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Dead end? Not!

The Great Fairy at the summit of Death Mountain mentioned that another of her kind lived near Hyrule Castle, so you make your way there. After going through the market, you climb the vines you see on the right just as before. On the other side of the gate and straight ahead, you see a sign. Beyond it you find a big boulder. After using one of your new Bombs , the boulder is no more. Crawl into the tunnel that was hidden behind it.

As with the previous Great Fairy, go in and play Zelda's Lullaby  on the Triforce symbol. This time the fairy grants you Din's Fire . This magic causes fire to erupt all around you, injuring enemies and starting fires. You then exit the area and return to Hyrule Field. Your next destination is Zora's Domain which lies to the East. It is south of Death Mountain and Kakariko Village and north of the Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods.

A Missing Princess[edit]

There are 2 Heart Containers:
  • Zora's River: Pick up the Cucco at the Hyrule Field end and go to the small rise near the Blue Tektites. Jump off it and float towards the platform with the Piece of Heart . Alternatively, plant a magic bean in the soft soil next to the Bean Seller as a child. Return as an adult, ride the platform, and jump off at the right moment to obtain the Heart Piece. As an another alternative, you can just aim your boomerang and it will come to you.
  • Zora's River: pick up the Cucco at the river entrance and carry it all the way to the waterfall covering the entrance to Zora's Domain. You will occasionally have to throw it onto a platform in order to climb up, and be sure not to throw the Cucco in the water. Once you have reached the waterfall, float over to the Piece of Heart  on the separated platform.

From Hyrule Castle, look at the town's moat. The water for it extends to the East, so follow it upstream. Eventually, you'll arrive at an area where you must leave Hyrule Field in order to follow it any farther. At this point you'll enter the area called Zora's River.

Making Your Way Upstream[edit]

As you enter, Kaborea Gaborea the owl is waiting for you once again. Once he is gone, use your bombs  to get rid of the boulders blocking your path. Beyond here you will find a man sitting near a fence eating something. It turns out that he's selling Magic Beans . The first one costs 10 rupees, but each one beyond that costs 10 more rupees than the last. He'll sell you a total of 10 before he is all sold out. They can be very useful later on in your quest.

Unable to continue past the fence, you can pick up a nearby Cucco (chicken) and jump across the river with it to reach the other side. If you're feeling confident you can also just jump across the river where the ground looks like the paths all around Hyrule Field. Continuing on, you should notice some purple monsters constantly jumping out of the water to spit rocks at you, and then retreating into the river. They are called Octoroks . To defeat them, use your Deku Shield  to bounce the rocks they spit back at them or use your slingshot  to attack them. If you get too close to them, they will disappear into the water.

Follow the edge of the river until you get to the spot where there is a narrow streaming flowing out. Jump over it, then keep running forward up the hill. If you jump off here you should land on a small island in the middle of the river. Jumping from here you should be able to reach the other side before the river's flow whisks you away. Now, head to the right. Near hear you will notice a log extending into the water. Navi should fly over to it momentarily as you pass to draw your attention to it. If you step onto the log your fairy tells you that some frogs are looking at you. If you play a song on the Ocarina, they will give you rupees . This can be used to help you purchase more beans. You'll also notice each song cause a frog to grow. Remember to come back here with each new song you find and play it for them. You might just like what you get.

From here you just have to keep climbing upwards and following the river to its source. You should find a waterfall at the end. Stand in the middle in front of the waterfall, pull out your ocarina, and play Zelda's Lullaby . Then jump through the part of the waterfall that opens up.

Zora Shop List
Item Quantity Rupees
Arrows  10 20
Arrows  30 60
Arrows  50 90
Deku Nuts  5 15
Fish  1 200
Recovery Heart  1 10
Red Potion  1 50
Zora Tunic  1 300

The Silver Scale[edit]

This is Zora's Domain, the residence of Hyrule's aquatic beings. Stay on the path and follow it until you have two choices, up or down. Go up to King Zora's Chamber. After talking to him, he tells you that Princess Ruto is lost. Afterwards, go to your left and you will see a Zora at the waterfall's edge. Talk to him to play the Diving Game. It costs 20 rupees and you have a minute to collect five rupees from the waterfall bottom. If you are successful, you will be awarded the Silver Scale . This will increase the depth you can dive from 3 meters to 6. Dive down to the water and look for an underwater tunnel. Once you find it, dive down and navigate through the passageway to find yourself in Lake Hylia. You can also reach the lake on foot if you head southwest in Hyrule Field. There is a ladder on the right side that will allow you access to get past the gates.

