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Once you enter Kakariko Village, you'll find it a busy place. A construction project is under way. Up the hill to your left is the gate to Death Mountain Trail, and to the right of the windmill is the path to the Kakariko Village Graveyard. There may be a few things to do here before continuing up Death Mountain Trail.

Impa's hometown, Kakariko Village.


The House of Skulltula[edit]

There are five Gold Skulltulas you can find in Kakariko Village. Refer to the Gold Skulltula guide to find them.

The first house on the right is the House of Skulltula. Don't get startled by its inhabitants; you will find Skulltulas inside, but they can talk and look like people! The one who drops down in the center of the room explains the Skulltula curse that has befallen his family. He promises to make you "very rich" if the curse is broken. The breaking of the curse requires that you kill all 100 of the Gold Skulltula and obtain their tokens. For every 10 Gold Skulltula you kill, a child is relieved of the curse, and you can return to this house for a reward. However, after you kill 50, you will need to kill the other remaining 50 to get the final reward from their father.

The rewards are as follows:

  • 10: You'll get an Adult's Wallet, which will replace your Child's Wallet, allowing you to carry up to 200 Rupees instead of 99. With a bigger wallet, you can afford more valuable and expensive items. However, you can get an even bigger wallet than this one.
  • 20:
LOZ OOT Stone of Agony.png

You'll receive the Stone of Agony, which rumbles your controller when Link is standing close to a secret. With this, you can detect hidden holes around Hyrule. The Stone of Agony resembles the N64's Rumble Pak, which was a required accessory for this feature to work. However, on newer consoles this addition isn't necessary as the rumble feature is built into GameCube controllers, on the virtual console the feature is unused, and on the Nintendo 3DS sounds play instead of vibrating the controller.

Fifty Gold Skulltula Tokens is a milestone amount that gets you a Heart Piece, a decent reward for killing half of the cursed spiders!
  • 30: You'll get a Giant's Wallet, which will allow you to carry up to 500 Rupees. This wallet allows you to get the most expensive items you come across.
  • 40: You'll get ten Bombchus, bombs that crawl up walls. They're a rarity.
  • 50: Read the Heart Piece section over to the right.
  • All 100 Gold Skulltula: If you kill all 100, the father will return back to normal, and give you a Huge Rupee (200 Rupees) each time you talk to him.

Cucco round-up[edit]

If you talk to Anju, the woman by Impa's house, you'll learn that her cuccos have ran away. If you find all seven and bring them back to the pen, you'll be rewarded with an Empty Bottle.

The first cucco is right near her. Simply pick it up and throw it into the pen. The second one is near the gate to Death Mountain. Pick it up, run across the rooftop of the house by the watchtower, jump right off the end, and use it to fly over to the high fence near the Skulltula House to reach the third cucco. You can also simply throw a deku nut at the cucco from the other side of this fence. This will upset it, and it will run off of the ledge. Just don't hit it again, or you will make it very angry. You can now run down the stairs and grab it. Throw both cuccos off the ledge and take them to their pen.

The fourth cucco is near the entrance to Kakariko Village, and the fifth is in a crate near the steps that are left of the village entrance. Roll into the crate to smash it and grab the cucco inside. Keep the cucco with you and go up the stairs by the graveyard entrance where the carpenter jogs.

You can fly over the tall fence with a cucco.

With the cucco in hand, jump off the ledge diagonally towards the rust colored house with the small fence in front of it (see screenshot) - this is how you circumvent the tall gate. After landing, throw the cucco back over the fence to the area you came in from. There is a secret hole in this area which leads to a chest with Rupees inside if you need them, otherwise toss the sixth cucco running around here over the fence like before, then climb the tall ladder to collect the seventh and last cucco. Grab him, glide down, throw him in the pen, then round up the two cuccos you threw over the fence.

OOT bottle.jpg
Round up all the cuccos to get this handy bottle!

Once all seven cuccos are back in the pen, talk to Anju to get the Empty Bottle OoT Items Empty Bottle.png. After this, you'll get a Purple Rupee each time you round them up again, but you'll lose Rupees, for throwing cuccos out of the pen.

There is one important thing you should remember about cuccos: never attack them. If you strike one enough times, it will call its buddies and they will swarm on you! If that happens, run for your life!

Kakariko Village Graveyard[edit]

There are two gold Skulltulas in the graveyard, but you can only reach one right now. If you don't have any captured bugs, turn right immediately after you enter the graveyard. You'll find a rock hidden among some grass, pick up this rock to release the bugs and capture them with your bottle. Use these captured bugs on the soft soil patch on the bottom left corner of the graveyard. If you did this correctly a gold skulltula will appear in a few seconds. Later in the game, you'll get the Boomerang, which will reach the other one. Strike the skulltula twice to kill it and then swipe its token.

From Kakariko village proper, you can enter the graveyard through the opening to the right of the windmill. In the graveyard, there are many graves, some which hold strange secrets. If you look far back to the end of the graveyard, you'll see an unreachable entrance that seems peculiar. This place will be a later part in your quest, and you'll learn a song to reach this mysterious area behind all the graves.

