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Here you can find information relating to all of the tricks and glitches in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Biggoron Sword early[edit]

  • Does not work on 3DS.
  • Only works for the N64 version 1.0 and 1.1.

After having thawed King Zora as an adult, you can hold down R button during the text. If you do, King Zora will give you the eyeball frog instead of the Zora Tunic. After having done this, he will not give you the Zora Tunic unless you warp (the game will give you the prescription after you warp), then show him the prescription holding R button again. Doing so will let you keep the prescription, but get the Zora Tunic as well, skipping everything before the prescription.

21+ hearts[edit]

  • Versions verified: not N64, possibly 3DS. This may only work in older versions. If someone gets it to work, please verify your version of the game (both the console it is on, and the version number of the software and/or the serial number of the cartridge).

First, wait until it is just turning night, then go to the graveyard and have dampe dig a hole on the dirt spots on the ground. There is a 30% chance for you to get a heart piece, but you can get this heart piece as many times as you want! However, if you leave before getting the heart piece when it is on the ground, you can never get it again. Try pulling back the grave with flowers in front of it. Then go in and out of the graveyard over and over again. Have dampe dig up the dirt right by that grave, then pull the grave back again.

Use items as Ocarina[edit]

  • Availability: Does not work on 3DS.

First, catch a bug or fish. Then do a backflip and while in midair, press the button for the bottle and for the item you want to use (reccomended items: Deku Stick, boomerang.) DO NOT USE WITH DEKU NUTS, LENS OF TRUTH, OR ITEMS WITH 0 AMMO. This will replace them with the bottle. You can play the item like an ocarina including the special ability songs. (Warp songs, Saria's Song, ect.)

Unlimited Gold Skulltulas[edit]

Infinite Gold Skulltulas (1:49)

Once you have bombs, the boomerang and The Song of Storms you have the possibility of reaching 100 or more Gold Skulltulas.

Warning: In some versions of the game, this glitch is difficult or impossible to do. For example: in the 3DS version, the game counts the Skull Token as having been collected as soon as the boomerang reaches it, not allowing Link enough time to reach the portal out, thus rendering the glitch entirely impossible. If you jump back into the hole after retrieving the Token, the Gold Skulltula will have been replaced by a regular Skulltula.

Do the following as many times as you like:

  1. Go to Hyrule Castle as a child and avoid the guards. Go to the lone tree (near where you wake Talon).
  2. Play the Song Of Storms in the vicinity of the tree and a hole will appear; jump inside the hole to find a Gold Skulltula within one of the walls.
  3. Kill the Gold Skulltula, but do not yet get the coin.
  4. Select the coin it leaves behind with the Z targeting system.
  5. Position yourself close to the portal that takes you out of the hole.
  6. Use the boomerang; after the boomerang has caught the coin, back flip into the portal that brings you back up to the tree.
  7. If you have done this correctly you will find that your Gold Skulltula count has gone up, but if you return to the grotto in the hole you will find another Gold Skulltula there.

If you haven't done it correctly and you don't find another Gold Skulltula there, reset the game (without saving) and try it again. Otherwise, you won't be able to repeat this glitch.'

This glitch is still active for the Wii Virtual Console version, but not the 3DS version.

Master Sword as Young Link (3DS only)[edit]

To use the Master Sword as Young Link you must get the Kokiri Sword, but do not equip it! If you equip the Kokiri Sword, you cannot do this glitch unless you reset the game without saving. Get the Kokiri Sword and go out to the maze of fences that are right outside of the cave that you crawl through. L-Target the rock farthest from you, then repeatedly press B button. Do this until you are holding the Master Sword backwards with both hands. The sword can deal damage, but Mido won't let you through to the Deku Tree, even if you have a shield. This glitch lasts until you save and quit, quit, or equip the Kokiri Sword.

More bottles[edit]

This glitch allows you to turn any unwanted items into a bottle! The Claim Check, after it has been used, is ideal for this. The Claim Check also happens to be right next to the other bottles in the inventory.

First equip a bottle and find something you can put in it (bugs, fish, fairies, water, and so forth). Press the appropriate C button to make Link swipe at it, then hit Start immediately after. Swap an item you do not want any longer (again, the Claim Check) onto the C button of the bottle in use.

Now hit Start again and Link will finish his swipe. If timed correctly, at the end of the grabbing animation he will be holding another bottle! The C button icon, for the button that was re-assigned, will change to a bottle.

