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These are collectible items that you can only receive once and never again, and pickups that appear out of broken pots, cut grass, and thrown rocks that you can collect over and over again. They range from currency to weapon ammo to items that help you navigate dungeons.

Recovery items[edit]

As you travel throughout Hyrule you'll expend magic and lose health. You'll need to search around for these items to heal yourself and restore your magic power.

Recovery Heart

Restores your health by up to a full heart.

Small Magic Jar

Recovers a small portion of the magic meter.

Large Magic Jar

Recovers a large portion of the magic meter.


Like all Zelda games, Rupees are used as a currency within the game. You can acquire rupees from killing enemies, destroying objects, looking in chests, or playing mini-games, or sometimes during swimming in water, or sometimes out in the open.

Type Value
Green Rupee 1
Blue Rupee 5
Red Rupee 20
Purple Rupee 50
Huge Rupee 200
Orange Rupee 200
SIlver Rupee 5

Silver Rupees are used to solve puzzles and cannot be found outside of such puzzles.

While the Huge Rupee and the Orange Rupee are the same value, you'll receive the Huge Rupee from NPCs and you'll find the Orange Rupee in instances where you'll find rupees lying on the ground.


You'll find several weapons throughout your journey that require restocking. You can find these by destroying pots, grass, or rocks, but you can also just purchase many of these refills in shops around Hyrule.

Deku Stick

Refills your Deku Stick  count by 1.

Deku Nut

Refills your Deku Nut  count by 5.

Deku Seeds

Refills your Fairy Slingshot  ammunition by 5.


Refills your Bomb  count by 5.


Single Bundle: Refills your Fairy Bow  ammunition by 5.
Double Bundle: Refills your Bow ammunition by 10.
Triple Bundle: Refills your Bow ammunition by 15.