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The Gerudo Training Grounds is a totally optional dungeon that can be accessed after you obtain the Gerudo's Token. To enter the dungeon, talk to the Gerudo woman in white who is standing outside of a blocked gate (not the big closed gate that leads to the Desert Colossus; a smaller one that leads into the Gerudo Fortress main building). If you pay her a small fee of ten Rupees, she will open the gate, allowing you to enter the Gerudo Training Grounds (Note: Each time you leave the dungeon, you will have to pay ten Rupees to get in again, so it's better to do it in one fell swoop, once you have the required items). If you complete the Gerudo Training Grounds you will get another Magic Arrow, the Ice Arrow. Like the Fire Arrow that you obtained after beating the Water Temple, the Ice Arrow uses up a small amount of magic power, and it temporarily freezes enemies on contact.

In order to fully complete the dungeon, you need all of the items from all of the Temples (and the Lens of Truth, the Iron Boots and the Fire Arrows).


You'll arrive in the large main room, with three doors leading inside the level. The middle door leads to the treasure of this temple, but you'll need to collect the small keys hidden in this level if you wish to collect it. The other two doors lead to the various challenges.

The two treasure chests in front of you contain arrows and bombchus. Turn around and shoot the eye switch above the entrance to unlock the right door, leading to the challenges. For every challenge, you'll get a short message on what to do.

First room[edit]

You have a time limit of one minute. This can be quite difficult. Turn to the right and strike the Armos Statue here to kill it. Afterwards, slash the Dodongos to kill them, their explosion should damage the bunch of Lizalfos and Dinolfos roaming around. Once the Dodongos are gone, go for a full assault on the Dinolfos, time is limited! Once they're gone, a treasure chest will appear and the door will unlock. Open the treasure chest to get a small key, then go through the door to get to the next room. (If you need some health, strike the Spirit Temple symbol above the door with an arrow to make a fairy appear)

Second room[edit]

This is a silver rupee puzzle. Falling in the lava forces you to restart. If you have them, equip the Hover Boots here, as they will make things much easier. If you don't, go back to the entrance room, take the other door, go through the rooms, and you will eventually come back to this one, on a higher ledge. There will be a rusted switch next to you, strike it to make a Hookshot target appear on the ledge that leads to the treasure room This makes it so that you can Longshot the target and then jump back down to bypass any need for the Hover Boots.

All the silver rupees are engulfed in fire. Look to the right to find an unlit torch, use a fire arrow to light it, which makes the fire go out temporarily. Collect the three silver rupees at the beginning and then return to the entrance. Latch yourself to the unlit torch using the Longshot, then light it up again once it goes out and collect the two remaining silver rupees (or, if you don't have the Hover Boots, latch on to the Hookshot Target on the ledge, and jump back down). This will unlock the door at the side and make a few Hookshot platforms appear, go through the door.

Third room[edit]

Run forward and a Bari will drop down, take it out. Use a Fire Arrow to burn the spider web, then jump into the pool and equip the Iron Boots. Once down, you'll find some quite nasty Stingers among other enemies, take them out and afterwards collect all the silver rupees down there. A treasure chest will appear at the top once you have all the silver rupees, resurface and open it to get a small key.

Now, go all the way back to the entrance room and light the two torches with Fire Arrows to unlock the left door. Go through it to arrive in the next room.

Fourth room[edit]

You get one minute of time to destroy the single Iron Knuckle there. Do not stand in the sand as that will make you an easy target for the Iron Knuckle, rather lob Bombs or release Bombchus to destroy the Iron Knuckle. Once it's gone, open the treasure chest if you want (it just has a blue rupee though), then continue by opening the door.

Fifth room[edit]

You get 1:30 of time to collect all five silver rupees.

  • Go through the left passageway and turn to the left. Quickly stab the Freezzard before it ambushes you to claim your first silver rupee.
  • Go back, take the second passageway to the right (watch out for the Wallmaster) and go to the right again. Equip the Hover Boots and hover out to get the silver rupee standing above the pit. Alternatively, you can slowly walk toward the pit so that you fall off, but grab the edge, nabbing you the Silver Rupee in the process.
  • Turn around and go all the way up. Destroy the icicles to grab the silver rupee behind.
  • Go down and take the second passageway to the right. A flame wall stops your progress, take out your Longshot and look up to notice a silver rupee in front of a Hookshot target. Use your Longshot to get it, this may take some tries.
  • From the entrance, walk forward and target the Hookshot target at the top of the ledge. Once up, jump down to grab the Silver Rupee in mid-air.

Once all silver rupees are collected, the door will open. Go up to the ledge, use the Hookshot statue to get past the flame wall, and go through the door.

Sixth room[edit]

You get one minute to destroy all the enemies. Take out the Longshot and take care of the three Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling. Afterwards, take out the two Stalfos using an offensive approach (remember, time is limited). Once you've done that, the door will unlock and a treasure chest will appear (it contains arrows). Push the block using your Silver Gauntlets and go through the other door there to reach the next room.

Seventh room[edit]

The three spike enemies here shouldn't be a problem since they can't move out of their pits. The Freezzards are best taken care of using Fire Arrows (you can also go up to them if you're brave). Once all enemies are gone, a treasure chest appears (it contains a purple rupee).

Go to the previous room. You'll have probably noticed the torch burning in a blue flame, use a bottle to catch some Blue Fire there. Go over to the wall next to the chest and Navi will turn green, play the Song of Time here to make a block appear. Jump up, go through the wall (it's fake), and use the blue fire to melt the red ice blocking the door. Afterwards, go to the next area.

Eighth room[edit]

You'll start on a high ledge. Jump down onto the circular platform to get your objective. You have to shoot arrows into the eyes of the statue so they're red while the circular platform spins around. You'll have to shoot all eyes in one go, but you have unlimited tries. This objective requires quite careful aiming, once you've managed to do it, the door will unlock and a treasure chest will appear (it contains Bombchus).

Look around in the fire pillars and notice that a crystal switch's hiding in one. Activate it to open a door at the top (don't bother going inside now, the room's empty). Go through the door at the lower level to continue.

Ninth room[edit]

You get one minute of time to kill all the enemies. First, kill the Iron Knuckle any way you like, then take care of the two Torch Slugs. Once they're gone, the door will unlock and a treasure chest will appear (it contains arrows). Shoot the Spirit Temple symbol above the door to make another treasure chest appear inside the fire pillar. Run around the edge of the room to discover a switch that, when jumped on, disables the fire. Do that, then open the treasure chest for a small key. Afterwards, continue by going through the door.

Second room, second visit[edit]

Use the Megaton Hammer to trigger the rusted switch next to you, this makes a Hookshot target appear on the high ledge. Latch yourself to it, then go through the passageway to end up in the treasure room.

Treasure room[edit]

Go through the left and pass all the doors until you arrive in the middle. Break the wooden box there to uncover a rusted switch, trigger it with the Megaton Hammer to make the treasure appear in another room...

Return to the entrance room (go through the doors until you come across two doors, there take the right one at the wall). Take the left door and backtrack until you get to the statue room. This time, take the other door on the upper floor, and open the chest there to acquire the Ice Arrows.