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Beneath the roaring flames of Death Mountain resides the Fire Temple. It is a symbol of strength and courage, fueled by a burning heart. Many old heroes are remembered in its wake.

Goron City[edit]

Since you've traveled through time and changed into an adult, the cloud around Death Mountain has turned red and flared up. The sky near the mountain is blurred with smoke and ashes, and the summit is very violent and active. It's time to find out the source of its strange activity.

Make your way to Goron City. You should find that it is deserted, except for one small, rolling Goron. Use your bombs to stop him (you can do this anywhere, unlike the "Hot-Rodder" Goron seen as a child). The Goron tells you his name, and it's the same as Link's! He is Darunia's son. He explains that Ganondorf has captured all the Gorons and has imprisoned them in the Fire Temple. Darunia's son also reveals that his father is a descendant of an old Goron hero who killed Volvagia using a "Legendary Hammer." Darunia's son gives you a Goron Tunic  to protect you from the intense heat of the temple and tells you of a secret passage to the temple from his father's room. Once you talk to him, he opens up the Goron Shop and Darunia's room.

Special note: You can do this in preparation as well. If you like to save time, do this first with the warp song then later on you can warp back instead of having to ride the horse and running all the way back to the Fire Temple without any interruptions.

The Frail Giant's Knife[edit]

Inside one of the several chambers blocked with rocks, on the same floor as Darunia's son, you'll find Medigoron, a very large Goron who has crafted the Giant's Knife  that took him seven years. You can buy it for 200 Rupees, but it is very frail and after a few strikes it will shatter to 1/4 of the length and become the Giant's Knife (Broken) . Because of this, you're allowed to buy replacements at the same price over and over, but it's really not worth it. The weapon causes more damage than the Master Sword, but since there's a permanent option, it's best to go for that if you want to handle more power. Biggoron, a Goron the size of a small mountain, can forge you the blade, but you need to complete a trading quest if you want him to be in prime condition to work.

Death Mountain Crater[edit]

Move the statue centered on the wall in Darunia's room to reveal a passage to the Death Mountain Crater. After entering, look to your left and you should see a bridge with a broken section near you. Use your Hookshot on the wooden post above the working section of the bridge to get across. Walk a little further along the bridge and Sheik will appear at this time to teach you the Bolero of Fire, the melody that will lead you to the Fire Temple.

The Bolero of Fire

Down cA buttonDown cA buttonRight cDown cRight cDown c

Head down the bridge and turn left onto the path that leads into the side of the mountain. If you decide to drop all the way down the hole with the ladder you'll take some damage from the massive fall, so either climb from the top or jump down to the ladder from the opposite side. Turn around and you'll be facing the temple entrance.

The Fire Temple[edit]


Once you enter the temple, head forward and climb the stairs. Watch out for the Fire Keese as you run to the left and go through the unlocked door. You will see Darunia straight ahead. He tells you a short story about how Ganondorf locked up all the Gorons to feed to the legendary dragon Volvagia. He goes to seal the dragon even though he doesn't have the "Legendary Hammer" (or the Boss Key!).

Freeing the Gorons[edit]

Goron #1[edit]

After talking to Darunia, turn left and make your way across the three platforms - you'll land near a switch. Step on it to open the cell, then speak to the Goron - he will tell you the pillar in the ceiling of the main room must be manipulated in order for you to follow Darunia's path. When he finishes talking, open the chest to collect a Small Key . Jump back across the platforms the way you came in and go back to the main entrance room - now that you have a key you can go through the locked door to the east.

It's worth noting that every cell opens with a switch, and most of the cells contain chests with Small Keys. Also, be sure and to talk to the Gorons as you free them - each one will tell you about switches in the temple, destructible walls, fake doors, strange dancing enemies, and even reveal secrets in the temple.

Goron #2[edit]

In this next room, run straight forward across the bridge - there is a gap near the end, but if you keep running you'll have enough momentum to jump across. Be wary of the Fire Keese  that lurk here - kill or avoid them. After crossing the bridge, turn right and cross the wooden plank. Run along the wall (you will have to step through the lava but don't worry, a brief encounter won't harm you), and go straight to the golden brick platform. There is a small brick area on the wall in the shape of a door - if you strike it with your sword you'll notice a slightly different sound instead of the usual clang. This sound is a cue to Bomb  the wall - enter the opening to find another Goron. Talk to the Goron, then retrieve another Small Key  from the chest.