Letter in a Bottle[edit]

Once you get to Lake Hylia, go forward and Navi will spot a submerged item. Z button-Target it. The cursor should turn green. Dive down there to get the item. You will find a letter in a bottle . It is from the alleged missing princess, saying that she is waiting for you in the belly of Jabu-Jabu (the Zora's deity). Return to Zora's Domain and show the letter to the King. He will allow you into Zora's Fountain, the dwelling place of Jabu-Jabu.

There are a few pieces of heart available nearby.
  • Hyrule Field: In the fenced off region before Lake Hylia, bomb the center to find a secret grotto. Inside, defeat the Business Scrub and he will offer you a Piece of Heart  for 10 rupees.
  • Zora's Domain: Go to the area where King Zora sits. Take the fire from the room and light the torch you see going down. Now light the other four torches in the domain. One is next to the Zora Shop, one is near a circle of rocks, and the last two are behind the waterfall. Don't try to switch Deku Sticks; each torch resets the timer for the stick burning, so you have plenty of time. The Piece of Heart  will appear in a chest behind the waterfall near the last two torches.

Fish Offering[edit]

Zora's Fountain: Entrance to Great Fairy Fountain.

Before accessing the fountain, you will need a fish . Go back down and follow the path to the left, past the store entrance and into the shallow water. You'll see a small circle of rocks with some fish swimming around in the middle or close by. Use an empty bottle  and catch a fish in it. If you have the Adult's Wallet  and you don't mind wasting rupees, you can also buy one at the shop for 200 rupees. Go back up to King Zora's Chamber and enter through the new pathway behind the king that leads to the next area.

Upon entering Zora's Fountain you should see a humongous whale, Lord Jabu-Jabu. Equip the bottle with the fish in it and use it to release the fish from the bottle directly in front of Jabu-Jabu. Lord Jabu-Jabu will open his large mouth and vacuum up the fish, and then continue to suck up air until Link gets pulled in as well.

If desired, there is a hidden Great Fairy Fountain here in Zora's Fountain. Head due east from the entrance to the fountain from Zora's Domain until you see a small spot of land with trees and a gray boulder. Place a bomb  next to the gray boulder. The wall behind will collapse and you will be free to enter. Once inside, play Zelda's Lullaby  on the Triforce symbol. The fairy will give you the Farore's Wind  spell. If you activate it in any room in a dungeon, you will be able to warp to that spot at any time from anywhere in any dungeon in the game. You may dispel it at any time as well to create a new warping location. The spell is also dispelled when traveling through time.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly[edit]

First floor
Second floor and basement
Click to enlarge

Parasitic Invasion[edit]

Jabu-Jabu's Belly is a strange dungeon full of odd places and strange new enemies. You will first encounter two Octoroks  when you enter the belly. Use your Deku Shield  to defeat them, or walk past them trying to avoid getting hit and head up to the door. It looks nothing like a regular door though, and a strange gunk covers its surface, locking it shut. Turn around and look up. There is a white switch protruding from the ceiling. You can Z button-target or manually aim for it in first-person with your Fairy Slingshot , shoot it, and the door will unlock. Use it to go into the next room.

In the second room there are several jellyfish called Biri . It's best to keep away from them. Your slingshot won't do any damage, and hitting them directly with your sword will electrify you. However, if you are careful you can use the magic Spin Attack you learned from the Great Fairy on Death Mountain to kill them without taking damage. Go on and head to the next room.

Princess Ruto[edit]

However, someone else is in here as well: its Princess Ruto! However, she is in an angry mood and doesn't want to talk to you. She will try walking away, but will fall into one of the holes that are in the floor. Follow her through the same hole. Talk to her twice, and she will allow you to carry her. The princess is quite durable and dangerous to enemies if thrown.

Dungeon Companion[edit]

Up to the Top[edit]

Jabu-Jabu's First Skulltula
In the room with the Stingers, there is a Gold Skulltula  on the vines to the right. Kill it with your Fairy Slingshot , Bombchu , or a well timed bomb . Hit the switch in the pool to raise the water up to the vines, then climb up and grab the token.

