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Now that you've met up with Elena and Jeff and Chloe's been introduced, you'll have them as new members to your entourage. The goal of this chapter is to get the four of you through this part of the city and make it to the temple where you can search for the next clue.

Cross the river[edit]

The chapter starts off with a firefight, and you'll need to take out the three guys in the courtyard around the fountain. When they're taken care of, back where you first start the chapter you'll see a building that's had its side blasted down. Enter the wreck and in the corner closest to the fountain, you'll find the 029Worn Pendant on a cardboard box. Next, look up into the bell at the top of the fountain statue and shoot down the treasure you'll see up there. Hop into the fountain and you'll find it's the 030Nine Jewel Ring. That's the last of the treasure in this courtyard, so head over to your companions and press Triangle button to open the wooden double doors nearby.

When you enter the next area, you'll find that there's an impassible waterway halting your progress. Run up the stairs just to the left of the entrance and blow one of the propane tanks against the yellow car in the river. Continue along that upper walkway and boost Chloe up to the ladder at the end. Climb up after her and pick up one of the propane tanks you find. Walk back to the edge above the river and hold L2 button to display the arc of your throw. Adjust your trajectory with Neutral rstick and let go of L2 button when it's aiming down to the green car. You can wait until the tank lands to blast it, or, as the game instructs, quickly tap R1 button while it's in the air to quick shoot it (that may come in handy later on in firefights). Go back down to the bottom of the ladder where you helped Chloe up, and look out across the river. On the opposite side, directly behind the pile of stones where the green car was, is a small hill of rubble cropped up in a corner on the other side of the waterway. Jump down to the pile of stone in the middle and wade across to that rubble heap to find the 031Ankhora Water Vessel. From there, swim downstream to the green car and jump to the ladder on the side of the wall.

Find the temple[edit]

Follow the river and head up the steps to the right. You'll walk right into enemy fire, and there's a machine gunner behind some sandbags at the top of this small courtyard. Grab some cover behind the crate on your left, and take out the bad guys that come down to you. When no one else is approaching, jump up into the truck on the left, then over to the signs on the other side. Climb up them and jump over to a green box even farther to the left. Drop down behind it, take out any enemies there, and grab one of the propane tanks. Lob it over to the machine gun emplacement and blow it with a tap of R1 button. Get over there quickly and finish anyone still alive, then jump behind the machine gun. From there you can defend your party against the three guys down at the bottom of the steps.

Once everything settles down, climb up the blue pipe on the wall next to the sandbags and go into the window at the top. Up there you can shimmy across a small ledge on the right and through a gap across the alley. Once inside this apartment, jump down outside through the far doorway, and take the stairs down. At the bottom, you'll be let out in front of the temple you were looking for. As you head through the courtyard to the temple door, look in the cart on your left with the milk crates in front of it. Inside you'll find the 032Silver Shiva Amulet. Head over to the temple and duck inside when a helicopter shows up.