Goron #3[edit]

First Fire Skulltula
After freeing the third Goron, play the Song of Time  to position the Time Block as a platform. Climb up into the room above. Stay at the back of the room and defend while the floating tiles fly at you. Wait until all eight have been demolished before taking on the Like-Like . Use the Hookshot  on the Like-Like and strike it once with the Biggoron's Sword . If you lack that weapon, fire two arrows into it instead.

As you leave the opening in the wall, retrace your steps to the right, and continue all the way to the other side of the chamber. Along the far wall will be another gold brick area. The door here is already uncovered, and a Time Block rests on the balcony above it. Go inside the door and follow the path to find another switch and another locked Goron. Free him, talk to him, get another Small Key .

Two puzzles[edit]

Retracing your steps again, head back to the end of the bridge with the locked door - unlock it, and as you enter the room you will notice a rather large fence in front of you. Hookshot  just above the solid square-shaped opening - you will grab onto the fence (alternatively, and slightly more difficult, you can cross the plank and walk up to the fence on the other side). Climb to the top and kill some Keese  from a distance with the Hookshot (there are two each to the right and left). Gingerly make your way to the right side, then hop down and push the large block off the edge into the geyser of lava erupting from below. Immediately jump down on top of the block (as you jump off, press backwards to stop your forward motion) because it will be propelled up to the second floor. Inside the small room, unlock the door and move on to the next large room.

You'll see a trapped Goron here, but ignore him for now because you can't do anything for him at this moment. Go left and climb the ledges with the moving fires on them - the fires are actually being produced by slow moving enemies called Torch Slugs , and you can kill them if they are giving you problems. It takes two hits to kill them - once to extinguish their flame, one more to finish them off (hit them once with your sword, wait for them to turn white to finish them off). Climb up to the top of the ledge and jump to the other ledge on the right. You will see a new type of switch, the crystal switch, but don't bother hitting it yet. Push the block on the ledge down and then jump down and pull it as far that it can go. Make your way around it and then jump onto it and then onto either the fence or the nearby platform. Climb the fence up one level - though you can't see it from where you are, there is a fire preventing you from climbing out of this room, so go to the edge right above the crystal switch. Take aim and hit it with the Hookshot, or drop a bomb  down by it, then quickly climb up to the upper level and then scramble up the fence before time runs out. Enter the door at the top.

Gorons #4 and #5[edit]

Second Fire Skulltula
Follow the outer wall northward until you reach a small, protected alcove (the camera will change when you go under the overhang). If you hit the wall to the left or middle area, it will make a different sound than any of the other walls. You can destroy this wall with a bomb , and the Gold Skulltula is just behind it. This room is visible on the map in the northwest, as it protrudes northward from the main area.

There are two Gorons in this large room - unfortunately, there are also giant boulders rolling around the room to keep you at bay. First turn left (up, as the camera will turn) and stay along the outer wall until you reach an alcove with a door. Go through it to find the first Goron. Free him, take the Small Key , then exit the room and head back to where the boulders are. Keep going around the perimeter of this room and you will find the second Goron (look for the nearby switch!). Make sure to get the Small Key! From the second Goron, head straight out until you see the first break in the wall to the left - head diagonally through it, continuing to follow the wall, and where it turns up sharply you will find a locked door. Open it and exit the room.

Dungeon Map[edit]

Go through the door and in the next room do not fall off the narrow ledge! If you do, you will fall back into the first room you unlocked to the east of the entrance to the temple. To your right is a barred door. Look for an eye switch and shoot it with an arrow to open the door. Go to the door carefully. Inside the room behind it is a chest with the Dungeon Map . Go back to the narrow walkway and enter the locked door. Cross the narrow beam to the other side. Once you step on the metal grate at the end of the beam fire starts forming behind you and forces you to go forward. Cross until you are at the other side (if the fire catches up to you, you can hop onto the columns with the hearts, located about halfway across, for safety), then enter the door.

Goron #6[edit]

Third and Fourth Fire Skulltulas
As you re-enter the boulder room, play the Scarecrow's Song . The scarecrow will appear up on a platform to the right of the door. You may want to place a Farore's Wind  warp point before continuing through this path to return quickly. Use the Hookshot  to get up, then turn around and use it on the target on the other platform to the left of the door. As you land on it, this platform will rise up to the fourth floor. Run around the corner, climb up the fence, then grab the first Gold Skulltula. Climb up the fence that the Gold Skulltula was on, then go through the door. In the next room is a giant pit; walk over to the edge and use the Hookshot on the nearby Gold Skulltula, just hanging on the wall at eye level. If you decide to open the chest in this room, you'll race to try and get a Huge Rupee  (worth 200)!