Pick up Princess Ruto and go into the door behind you. You'll enter a room with a few Shaboms  in a tunnel that leads to a pool of water. Go through the water over to the other side, and throw Ruto onto the ledge above. If the princess lands in any water deep enough to swim in she will flee back to the room below the holes in the ground. Note that several Stingers  swim through the water. Stepping on a Stinger's tail will make it emerge into the air and fly around after you. Hit the switch in the center of the pool of water to raise its level, then climb up to Ruto.

Carry her again and go into the next room by using the slingshot or throwing Ruto at the switch on the ceiling. Defeat the Octorok in this room, or avoid its projectiles while you wait for a platform to come all the way down into the pool in front of you. If you use your shield while carrying Ruto you will drop her in place, so you don't have to worry about her getting thrown into the water. Jump on it while carrying the princess to go back to the top floor with her. If you are low on Deku Nuts  you can swim through the hole at the end of the pool at the bottom to find a Business Scrub  selling some.

From Biri to Bari[edit]

The platform will take you back up to where the Biri are. Go through the door to the right again to find the room where you first met Princess Ruto. Try not to fall in any of the small holes again, or else you'll be making a repeat performance of what you just did. Watch out for the giant hole with the vines on the left side of the room too!

As you head for the other side, watch out for the Biri, and keep a look out for Bari , the stronger version of Biri. Avoid them as they drop down from above and try not to fight them because they can electrocute you quickly. Not only that, a Bari is really three Biri merged into one, and killing it separates it into the Biri. If you haven't figured it out already, you can use Ruto as a weapon. Try throwing her at the Biri and see what happens. Take note of the hole blocked by the green tentacle, kill or avoid the enemies here, and then head into the next room.

The Tailsparan[edit]

This room forks into several different paths. Some paths have moving floors that drag you along if you stop moving. Be extremely cautious in this room, because there are Tailpasaran  in the ground that chase after you if you get near them. The Tailpasaran are lethal, and it would be unwise to attack them as they can only be hit from the back, and after being killed you will be shocked for half a heart worth of damage (the safest way to kill them is to use a Deku Nut  followed by a well placed bomb ).

Not only do you have to deal with these things, but a red and blue tentacle is blocking two doors right now, so take the path to the right. There is a switch here, but it requires some extra weight to press it. Step onto it while holding Princess Ruto (even if you do this, you'll still see Navi's message about the switch) and the combined weight will force it down. The door at the end of the path will open, so enter while holding Ruto.

The Boomerang[edit]

This room has several Stingers inside, and you're trapped inside this room until you get rid of them all. Drop Ruto if you have her, and step on the Stingers' tails to provoke them into the air and strike each of them with your sword as they come charging at you, you then eliminate them (the safest way is to use Deku Nuts and your slingshot or use bombs). Once you kill them all, a chest will appear in the middle of the room. Open it to receive the  Boomerang. Put the boomerang on one of the Left c/Down c/Right c). You can now reach things from a distance.

The Red Tentacle[edit]

Go back outside and find Princess Ruto (if you're not already carrying her). No matter how many times it happens, Ruto doesn't take too well to being left behind. Pick her up and come right back to the fork in the room. This time, take the left path. Place Ruto on the switch to open the door and then enter the room. A red Parasitic Tentacle  (also known as the red tail) dwells in this room. Approach it and it will pop out of the ceiling. Look for a section on the tentacle that is narrower than the rest. Z button-Target it and hit it with the boomerang while strafing to avoid its movements (if it retracts into the ceiling, throw the boomerang then run close to it so when it comes down to attack it gets hit immediately). It takes only a few hits to rid Jabu-Jabu of this tentacle. A chest holding the Dungeon Map  will appear. Grab it and head out.

Pop go the Shabom[edit]

Find Ruto again, near the switch, and pick her up. You can find the Compass in the room that red tentacle was blocking (turn left from the switch and go north). Killing it caused it to disappear, and now you can go through the door.

There are a lot of Shabom  floating around in this room. You have only 40 seconds to kill them, or you'll lose one heart and have to do it again. Take the Boomerang  and pop all the Shabom, use Din's Fire  a couple of times, or throw a Deku Nut  when in the center of the room most likely popping them all at once to make a chest appear, which holds the Compass . The room right next to the one where you discovered the Boomerang has also opened up, so head back and enter it.

