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There are many open and hidden grottos located throughout Hyrule. Many of them contain helpful or valuable items.

Pink Fairy Fountains[edit]

Fairies are useful for restoring your health, and even reviving you when you lose all of your hearts and die. If you are low on health, or have a bottle to keep one for later, the following locations will be the best places to find a fairy quickly.

  1. Desert Colossus: Go to rock where dried up pool and palm trees are and play the Song of Storms  and pool will fill up with water making fairies appear.
  2. Gerudo Fortress: Out the door where you rescued the first carpenter with another door to left play Song of Storms  and hole will open drop in to find fairy fountain.
  3. Hyrule Field: Across stream to west smash boulder with Megaton Hammer .
  4. Graveyard: Grave with flowers in the front down behind chest bomb  wall and follow corridor.
  5. Scared Forest Meadow: Climb ladder at end of maze and drop into hole down another ladder and you will find the fairy fountain.
  6. Zora's River: Bomb  boulder on highest place.
  7. Zora's Domain: On island in water play Song of Storms  and drop in hole that appears to find a fairy fountain.