You are now once again in the room with the rolling boulders, but now you are on top of one of the walls. Try not to fall, or you'll have to go around again. Jump to the platform straight ahead with a crack in the ground and a Torch Slug . Kill the Torch Slug, then stand on top of the crack. Navi will tell you she hears Goron voices below. Use a bomb and blow up the crack, then either jump down (you will lose one heart) or climb the fence and you will be in the room where you once saw a Goron but couldn't reach him. However, now you can free the Goron and get the Small Key . Go back to where you just dropped down and climb back up.

Goron #7[edit]

Once you are at the top jump to the platform that has a switch. Avoid jumping when boulders are passing by because they can knock you back to the floor below. Step on the switch to open a Goron's cell. Go to the gate that just opened. Free the Goron and get the Small Key . If you fall, the Goron will leave but the key will still be there.

Go back through the door that brought you to the upper level in this room. There is a door on the western, middle side of this room. Jump from the metal grates to the platform (it looks like its too high, but you can make it) and open the locked door. Hurry, because the fire will now form and sweep by from behind you. You'll now be in a small hallway; simply run through the door on the other side.

A hot maze[edit]

Be careful in this room, it's a large maze. If you get too close to some places, walls of fire appear. You'll get used to it after a while. There are some Door Mimics  in this room, so before trying to open a door use a bomb  on the door if it looks odd (fake doors stand out from the wall, real doors are inset). Head to the right and go through the door to the northeast to grab the Compass . Then go back into the maze room. Carefully navigate this room to the locked door (the door exits northward) on the south side of the central area (stick to the left side and the outer wall to get around easily). Watch out for the statues/totem poles that spurt flames; some are timed, and some shoot out based on proximity like the flame walls. Go into the locked door and pass through the hallway, past the Goron for now and straight out the other door.

You are now on the other side of the maze room. There is a switch that will extinguish the fire at the end of the maze. Stepping on the switch will trigger a timed event that will let you exit through the door to the west. Scout out a path to the platform with constant flames, then head back to the switch and step on it. Run towards the door, and remember to be careful since fire walls are everywhere. This may take you a few tries to get the correct path down if you don't figure it out before hand. Once you get up the ledge at the end of the maze, don't go in the door right away. Use a bomb first because the real door is hidden by a fake one that will damage you if you open it. Head into the real door when you are able.

The Flare Dancer[edit]

The mini-boss will appear here. It is a Flare Dancer . The Flare Dancer is not difficult to defeat but it may be hard at times to fight.

When it is spinning around in one spot or running around the room, throw or place a bomb  next to him or ahead of him (or you can target him and use the Hookshot ). After it explodes, it will knock its body out of its fire clothes. Alternatively, stand on the platform in the middle of the room and shoot the Flare Dancer with your Hookshot whenever it spins in place. The small body will run around in circles after it loses its clothing. Chase it down and attack it with your sword or Hookshot. The spin attack works best as it has more power than just your sword alone, but the timing may be difficult to get right.

The Flare Dancer will respawn its clothing from the fire in the center of the room, recovering health if it didn't receive enough damage. The color of the clothes represents the amount of damage it has received: red means undamaged, blue means moderately damaged, and green means its on the verge of dying. When it dies, hop onto the elevator in the middle of the room to reach the top floor.

The Megaton Hammer[edit]

Once at the top, take the door and turn to your right. Climb the fence. Then throw a bomb  at the crystal switch or hit with the Hookshot  to trigger the switch to make the flames disappear briefly; climb up when you can and enter the next room. This next room is in the shape of an octagonal doughnut.

Climb up the steps to the left, but don't hit the switch. Use your bow  to pick off the three Fire Keese  located around the room. When you hit the switch, you'll have about 15 seconds to run along the tight path in the middle of the room to the top where the fires are and open the large treasure chest. The next part is tricky, and if you mess up you will have to spend a long time running back; because of this it's advised that you use Farore's Wind  a little ways away from the switch. Hit the switch when ready, then run and jump onto the platform and quickly run up to the treasure chest and open it. You have to hurry or the fire will re-ignite. When running, it's possible to never have to slow down, but if you're not confident don't push yourself or you may fall off anyways. The main thing to remember is "do not fall down the hole!" If you do, you'll fall back to the narrow ledge, or worse, even further to the room you unlocked first! If you need to, use Farore's Wind in here to make getting here easier if you fall. When you get to the top, open the chest to get the Megaton Hammer .