  • Fairies caught in these fake bottles will not revive you when you are killed.
  • The item you replace is gone forever, so it is definitely not advisable to even experiment on an important item, let alone save your game after one is replaced. There is no way to retrieve a replaced item, unless you use Gameshark codes, so be careful.
  • The fake bottle will only work for Young Link or Adult Link, depending on who performed the trick (i.e. if you create the bottle while playing as Young Link, Adult Link will not be able to use the fake bottle and vice versa).

However, if you replace the deku nuts or deku sticks when they are not at maximum capacity you can get them back. Make sure you do not have a full number of these items when replacing them. To get the item back, simply buy or find more of that item.

Besides the obvious items, make sure that you don't ever make a bottle out of a bombchu.

Different method for the 3DS version

This glitch is possible in the 3DS version, however, it requires a slightly different method than the original way:

  1. Set an empty bottle to a button (e.g. X button.
  2. Set an item to be replaced (e.g. the claim check) to Y button.
  3. Catch a bug or fish in the bottle (do not put the bottle away!).
  4. Perform a back flip (Down cpad+A button) and during the flip press the buttons that you set the items to (e.g. in this case, X button and then Y button) before you hit the ground and you will drop the fish/bug and the claim check is now a bottle.

This method also works in the N64 version, so you can use this if you're having trouble with the other way.

Note: if you do the 3DS version of this method with a pair of boots, the game will equip the boots and when you use the item it stays the same picture. When you unequip & equip it back it will work normally. Also, the items in the bottle stay inside permanently.

Use weapons on Epona[edit]

To use any weapon on Epona first lose the Master Sword. The easiest way to do this is by letting Ganon knock it out of your hands and then save and reset.

Once you've reloaded Link should have no sword at all and the green button should be empty. Play Epona's Song and ride Epona, then equip whatever C-button items you like and use them. Don't use the Hookshot/Longshot while doing this, though, as it messes with the clipping detection and you may end up being pulled through objects.

You can still get the Master Sword back though, simply re-equip it through the menu or go back in time.

Another method is during the battle with Ganon, after he knocks the sword out of your hands, simply do the 'play <insert item> as ocarina' trick, and warp away.

First-person Epona view (3DS only)[edit]

Perform the Swordless Link glitch, and then the "Items on Epona" glitch with Din's Fire. The game will lag, and Link will fall off the horse and preform Din's Fire. As you can see, Link will not be on Epona and as he walks, Epona copies him. You can warp back with A button and you can also go into first person view if you use Din's Fire a second time.

Fall through walls[edit]

Park Epona where the left side is flat against a wall. When Link hops off he may fall through the wall. This will not always work.

Pass through things (cartridge only)[edit]

This glitch requires messing around with the cartridge itself, and thus will not work on the GameCube or Wii, there is a very slight chance that it may work in the Nintendo 3DS version, although it is highly unlikely, and is still not recommended. Performing this glitch also gives a chance of damaging the saved games, cartridge, or the N64 itself, and should be performed only after knowing and consenting to these risks.

When you come to something blocking your path (the Kokiri barring your way at the start of the game, for example) pull up slowly and gently on the left side of the cartridge. If done correctly the screen image will become messed up. If you move forward while like this you can pass through people and destructible objects. This allows you to complete certain portions of the game without ever getting the Kokiri Sword.

Similarly, it has been confirmed on the GameCube version that you can put a crate down next to you in Jabu Jabu's belly and your body will go right through it! But when you walk out of the crate you can't get back in it so repeat the process and enjoy a cool glitch. Note: this could make some items optional, since you can bypass puzzles/requirements with it.

Use the Lens of Truth without depleting magic[edit]

Play the Song of Storms, then use the Lens of Truth the moment you regain control. If done correctly the magic meter's border won't flash and no magic will be used.

Another method of doing this, is to equip and unequip the lens by quickly pressing the button its asigned to. this will give you the effect of the lens, without using magic. This glitch also works on the 3DS version.

Roll through spiked blocks[edit]

Certain dungeons (such as the Ice Cavern) feature sliding spiked blocks. While rolling you can actually pass through them. (This is NOT a glitch. The is part of the roll attack's ability to avoid taking damage.)

