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In this chapter you'll need to find Lazarevic's base of operations. This involves running through the jungle, taking out his mercenaries setting some explosive charges Chloe has left behind for you to activate.

Make the first encampment[edit]

Move straight ahead and follow the water along until you see a flashing green light on the left. All the charges will look like this. Keep heading down the waterway, but veer left when you can, and walk up the log going over a rise. In the next area you'll see a treasure glinting up in a tree, just above a bird. Shoot it down, then go retrieve the 016Yuan Dynasty Coin. Go meet back up with Sully, and hop over the stones in front of him.

Follow the trail through the jungle and drop down ledge back into water at the end of it. There will be two guards ahead. One will position himself with his back to you in front of a log, and the other will patrol up and down the waterway. Get cover behind the log and wait for one of the guards to position himself on the other side. When the patrolling guard passes, press Square button to stealth attack him, then quickly go after the other guy, whose back will be to you, and use another stealth take down on him as well. Here you should see another fallen log over a rise. Head in there and pick up the 017Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal off a barrel.

Continuing down the watercourse, you'll come to an open area with a bunch of guards patrolling. You might be able to get one of the guards by stealth, but there are too many guys with good lines of sight to do them all like that. Take cover behind logs when the firefight starts, and be aware that a few more guys jump down from the cliff to support their comrades. Take out the original two bottom-level guys, then the newcomers when they're out in the open after dropping down, and finally take out the guy up on the cliff. When it's all over, scale up the crates under the guy that stayed up on the cliff, then jump out to a pole and swing over to the ledge. Follow the ledge, then cross a log and push the boulder over on the next ledge by tapping Triangle button.

This opens up a new path, so follow it as it heads deeper into the jungle and over a log. You'll come across three guards that you'll need to take out. On the other side of the depression behind them, there's a gate you can climb over. Before you actually go over it, go right at the top to another ledge. There's a little trail up there that leads down to some water and the 018Jade Pei Pendant. When you've gotten it, head back to the fence and go over then drop down to the ledge beyond. This will lead you to the first encampment.

Set the charges[edit]

Here you need to arm four of the charges found in the outpost. You can easily sneak attack the first guy with his back to you, as well as the guard that walks up on on your left if you crouch behind the first crates. After that it's likely things will deteriorate into an all-out gunfight. Just use the available cover and shoot out the red generators for a good explosion around the guards. Once you've taken them out, you can start looking for charges (they won't show up until you've killed them all). There are two on either side of the first wooden platform where you came in. On the platform opposite the first one, you'll find the third one, and the last one is on the platform in the middle. Arm them all with Triangle button.

If you didn't see the ladder at the opposite end of the gully from where you entered, Sully will go stand in front of it. Head over there and press Triangle button to boost him up. Follow the trail to a small bivouac site with a tent and jeep. Off to one side, you'll see some guards messing with a pump in a trench below you. When you go down to fight them, just mash Square button and eventually you'll have taken them all out. Climb up the rope Sully provides, and look immediately to your right to see a ledge you can jump to. Do so, then follow the path around until you see some climbable stones on the cliff face on the left. Climb up them and jump out to the branch behind you. Swing and jump across to a large log and take it across to a ledge on the right. From there, jump across to another ledge, then follow the steps up to retrieve the 019Amber Jade Chimera in a pile of timber. Head back to Sully and continue on to Lazarevic's main encampment.