This is the Legendary Hammer. It takes both hands to hold since it's so heavy, but it can smash things and send a shock wave radially across the floor. Go back down the stairs and look for a block with a tiki face on it. It's by the switch and the door you entered this room in; smash it with the Megaton Hammer and it will fall down. Drop down the hole and hit the statue with the hammer in this room to get rid of it (once strike per block). Enter the door behind it.

Watch out for the Fire Keese in this room. At the edge of the empty pool area there's a lone block that sticks up from the edge with one of those smiley faces on it; hit block with the hammer. This makes the floor turn into a stairway. Grab one of the small boxes behind you, then hop down the stairs and put it on the blue switch at the bottom of the staircase to unbar the door.

In this next room step onto and hammer the tiki block and it will drop down and become a block that leads to both the pillar you need to hit and a barred door. Don't hit the pillar yet. Instead, hop up to the barred door. There is a switch to open it, but it is rusted and won't budge. Hit the switch with the Megaton Hammer to press it and the door will unlock.

Goron #8[edit]

Fifth Fire Skulltula
In the room with the Like-Like  there's a Gold Skulltula on the wall. To safely receive it's token, first defend against the five floating tiles, then use the Hookshot  on the Like-Like and strike it once with the Biggoron's Sword . If you lack that weapon, fire arrows into it instead.

In this next room is a Time Block on a ledge on the other side of the room. Play the Song of Time  while still across from the Time Block. It now serves as a platform in the gap between the two sides of the room. Jump down onto the blue block and then onto the other side of the room. Pound the rusted switch down with your Megaton Hammer . This will open the gate that holds a Goron. Jump down to where the Goron is and go and talk to him. Get the Small Key  and then leave from the same way you came in this room (you should be able to get up by using the Time Block).

Back in the fire maze room, jump over the tiki stone you dropped and land on the roof of the temple-like structure in front of you. Hit the tiki block in the middle with the Megaton Hammer. This is actually the pillar you needed to hit. You will fall down with the pillar and land in the middle of the lava pool between the 2 doors in the room where you met Darunia. Exit this room through the normal door so you are once again in the first room of the whole temple.

There is a statue to the right of the stairs when you are first walking into the temple. Use your Megaton Hammer to eliminate the statue. Enter the locked door. In this next room simply kill all the Fire Keese  and Torch Slugs  to unlock the next door. In this room, avoid the Like-Like  and the tiles and run straight to the exit. The Like-Like will suck you in and take your shield and tunic. If it does, simply kill it and get your items back, but remember, do not leave the room or it will digest your items permanently; forcing you to buy new ones (280 Rupees in total).

Flare Dancer's Encore[edit]

In this next room is another Flare Dancer . This time, take your trusty Megaton Hammer  and slam it right by the Flare Dancer to knock it from its clothing and then chase and strike it. Do this until it is defeated and explodes. A small chest will appear. There are bombs  in the chest if you want them. Enter the next room.

Boss Key[edit]

There is another rusted switch in this room. Hit it with the hammer and free the last Goron and get the Boss Key  from the intricate chest. Go back to the room where you met Darunia and jump straight over onto the pillar in the middle and then to the Boss Door. If you want, stock up on Fairies  in the room. There are two Fairies in jars on a platform to the far right. Use your Hookshot  to get there. There are also bombs  you can stock up on. Open the boss door to enter into the final room. Note that you need to have the Goron Tunic  on, to withstand the heat.

Boss: Volvagia[edit]

In this room, use the stone platform to jump onto the main platform in the middle - it has several lava holes scattered about it. The stone platform will then sink down in the lava, trapping you in the center. Suddenly, the middle hole of lava will erupt...bringing you face to face with none other than the Fire Temple boss.

Subterranean Lava Dragon: VOLVAGIA

After the short scene with Volvagia flying around, he'll drop down through one of the pits in the ground. You'll then see a small burst of fire from one of the holes - this indicates which pit he's going to emerge from (for now). After the fire burst, he will stick his head out of the ground - this is the time to strike. Run up and hit him with the Megaton Hammer  - this will stun him and allow you to strike him with your sword. If you jump attack with the Megaton Hammer while he is stunned it will do more damage than a jump attack with the Master Sword . A jump attack with the Biggoron's Sword  does the same amount of damage as a jump attack with the Megaton Hammer. However, if you don't time it right and fail to stun him, he will blast you with fire breath or take a swing at you while you're still recovering from the hammer swing, so watch out. After he is damaged he will sink back in his hole. You'll again see another small burst of flame from one of the pits, but ignore it - you won't be able to hit him because this time he's going to come out, fly around and shoot fire at you. To avoid taking damage, simply walk slowly off the edge of the platform and hang there while he floats around. He'll then sink back into a pit and the process repeats itself. Look for the fire burst, stun with hammer, hit with sword, he goes back to ground. However, the next time he comes up to fly around he will drop boulders from the ceiling, so you will definitely want to hang off the side at this time to avoid any mishaps. You can fire arrows at him while he is flying to get him down faster.

