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There is a man in Zoras river who sells Link 10 beans, one at a time, for 10 rupees apiece. There are 10 locations of soft soil to plant the beans. To find him, you must bomb some rocks near the river. When Link is an adult, planted beans will have grown into a sprout that you can ride on to help reach new locations.

  1. Zoras River next to bean selling man: Can be used to float up to the top of Zoras River to bypass Octorocks also to get to highest cliff where can reach gold skulltula easier at night or can be used to get to closer heart piece.
  2. Lake Hylia next to Observatory: Can be used to get on top of roof of Observatory to get heart piece can also be used to get to fishing pond if water still not back up.
  3. Gerudo Valley down on very low big platform at water: Takes you for ride down and back up through first 2 waterfalls picking up a red rupee at both then halfway up the third waterfall where you can jump to get a heart piece in an opening in wall inside the waterfall.
  4. Death Mountain Trail at entrance to Dodongos Cavern: Can use it to get up on top of cave to get heart piece or can use it to get to Goron city to bypass boulders and red tektites and to get to where boulders rain down too.
  5. Graveyard next to Dampes grave: Takes you up to ledge where crate with heart piece is in.
  6. Kokiri Forest next to shop: Takes you to ledge where there is a red rupee with a circle of green rupees.
  7. Death Mountain Crater next to Fire Temple entrance need to warp with Bolero of Fire to get there as child: Takes you up where you can jump of on pillar to get heart piece then goes over to wall you can climb where there is an opening with another heart piece that you can jump in to get.
  8. Lost woods from Kokiri Forest entrance left then left: Takes you to where you can jump on bridge that connects from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field 1 thing can help with is saving time for Odd Potion run to Kakariko Village in Item trading.
  9. Lost woods from Kokiri Forest entrance right left right left then left then next to business scrubb on right: Takes you up to ledge above where there is a gold skulltula at night.
  10. Desert Collossuss next to Spirit Temple entrance: Takes you to where you can jump on platform where there is a gold skulltula at night then goes where you can jump onto rock arch outside Temple entrance where there is a heart piece up there.