The Blue Tentacle[edit]

Now you'll encounter the blue Parasitic Tentacle . The weak spot is in the same place, so you'll know how to kill it quickly (it only takes four hits).

The Green Tentacle[edit]

Two Skulltulas
Just after dropping down the green tentacle's hole you'll see two Gold Skulltulas  on the northwestern and northern walls. Both of them need to be either shot with the slingshot  or hit with the Boomerang , then have their tokens gathered with the help of the Boomerang.

Go down the middle and final hallway you haven't ventured into and you'll find the door the blue tentacle guarded. Go through the door and you'll encounter the green Parasitic Tentacle . Recognize it? It's the thing blocking the hole in the room you saw before. However, this tentacle holds more importance than the red and blue ones did, and as a precaution, several Biri  are guarding it. Kill them off first, then make your move on the tentacle. It has a weak point just like the other two. Eliminate this final tentacle to open up passage into the hole it blocks in the room where you first found Princess Ruto.

With Princess Ruto, go back to the room where you first met her. Find the hole that the green tail blocked. It is on the far right (north west side). Drop down through and you will land on an unfamiliar platform in a familiar room. You'll be able to enter a new door to the west now.

Mini-Boss: Big Octo[edit]

Once you find this room, Princess Ruto will notice a strange gem. It's the Zora's Sapphire! Excited, she demands that you throw her up onto the platform it resides on. Once you throw her up there, an unexpected lurch sends the platform up. In the room above, Ruto encounters a monster, and then it comes down into the room you're in! It's Big Octo , the Mini-Boss!

Once this battle begins, Big Octo will be running around the room, chasing after you, along with several spikes on the platform whirling around in the opposite direction of Big Octo. There is only one way to make Big Octo stop running: throw your boomerang at him. For a moment, it will stun him, then the enlarged Octorok will spin in a circle. When he stops, he will either turn to face you, or turn his back to you. If he turns his back, quickly hit him with the Boomerang to stun him again. This will reveal a large green blob on Big Octo's backside. Slash away at it to injure him. If you're more focused on moving on than battling him, jump-slash the blob once with a Deku Stick (or twice with your sword) to kill him. If not, continue fighting him with the same strategy until he dies.

He either drops three hearts  or a few green rupees  after his defeat. Once this monster is gone, you can use the platform to ride up into the upper level of the room, where you can find some pots to smash open and find several goodies, including a helpful fairy. One problem presents you now: where's Princess Ruto?

Finding the Boss[edit]

Electric Jelly[edit]

Head on into the next room. Two Biri are waiting for you, but you can kill them easily. In the next room, kill the Octorok. There are also two strange jelly blobs in the room that look like platforms that reach a nearby ledge, but you'll find they don't take lightly to outsiders. Hit them both with your boomerang to stun them and use them as platforms to reach another door.

Extending the Path[edit]

You'll enter a room with nothing but two platforms, separated by a gap in the middle of the room. Jump across the gap and it will lower into place. If you remember this room, it is where you first encountered the Biri, the second room of the dungeon. The ledge you jumped onto has now become a bridge to another door, but it is locked. The switch by it needs something to hold it down, and since you don't have Princess Ruto, you'll need something else. On the other side of the room are crates. Grab one and take it to the switch. Don't bother with the Biri. Place the box on top of the switch to open up the door.

A Tricky Switch[edit]

Final Skulltula
After you kill the Biri , head to the north side of the room, then face south and you'll find the Gold Skulltula  on the vines.

There are several Biri  moving around the halls of this room. Get rid of them all with your Boomerang  to save yourself some trouble. There is a big wall covered in vines. Climb its face until you reach the small ledge on top. Turn and face the center of the room to see a switch. However, if you try to attack it you'll notice that a transparent wall keeps you from having a straight shot at it. Hitting the switch requires clever use of the boomerang. Back away from the glass, Z button-target the switch and then unleash your boomerang. If it moves in the right way, it will curve around the glass and hit the switch. Or grab a wooden box, from the other side of the room, and drop it on the switch. The door to the boss will open to the north. Jump down and then go through the door to find the boss.

Boss: Barinade[edit]

As you enter this room, several enlarged Biri (jellyfish) seem to be acting up. They've noticed you! They swarm around a strange monster and attach to it as it awakens.