Note: If you fall or get knocked into the lava for any reason during the boss fight, you can climb back up the sides of the center platform in order to escape the lava and resume the battle.

Once you've damaged him enough, he will deviate slightly from the above pattern - he'll try and trick you by blowing fire out of several pits before deciding to come up from another. However, as long as you stay far enough to the edge of the platform you should be able to keep all the holes in view and thus see which one he'll ultimately come out of. Also, he'll return to the hole a little quicker than before, but this shouldn't be a problem as long as you stay on top of him.

If you're going after him with just three hearts, you're going to want to beat him as efficiently as possible - this means only striking him with leap attacks with the Biggoron Sword (three hits and he's toast!), and definitely hanging off the edge when he begins dropping rocks.

After you defeat him he will fall back into a lava pit, fly out one last time then disintegrate into bones, falling apart to the ground. His head lands beside you and burns away, revealing a Heart Container . Get it, then enter the circle of light.

Another Medallion[edit]

With Volvagia gone and the Gorons freed, the fiery cloud orbiting Death Mountain returns to normal in a giant eruption. As a result, the ashy skies near the mountain and in Kakariko Village clear up. You will be transported once more to the Chamber of the Sages where Darunia will appear and speak to you. He has become the Sage of Fire and the guardian of the Fire Temple. He gives you his thanks, then gives you the Fire Medallion, which contains his power. Now you and he are true brothers!

After this, you will be transported back to Death Mountain Crater. The bridge back to Goron City is still out so you will have to cross it with the Hookshot , or you can play one of the Ocarina songs to transport out.


Double your Magic Power[edit]

There are two Heart Pieces available here now (provided you have at least one Magic Bean  in your inventory - if not, you'll have to go back and get one; you'll also want to have a Bottle of Bugs  for this as well). Warp back to the Temple of Time and replace the Master Sword. Then, as a child, use the Bolero of Fire  to warp back to the Death Mountain Crater. There is a small patch of soil near the warp point - unleash your bugs and kill the Gold Skulltula that emerges. Then plant a magic bean in the soil and warp back to the Temple of Time.

Warp back to the spot as an adult - a plant will be waiting for you! Ride the plant to a piece of heart on a nearby mountain - the Piece of Heart is on top where you can see it. From there jump back down to the warp point, hop back on the plant, and ride it until you come to a recessed alcove with another Piece of Heart - jump in and grab it. To leave, walk off the edge - you're on a scalable wall. Climb it to the top and continue about your business.

Alternately, you can still get the second Piece of Heart even without having planted a Magic Bean - after you enter from the top of the mountain (where Biggoron and the Fairy are) simply walk to the edge and climb down the wall to the alcove.
Death Mountain Crater: Great Fairy's Fountain Entrance.

As you approach the entrance to back to Goron City, head left - you'll find a cave blocked by two red boulders. Crush them with the Megaton Hammer  and enter the passage - you'll end up at a Great Fairy's Fountain. Play Zelda's Lullaby , and the Fairy of Wisdom inside will extend the size of your magic bar.

Water Temple Quest[edit]

Ice Cavern is the next place for you to go. But if you've done with that main quest, you can skip it without any trouble. So save yourself the trouble and teleport to where the Water Temple is.

Lots of Gold Skulltulas!
There are now many more skulltula's to round up:
  • Death Mountain Trail: At night, go to the spot with the fence where you tossed a Bomb Flower down to unblock Dodongo Cavern, and look for a red rock. Destroy it with the Megaton Hammer  to uncover a Skulltula.
  • Death Mountain Trail: At night, head for the climbable wall near the summit of Death Mountain - along the final stretch there are three red boulders. The third one (closest to the base of the wall) conceals a Skulltula.
  • Goron City: A Skulltula resides on the pedestal suspended above the center of Goron City (where the Spiritual Stone of Fire once rested). Carefully walk across the ropes until you can sight the Skulltula with the Hookshot , being careful not to hit the wooden platform instead. Do this at night.
  • Death Mountain Crater: As a child, use the Bolero of Fire  to warp to Death Mountain Crater and drop a Bottle of Bugs  on the nearby patch soil to force out a Skulltula (see details in the Heart Piece sidebar). Don't dawdle needlessly or you'll catch fire and die!