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Throughout the game you'll be introduced to different characters, some old and some new. You'll be interacting directly with most of them and they all play vital roles in the story. The characters are listed below in the order of appearance in the game.

Nathan Drake[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Nolan North

The protagonist of the game, Drake is a treasure-hunting history buff, who may be related to the famous 16th century explorer, Sir Francis Drake. Drake is an expert not only in priceless historical artifacts, but also in various weaponry and breaking and entering tactics. Although he is more of a thrill-seeker than an opportunist, he does travel outside the law and isn't afraid to liberate someone else's property if he's interested in it. At present Drake is between jobs, just relaxing until approached by an old friend.

Harry Flynn[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Steve Valentine

Flynn is much more the rogue than Drake, and is unabashedly a thief. He's working for a new employer who is interested in the treasure of Marco Polo's lost fleet, and he comes to Drake for help with a museum heist. Though Flynn fancies himself a great treasure hunter, he doesn't get very far without Drake's help, which causes a bit of antagonism between him and his employer. Flynn and Drake have been good friends for a long while, and they make a good team.

Chloe Frazer[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Claudia Black

Chloe is Drake's current partner and romantic interest, although she's not above leading other men on to get what she wants. A good person who doesn't like to admit it, she puts on a tough exterior, which is backed up by her skill in firefights and other high-pressure situations. She's single-minded in her pursuit of whatever's in front of her, and needs Drake's humanitarian influence to help guide her. She's fiercely loyal to Drake, but is willing to sacrifice herself her relationship with him for his own good.

Victor Sullivan[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Richard McGonagle

Drake's longtime partner and mentor, "Sully" is always prepared to lend a helping hand and bail Drake out of necessary. His knowledge of the illicit artifacts trade is indispensable, and he's also great backup during a shootout. Sully is willing to help out when he can see the dollar signs, but knows when to bow out if the situation becomes too risky.

Zoran Lazarevic[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Graham McTavish

Bearing the scars of a failed bombing raid, Lazarevic is a cold-hearted killer and war criminal. Known throughout the world for the atrocities he's committed as the leader of a private military organization, Lazarevic is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. When it comes to pass that Drake and Lazarevic are after the same thing, he'll bring all his power to bear to wipe Drake out. Though his bloodlust is strong, he's also calculating and a knowledgeable historian when it suits his purposes. His long-term goal may not be readily apparent, but it's safe to say that no one would benefit from him acquiring it.

Elena Fisher[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Emily Rose

Elena is Drake's on again, off again love interest. Thrust back into Drake's life by happenstance, their old feelings naturally rekindle, though they're both wary of how their previous relationship ended. Elena is a journalist by trade, searching Nepal for traces of the rumored-to-be-dead Lazarevic. She believes he escaped the bombing raid and wants to bring him to justice. Though not a part of the lawless circles Drake and Flynn run in, Elena is tough and smart; more than capable of helping out in a gunfight or bringing a daring plan to fruition.

Tenzin[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Robin Atkin Downes

Tenzin is the leader of his Himalayan tribe, and quickly becomes one of your most dependable allies. His knowledge of the Tibetan mountains is unparalleled, and even Drake has a hard time keeping up with him when it comes to climbing dangerous obstacles and cliffs. He's a devoted father and looks after his small village where Drake comes for a brief convalescence. Though he doesn't speak English, he and Drake establish a connection and are able to work together to create a formidable team.

Karl Schäfer[edit | edit source]

  • Voice actor: Rene Auberjonois

An ex-SS Nazi soldier, Schäfer has been retired to the mountains of Tibet for most of his long life. He originally led an expedition into the Himalayas to find Shambhala about 70 years ago. He uncovered a terrible secret, which he sends Drake to find. Though he and Drake don't spend much time together, Schäfer imparts vital information concerning Lazarevic's motivations, which adds a new sense of urgency to the plans to stop him.