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The Happy Mask Shop is located in Hyrule Castle Town Market, to the right of the path to the castle. It will not open until you have shown Zelda's Letter to the guard by the gate to Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village.

The shop itself does not sell masks; rather, it lends them to aspiring individuals for sale. If a mask is sold, you pay back the price of the mask but get to keep any extra rupees, and are granted access to a newer mask model to sell. You can borrow masks you have already sold again; however, you can sell each model of mask only once. Masks are event items and you can carry only one mask at a time. To see if someone is interested in purchasing a mask, talk to them while wearing it.

The Masks[edit]

Wearing masks while speaking to people can elicit different responses.

Keaton Mask[edit]

Keaton Mask
Keaton Mask

This popular mask is modeled after the wily keaton fox.

Sell it to the Hylian guard by the Death Mountain gate in Kakariko Village. Talking to Gorons and Zoras will result in a simple answer but talking to King Zora, Princess Ruto or Darunia will result in some slightly funny text. Children like it and will talk about how much they like it. Adults might remember their childhood by seeing it. They might be confused or they might admire the mask.

Skull Mask[edit]

Skull Mask
Skull Mask

This mask will make you look like a monster.

Sell it to the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods that is on the tree-trunk (not the trunk where there are two Skull Kids). The mask also prevents Keese from attacking Link.

Spooky Mask[edit]

Spooky Mask
Spooky Mask

This scary mask is similar to a ReDead's face.

Sell it to the kid in the Kakariko Graveyard. If you talk to people while wearing this mask they will get scared. The mask will actually glow in the dark. The scientist at the Lakeside Laboratory will say that it was carved from wood taken from a coffin and Dampé will ask what kind of mask it is and why he is wearing it then. ReDeads have a mask similar to the spooky mask.

Bunny Hood[edit]

Bunny Hood
Bunny Hood

This mask will make you look like a bunny.

Sell it to the guy running around Lon Lon Ranch. He will then give you 500 rupees. When worn at night, Stalchildren will not appear in Hyrule Field.

Goron Mask[edit]

Goron Mask
Goron Mask

A mask that looks like a Goron.

King Zora will reminisce about his old friend Biggoron when you show this mask to him.

Zora Mask[edit]

Zora Mask
Zora Mask

A mask that looks like a Zora.

Princess Ruto will express her happiness that Link has became a Zora if he talks to her wearing the mask.

Gerudo Mask[edit]

Gerudo Mask
Gerudo Mask

A mask that looks like a Gerudo.

It makes people think that Link is a woman and Gerudo thieves get a bit annoyed. Darunia will say he hates Gerudos because Ganondorf sealed Dongodos Cavern. Nabooru says it looks a bit like her. King Zora says it gives him the chills. Ruto will say Link is a funny guy. Talon will say it reminds him of his wife. If Honey and Darling is spoken to, Darling will apologize and say he does not want to look at any woman except Honey. Saria will say it looks cool but frightening.

Mask of Truth[edit]

Mask of Truth
Mask of Truth

A mask that can obtain hints from Gossip Stones.

It was passed on by the Sheikah. One theory holds that it is one of 3 items (Lens of Truth, Mask of Truth and Stone of Agony) made by the Sheikah to give the holder untold power.

The Trading Sequence[edit]


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Bunny Hood Bonanza
The man who buys the bunny hood pays Rupees until your wallet is completely full, so you should buy some items, play some minigames, and get the largest wallet before selling him the Bunny Hood.
  1. Keaton Mask: This is the first mask you can borrow from the Happy Mask Shop. Take it to Kakariko Village and wear it while talking to the guard protecting the gate to Death Mountain. He will buy the ten rupee mask for fifteen rupees, and you will be able to borrow the Skull Mask.
  2. Skull Mask: After obtaining this mask, enter the Lost Woods from Kokiri Forest and go left. You must stand on the stump and play Saria's Song to befriend and receive a piece of heart from the Skull Kid before giving him the mask. Put on the mask, stand on the stump, and talk to the Skull Kid. He will only give you 10 rupees for the 20 rupee mask, but you will now be able to borrow the Spooky Mask. Note: This is also a good time to head to the Forest Stage detailed below.
  3. Spooky Mask: During the day, go to the Kakariko Graveyard and show the kid there the Spooky Mask. He will buy it at full price for thirty rupees.
  4. Bunny Hood: After borrowing the Bunny Hood and beating the Jabu-Jabu's Belly dungeon and have all three spiritual stones in your possession, there will be a man running laps around the outside of Lon Lon Ranch during the day. Follow him until he stops, then talk to him while wearing the Bunny Hood. He will give you all his money for the mask. This will finally grant you access to the Mask of Truth, Gerudo Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask.

The Forest Stage[edit]

Any time you have a new mask, drop by the Forest Stage. From the Lost Woods entrance, take a right, then take a left, then another right. You'll see a pool of water ahead. Take a left and one last left. Here you find a meadow with a couple of Business Scrubs. There's a tree at the back. There to the left of the tree is a group of butterflies hovering around the same general area. Walk around this area (to the right of the butterflies when facing towards the meadow from the entrance) until you fall through a hole. You've arrived at the Forest Stage. Note: you can acquire these at any time, and in any order.

Put on a mask and approach the front of the stage (the raised portion with the sign on it). Many scrubs will pop up and dance around you joyfully. Walk over to the larger, older Scrub on the right. He will reward you with something, depending on the mask that you are wearing.

Forest Stage Rewards[edit]

  • Keaton Mask: Win Rupees. Occasionally they do not like the mask.
  • Skull Mask: They increase your Deku Stick capacity. They are attracted to this mask.
  • Spooky Mask: Win Rupees.
  • Bunny Hood: They don't like it. Occasionally they will give you rupees.
  • Goron Mask: They don't like it.
  • Zora Mask: Win Rupees. Occasionally they do not like the mask.
  • Mask of Truth: They increase your Deku Nut capacity. The older Deku scrub says that you have a "horrible face" and the younger scrubs duck into their holes if you walk near them.
  • Gerudo Mask: Win Rupees. Occasionally they do not like the mask.

Before you collect the Poacher's Saw in Gerudo Valley, use the Mask of Truth at the Forest Stage. There is a glitch in versions of the game other than 3ds that stops the Deku upgrade after getting the Poacher's Saw.