Bio-Electric Anemone: BARINADE

This beast is the monster wreaking havoc upon Jabu-Jabu. When you come face-to-face with Barinade, you'll see three tentacles coupled to the ceiling. Z button-Target the tentacles, and throw the Boomerang  at them. This will detach Barinade from the ceiling, but there are several electric tentacles attached to it that will constantly shoot waves of electricity at you as you do this, so be ready to strafe.

The moment Barinade is uncoupled, all of the jellyfish will detach from its body and it will start spinning around with them tethered to it. Wait for Barinade to stop spinning (or run up and stun it with your boomerang) and you'll have a chance to kill some of the jellyfish by using your boomerang or run in close and slash at Barinade without mercy, causing the jellyfish to pop. Without the jellyfish covering Barinade, the center of its body will be exposed. Hit it with the boomerang to stun it and then attack with the sword. Doing this will cause Barinade to rise up higher and release a second set of jellyfish. They will be spinning much faster than before, so wait for them to stop and kill them off.

Now unprotected, Barinade will start firing electric waves at you again. Toss the boomerang at its body until you manage to stun it, then strike it as many times as you can with your sword. Watch out, because once Barinade takes a few hits, it will relentlessly shoot electricity from all directions. If you can get around its attacks, you can finish it off for good.

After taking so much damage in battle, Barinade will swell up like a balloon and pop like a zit, spewing acid on the floor. Such a disgusting end for a parasite. Grab the Heart Container  and make your way to the portal. Princess Ruto will be waiting for you on the other side of the portal, so enter it! Reunited, the two of you will leave Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Terms of Engagement[edit]

Outside of Jabu-Jabu, Ruto asks Link if he wants a reward, where Link can either ask for the Spiritual Stone of Water or for nothing. In either case, Ruto will give the Spiritual Stone in exchange for a future engagement to marry her! After Ruto's mother gave it to her, she made her promise to give the stone only to the one she would marry. Now engaged, she gives Link Zora's Sapphire, eagerly awaiting marriage.

After traversing through the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, and Jabu-Jabu's Belly, you have all three Spiritual Stones. Zelda awaits you at Hyrule Castle. However, something is about to happen...


None of the following tasks are necessary to completing the game, but will only make you stronger!

The Scarecrow's Song[edit]

Near the underwater entrance to Zora's Domain in Lake Hylia, you will find two Scarecrows, Bonooru and Pierre, on the shore. Bonooru will ask you to play a song for him, which he claims he will remember. The song you play will be listed as the game's Scarecrow's Song . It is your own creation but must be eight notes long. You can change the song as you please. If you forget it, Bonooru will give you the melody you last played. Remember the Song, as it will be very useful one day. Unfortunately, you cannot use the same note eight times in a row, so the best thing to do is just use two and switch back and forth (left right left right, etc.). It is important to know that you must return to Bonooru as an adult to activate Pierre. Simply remind him of the song that you played as a child as he has forgotten.

You can also create melodies in front of Pierre, but they don't have to be only eight notes long. They can even have special tunes in them if you wish. The song you create for Pierre won't become a new song when you play it.

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit[edit]

You will plant Magic Beans  in ten patches of soft soil scattered throughout Hyrule. With the exception of the patch near the salesman, you can also use a bug to dig up a Gold Skulltula from the soil. The patches are located:

  • Next to the Magic Bean Salesman. (Zora's River)
  • Behind the Kokiri Shop. (Kokiri Forest)
  • In the section of the Lost Woods where the forest stage is located. (Two Business Scrubs will also be there.)
  • From the entrance to the Lost Woods, head left and then head left again. You should immediately find a patch of soft soil.
  • Near the south end of the row of graves on the left. (Graveyard)
  • Near the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. (Death Mountain Trail)
  • Near the entrance to the Fire Temple. (Death Mountain Crater) **Note: You will need to use the Bolero of Fire  to warp to this area as a child, after learning it as an adult.
  • Next to the Lakeside Laboratory. (Lake Hylia)
  • On the left side of the Gerudo Valley river. (Use a Cucco to help you reach it. A Gerudo and her cow will be there.)
  • A little ways off to the right of the Spirit Temple. (Desert Colossus) **Note: You will need to use the Requiem of Spirit  to warp to this area as a child, after learning it as an adult.

