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Here is an easy chapter that's purely puzzle-solving and no combat. That's not to say you can't die, as, in addition to the ever-present danger of jumping from too high up, you'll also be faced with a dangerous trap that requires quick thinking and sharp shooting. At the end of your path may be the answer to where Shambhala resides.

Fix the statue[edit]

As soon as you get into the temple, head through the doorway immediately to your right. At the end of the hall it leads to, climb up the boards to the landing at the top to retrieve the 033Bronze Altar Spoon. Head back out into the main area and proceed to the pool in front of the big statue. Your journal will have been updated with some information, and you'll see an icon on the bottom left corner of the screen indicating this. Open it up with Select button and note the position of the arms and hands on the diagram on the left page and the close-up shots on the right. Only the lower right hand is correct, so you'll need to get up to the other three and press Triangle button by them to modify their positions.

The way up to both sides starts with the broken pillar on the right as you're facing the statue. Climb up it and jump to the pipe going up the wall. At the top you can go left or right, with the former leading to the statue's left hands, and the latter taking you all the way around the room to the right hands. Going left from the top of the pipe will take you to a small landing where you can jump across to some more flooring. Here you can climb the small rails on the wall, move the hand there or press Up dpad to get a frontal view of the statue. Since you don't need to move the lower hand, climb up the wall. Take the bricks up to the top then follow the rails up there left around to the other wall and over to another platform you can drop down to. Here you'll want to press Triangle button to tilt the hand up. Head back down to the top of the pipe, but this time go right.

Follow the floor around to the end, where you can swing across some wooden sticks along the back wall. In this corner, jump over to the walkway and head over to the statue, which causes the floor to give way and creates a nice ramp you can get up and down. At the top of the new ramp, push the lower hand down, then go back to the corner and climb up the bricks in the wall. At the top, jump backwards to the pipe and shimmy right toward the statue. At the end, swing jump over to the rails on the wall, drop down with Circle button, then press Triangle button to swing the dagger-wielding arm out over the blue sphere. You'll fall down right into the position you need to be, so climb up the front of the statue and stick your dagger into the mouth when indicated. This drains the pool, where you can now descend and follow Chloe through the opened doorway.

Find the secret room[edit]

Down under the statue, follow the halls around and go down the stairs until you come to a rock pile you can climb up to get to the next section. Proceed down this hall to a room filled with knee-high water and go around the structure in the center and climb up the broken statue on the right at the other end. Continue down the new corridor until you and Chloe fall through a trap floor. Turn around behind you to see two giant cogs spinning as they lower the spiked ceiling down. Shoot out the wooden teeth to stop the mechanism. Look at the other side of the room from the cogs and you should see a treasure light glowing on the left. Pick up the 034Bronze Varaha Statue, then head out of the room through an opening in one of the walls. This will take you around through a hall and up some stairs to deposit you back in the upper corridor on the other side of the trap you fell into. Head down the hallway out into a huge open cavern with a gigantic, movable version of your dagger.