Gerudo Fortress as Child Link[edit]

Near Gerudo Fortress, there is a Cucco in front of the bridge. Grab it, and stand on the small wooden post supporting the bridge. Face the gate, and run forward; if done correctly, you should make an upward jump. Next, you will need to grab hold of the gate by releasing the Cucco at the right time.

Pass outer wall of Ganon's Castle[edit]

Right after you get the rainbow bridge to appear, spanning the gap to Ganon's Castle, you can jump onto a ledge that's just off to the right as you head to the entrance of the castle. Once on the ledge, you can take out the Hookshot and turn towards one of the pillars that's connected to the wall just to the right of the entrance and fire the Hookshot so that it hits just near the top and just behind the outer wall and it will take you to the other side of the outer walls of Ganon's Castle.

Infinite Sword Glitch[edit]

Find an item to interact with (or if none is available, light and drop a bomb.) Without Z-Targetting, hold R button and press B button. While making quick stabs, press A button to interact with the object. If you are successful, you should still see a sheen on the weapon you are using either in the scene or as it's sheathed.

If you used the bomb, throw it quickly to avoid taking damage, then use Z-Target to perform a backflip; draw your sword during this flip. The game will treat your sword as attacking as long as you don't take damage and avoid sheathing or swinging your weapon.

In Ocarina of Time, Z-Targeting will behave unusually while the glitch is active; you will remain in Z-Target mode until the glitch ends, or if you switch into First-Person View. You can't jump off cliffs, either.

Bottom of the Well Early Glitch[edit]

This trick allows you to acquire the Lens of Truth early in the game. Get a Cucco in Kakariko Village, and go near the windmill where Guru-Guru is playing the Song of Storms. Stand on the steps and jump/hover with the Cucco to reach the rim of the well. Throw the Cucco to the other side of the rim. Quickly Z button-target the Cucco and do a sword lunge. If you hit the Cucco, it will call other Cuccos to attack you. You should see yourself at the bottom of the water filled well. Then, when the Cuccos start to attack you, you are inside the well. Since it is filled with water, you will begin to float up. Quickly head for the entrance of the Bottom of the Well. If done correctly, you will fall to the floor and into the dungeon.

Hidden Nayru's Love[edit]

When you have Nayru's Love active, you can play a warp song on your Ocarina to hide it. Play Scarecrow's Song to allow casting magic again, and play a non-warp song to restore the shield. When the shield is hidden, it will not protect link, but it's duration will be extended. It's most effective use is in defeating Dark Link; however, this requires exploiting a glitch to reach the Desert Colossus without the longshot.

Swimming Backwards[edit]

At Lake Hylia, as a child, you can swim backwards through the water. Stand on an island and L-Target, just don't focus on anything. Go backwards until you land in the water. Keep holding L button, even when you fall in the water. While you are holding L button, you can swim backwards by moving the control stick backwards.

Underwater Glitch[edit]

If you explore the areas of the Water Temple from underwater and Z-Target an enemy in a narrow room from a corner, the view may go beyond the temple walls and reveal a pink texture from outside. Strangely enough, the muffled effect of sounds underwater and the water itself can disappear if you direct your view from the right angle.

Fishing Minigame glitches[edit]

Use every item everywhere / broken camera (3DS only)[edit]

Every Item Everywhere and Free Camera (4:19)

In order to execute this bug, you need an item that can be used within that area (eg a bottle or some footwear) and another item that doesn't work there. Now do the following:

  1. Place one of those two on X button, the other one on Y button.
  2. Close the item screen and reopen it
  3. Switch the X button and Y button items
  4. Close the items screen and keep on pressing the button that now has the item that is disabled in the area.
  5. If done correctly, you should have used the item, which is disabled at this time

You can further mess with the game, when using Farore's Wind in areas with a fixed camera (e.g. Market Town Plaza). Create a warp point using the method from above and warp to it once again (you can use a dungeon to warp to it). In certain places, you will have your regular camera instead of the fixed on in that location. Known places this works are the Market Town Plaza (adult only), Back Alley, path to the Temple of Time and at the draw-bridge. The camera will be forced again when it normally switches to another angle (e.g. Back Alley, path to the Temple of Time).

Getting Epona without riding Epona or having Epona's Song (3DS only)[edit]

Getting Epona without riding Epona (3:32)

Start the race against Ingo with your standard slow brownish horse and race until you are at the shack. Wait till the clock reads around 00:28 and continue your race. Ingo will never cross the finish line as he simply disappeared. With this method, you can win both races against Ingo without riding Epona.

