and destroy a rock on the wall. You will have to throw the bomb up the gap since you can't climb it while holding a bomb. Shoot the gold eye with your slingshot OoT Items Fairy Slingshot.png to open the door on the east side (to the Lizalfos LoZ OoT enemy Lizalfos.png).

There are another two Lizalfos in this room. Take care of them like the first time and leave through the northwest door. In this room is a bunch of Poes LoZ OoT enemy Poe.jpg. Just run forward to the opposite end of the room. On the last column you will see another line of bombs going up, and a bomb flower beyond it. Use the bomb flower for another chain reaction. Go through the door it opens, and open the chest. Huzzah! You no longer need to use the bomb flowers, as you now have bombs OoT Items Bomb.png of your own.

Opening the maw of the dead Dodongo[edit]

Near the wall of fire rings lying on top of the wall is a Gold Skulltula. This one can be acquired by roll-jumping from the top of the clear box to the ledge with the Gold Skulltula LoZ OoT enemy Gold Skulltula.png. Or, if that is too difficult, use the Boomerang OoT Items Boomerang.png to kill and collect it.
Zelda OOT Master Quest Dodongo Skulltula 5.jpg

Now you will be back on the first floor of the central room. Ride the pillar back to the very top. Drop your bombs OoT Items Bomb.png through the gaps in the bridge to turn the dead Dodongo's eyes red, causing its mouth to open. Going through the door brings you to the last big room before the boss.

Head to the hole to the right and go through the hall. At the end be careful of the two Baby Dodongos LoZ OoT enemy Baby Dodongo.png below you so you don't jump into them. After they dig into the ground they won't come back. Head to the left to get to the center of the room. Another Lizalfos LoZ OoT enemy Lizalfos.png will attack you. This one won't run away from you since it can't send a buddy after you. After you kill him, grab the tombstone closest to the rings of fire and pull it back. Now use the tombstone to get high enough to throw a bomb across. It will hit a crystal switch that gets rid of the fire for a little while.

On the other side you will see seven Armos LoZ OoT enemy Armos.jpg statues and a door to your right. If you go through the door and kill the Poe LoZ OoT enemy Poe.jpg inside, you can pull the tombstone to reveal a little chest that contains a free Hylian Shield OoT Items Hylian Shield.png for you. Back to the Armos statues; you can kill them by throwing lots of bombs at them while staying near the door to the Hylian Shield. More than likely you will also set off the bomb chain right next to them. The chain hits a crystal switch that causes the cobweb block behind the statues to make a step for you. After climbing over it, on your left you will find pots. One contains a Fairy OoT Items Fairy's Spirit.png if you want it or can use it. Moving on, you will find another tombstone. Pulling it reveals a yellow switch. Stepping on it unlocks the door to the boss. Go through the door, drop a bomb in the middle, open the chest for more bombs OoT Items Bomb.png if you need them, and fall down the hole you made.

Boss: King Dodongo[edit]

For more details on the full King Dodongo strategy, see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Dodongo's Cavern#Boss: King Dodongo.
  • Throw a Bomb OoT Items Bomb.png in his mouth as he gets ready to breath fire on you to stun him.
  • Attack him with a jump attack.
  • When he rolls around the room either defend with the Hylian Shield OoT Items Hylian Shield.png or stand on the edge of the platform near the lava.
  • Chase him after he passes you and repeat.