Mask Trading Sequence[edit]

At this point, you will be able to finish the Mask Trading sequence. If you have not already, obtain the Bunny Hood  from the Happy Mask Shop owner. There is a man running around Hyrule Field now. He is usually resting in the northwest area by early day and rests somewhere near the Kokiri Forest entrance at night. Wear the Bunny Hood and speak with him. He will pay you a huge amount of money that fills your wallet. Pay back the money at the shop. You are now free to borrow the following masks:

Deku Nut Upgrade[edit]

Borrow the Mask of Truth  from the Happy Mask Shop and head to the Lost Woods. Enter the Forest Stage, and put on the mask. The Deku Scrubs will stare at your mask for a brief moment, tilting their heads, then turn to their leader. They think your face is hideous, but they will give you a "prize" anyway. Your Deku Nut  carrying capacity will be increased by ten.**Note: Due to a bug in all versions except the 3DS version, you will not be able to get this upgrade after obtaining the Poacher's Saw .

Lots of Gold Skulltulas!
There are numerous Gold Skulltulas  in Hyrule whose tokens you cannot collect without the use of the boomerang. Those tokens are included in this section.
  • Inside the Deku Tree: Return to this dungeon. Drop down to the area that was originally covered by a web (B1). Go to the other side and find the crawlspace. Go through it and find a wall you can destroy using a bomb . (It should be blocked by a Deku Baba . If you haven't already destroyed the web, do so with nearby fire, or Din's Fire .) Once in the room, the Gold Skulltula  will be on the wall. Kill it and retrieve with the Boomerang .
  • Hyrule Field: At the corner between Hyrule Castle and Kakariko Village is a single tree. Place a Bomb  at its base to reveal a secret grotto. Inside, destroy the Gold Skulltula  on the wall and use your Boomerang  to retrieve the token.
  • Hyrule Field: Near the entrance to Gerudo Valley (to the West. On the map, it is above the entrance to Lake Hylia.) is a circle of rocks. Destroy the boulder in the center and place a Bomb  there to reveal a grotto. Use either Din's Fire  or a Fire Arrow  to burn down the webs and find a Gold Skulltula .
  • Lon Lon Ranch: At either daytime or nighttime, roll into the tree next to Talon's house to knock out a Gold Skulltula .
  • Lon Lon Ranch: Visit the Ranch at night. A Gold Skulltula  will be up high on one of the windows outside of Talon's house. Use your Boomerang  to obtain the token.
  • Lon Lon Ranch: At night, a Gold Skulltula  lies high on the rock wall on the western side of the Ranch, northwest of and close to the Silo. Use your Boomerang  to obtain the token.
  • Lon Lon Ranch: At night, there's a Gold Skulltula  on the south side (outside of the corral) on the back of the little shelter (it has three pots in it).
  • Graveyard: At night, a Gold Skulltula  lies high on the right wall of the Graveyard, (Next to the right end of the second row of graves}. Use your Boomerang  to obtain the token.
  • Zora's River: At the start of the river, where you met the owl, roll into the tree at the left to knock out a Gold Skulltula . Kill it with your sword and grab the token.
  • Zora's River: At the top of the river, at night, drop down into the shallow water and walk to the ladder. The Gold Skulltula  is on the ladder. Kill it with the Fairy Slingshot  or Boomerang , then climb up to collect the token.
  • Lake Hylia: Drop some bugs  into the patch of soft soil next to the Lakeside Laboratory to unearth a Gold Skulltula .
  • Lake Hylia: At night, walk behind the Lakeside Laboratory and onto the bridge. As soon as you get on the bridge, look left at the Lakeside Laboratory wall to spot a Gold Skulltula . Use your Boomerang  to claim the token.
  • Lake Hylia: At night, on the secluded island in the middle of Lake Hylia with the two pillars lies a Gold Skulltula  on the bottom of one of the columns. Use your Boomerang  to obtain the token.
  • Zora's Fountain: At night, climb up on the log that is to the right of Jabu-Jabu. You will see a Gold Skulltula  on the wall. Take the token with your Boomerang .
  • Zora's Fountain: Roll into the tree near the Great Fairy's Fountain for a Gold Skulltula .
  • Gerudo Valley: At night, as you enter Gerudo Valley from Hyrule Field, follow the path up to the small wooden bridge near the little waterfall (before you get to the bridge with the Gerudo women). At the mouth of the waterfall, is a Gold Skulltula . Use your Boomerang  to obtain the token.