There is a little boy who monitors the graves during the daytime, so you can't fool with any until night time. At night, during 18:00 to 21:00 game hours, Dampe will be awake and will run the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging tour. If you want, you can pull graves to find things at night, but you may disturb Poes, ghosts that will attack you if you provoke them. If you kill one, you can capture it, but it has a random effect if you are daring enough to drink one, or nothing may happen. If you uncover the second grave from the left and fall down the hole, there is a Hylian shield waiting for you.

Enter the grave on the top row (fourth from the right). Kill the Re-Dead inside and play the Sun's Song. A chest will appear containing the Heart Piece. (NOTE: You may only enter the grave at night.)

If you go up to the the tombs in the far back, a storm will occur. The graves beside the large tomb are the ones of the Composer Brothers Sharp the Elder and Flat the Younger. Reading their graves will summon them, and they will attack you! Defeat them to hear their stories about studying a song that can control day and night.

The grave will open in a flash.
What remains is a mysterious hole.

At the back of the graveyard is the Royal Family Tomb. The Triforce symbol is on the ground in front. Play Zelda's Lullaby on your ocarina. This will cause the storm to grow more violent, and a lightning bolt will destroy the royal family's tombstone, leaving a hole in the ground. Jump in the hole.

The Royal Family Tomb[edit]

At first glance, this place looks harmless, but danger lurks in the dark. In the first room is a locked door. The chamber holds several Keese, which are weak and easy to kill. The locked door opens after you've killed them all. If you light the torches near the door with Din's Fire later in the game, you can find a chest with bombs inside. Before you move on, investigate the bones littered on the floor. Navi will fly to certain ones and tell you what they say. One gives you a warning, while the other gives advice, and you had best listen, because in the next room is a group of ReDead, and poison on the floor that hurts on contact. Avoid fighting the ReDead. They're slow, but they freeze you with their screams.

It's the secret song of the Composer Brothers...
Calming lost souls... only heroes are true to this noble purpose.

Beyond them is an inscription with a poem. Read it and you'll learn a new tune, the Sun's Song. This song can be used to calm the dead. It can also be used to turn night to day or day to night, which is very handy when you don't want to wait. It even can summon Big Fairies, which instantly revive you if you call them. This song will freeze Re-Dead and Gibdo, a enemy you'll encounter later in your quest.

Sun's Song

Right cDown cUp cRight cDown cUp c

The Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour[edit]

A Heart Piece is hidden in one of the spots that Dampé can dig, usually in front of the tombstone that is in front of the Royal composer bros. tombstone (there is a patch of soil there), the one to the right of the royal family's grave.
Go to the graveyard at night (between 18:00 and 21:00) to find Dampé the Gravekeeper outside his shack. Speak to him and he'll explain his tour. He'll dig anywhere you want him to along his rectangular path, but you have to pay him 10 rupees each time. You'll usually get a green or blue rupee, but sometimes you can get a red rupee worth 20. See the Minigames section for further details.

The Gate to Death Mountain[edit]

The trail leads to the Goron City
Show Zelda's letter to the guard

In order to get to Death Mountain, you need to open the gate. Speak to the guard at the gate.

LoZ OOT ZeldasLetter Large.gif

He won't let you through unless you have royal permission, but when you show him Zelda's letter, he opens the gate for you. However, he suggests that you have a "proper shield". According to him, you can buy this shield in the Bazaar in the Hyrule Castle Town market. Additionally, the guard makes a request that you pick up a popular mask from the Happy Mask Shop for his son. You don't necessarily have to get the Hylian Shield OoT Items Hylian Shield.png at this time but it makes the dungeon much easier.

OOT hylianshield.jpg

If you have not yet obtained the Hylian Shield, go to the graveyard and enter the grave second from the left on the first row. If you already have the shield the chest will instead contain five rupees. Return later with bombs to uncover a Fairy's Fountain. you can heal from these fairies or capture them, but you need an Empty Bottle to do that. Alternatively, after you talk to the guard, go to the Market to find Bazaar's Shop. He'll take off a random amount off the price (as much as 40 rupees off) for the Hylian Shield.

The guard will also tell you about his mask problem. It seems that his son really wants a mask from Hyrule Market but he can't leave his post to get it. If you want you can run back to the Hyrule Market and get the mask from the mask shop. Bring this mask to the guard to sell it to him for a 5 rupee profit. While it's not much, you will get access to other masks later in the game which can bring you much bigger profits and upgrades.

In addition, you can get a Piece of Heart early with an easy trick. Climb to the top of the tower and line yourself up with the opposite ledge. Do a side-jump to the left to land on the fence. Finally, climb onto to the roof carefully and talk to the man to net yourself that heart!

The Gorons' Problem[edit]

As you move up Death Mountain Trail, you'll meet several Red Tektites. Beyond them is a large boulder with a smaller boulder to the right. Surprise! When you approach the smaller boulder, it turns out to be a Goron. He explains the problem the Gorons are having. They feed on rocks, and the best rocks come from Dodongo Cavern. But recently a Gerudo came and sealed up the cavern with this giant boulder. Additionally, the cavern has filled with monsters. After speaking with him, continue up the mountain.