Swordless Link (3DS version)[edit]

  1. Use the above method to create a warp point outside Ganons Castle, then fight Ganondorf and eventually Ganon until you lose your master sword in the final fight
  2. Then after you lose your sword, use the above method again to warp away from the battle, you will be missing your sword
  3. Have fun! as all glitches associated with the swordless link glitch still work (Items on Epona.etc)

If you do a warp point inside Ganon's castle it will say "Oh no the thing you were going to deliver spoiled" or the game crashes.

Adult Link in Jabu-Jabu's belly (3DS version)[edit]

Adult Link inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly (3:52)

As Adult Link, go to Zora's Fountain. On the ice ramp where Jabu-Jabu used to be, there is a sharp corner in the ice: walk on the left side of this point going down the ramp without slipping into the water. You can do everything in this dungeon Young Link could, even walk into the light crystal at the end of the dungeon (boss room).

First-person View (3DS Version)[edit]

To perform this glitch, Use the weapons on Epona glitch. Then, use Dins Fire. When you fall off Epona, press the button the bow is asigned. You'll hear a strange sound. Use Dins Fire again. When the dome is complete, you'll see from link's point of view.

If you want to return to normal press A button. You'll appear on Epona. By Doing this, the glitch will end.

Mega flip (3DS only)[edit]

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D How to Megaflip with Bombs (0:54)

Using this glitch Link can back flip twice as far. This can be used to leap large gaps that would normally not be possible.

To do a mega flip, go to the place that you want to jump and turn around (180°). Drop a bomb at Link's feet and wait for it to explode. Right when it explodes, perform a back flip (Down cpad+A button).

Miscellaneous glitches[edit]

Random just-for-fun glitches.

Fado looks down on you[edit]

As a child, go up the ramp around Saria's house and across the bridges to the blonde girl (FYI: her name is Fado) Go right at the ledge and talk to her. Link will fall off and the camera will show Fado looking down at Link.

Ignore Darunia[edit]

  • Note: This must be the first time you meet Darunia.

Face away from Darunia. Use your boomerang, but before you catch it, play Saria's Song. While Darunia dances, Link will be "ignoring" him.

Hookshot dot[edit]

Target something (sign, enemy, ect.) and aim with your hookshot. Then backflip and use your shield to defend in midair. If performed correctly, the Hookshot dot will stay on the screen and wobble on the ground as Link walks. Note: Can be fixed by leaving the area.

Get Epona stuck and make Link invisible[edit]

  • Versions tested: Wii.

Ride Epona to Gerudo Valley and cross the bridge. Ride Epona into the tent at an angle (this takes patience and time.) Keep doing it until Link enters the tent. (He won't be on Epona anymore.) Warp to Lake Hylia and there will only be Epona. She cannot leave the platform, so wait until she stops moving and get off. The camera will follow the motion as if Link is getting off. Link is now invisible and can take no damage. It will be difficult to pinpoint Link's location, but he usually is around the center of the screen. You cannot attack with your sword, but bombs will appear on the ground if you use one. Arrows and first-person view originate from under Epona. DO NOT USE THE HOOKSHOT/LONGSHOT!!! It will just continue off the screen and you will have to reset. If you leave, the glitch will be fixed, however, Epona is still stuck on the warp platform. Just leave and sing "Epona's Song" to fix that.

Get Navi stuck[edit]

  • Versions tested: Wii.

Go to the Temple of Time. Go onto the middle step next to the three spiritual stones and walk onto the altar. Go in between the Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire. Read the inscription, then play Saria's Song. Select "Talk to Saria." If done correctly, it will only show the first part then stop. You can then walk off the altar with Navi still floating there. The glitch will end if you leave, warp, or go to the past/future. Navi will turn green when you walk back up to the altar, and once you walk away from Navi the background grows dark.

Look through a cow[edit]

  • Versions tested: Wii.

Walk straight up to a cow. Go forward until Link's face passes through the cow's. Go to first-person view. If done correctly, you should be able to see the "inside" of the cow.

In-place rolling[edit]

  • Versions tested: Wii & 3DS.

Line up with any wall, then L/Z-target onto it, straight ahead. Then, hold forward on the analog stick and tap A button or A button. After hitting the wall, Link should roll in place. He can roll at least 1-4 times in a row. uncommonly referred to as 'The Spindash Glitch'.