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In this chapter you'll be breaking into a museum with Flynn to recover Marco Polo's lamp. You'll learn some more skills, which will come in handy during the combat throughout the game. In most cases you'll just need to follow Flynn and listen to his rambling to a hint on where to go. Although you learn to sneak attack, don't be afraid to mix it up with the guards if you need too, as sometimes this is the only way and Flynn will help you out. If a guard sees you and you don't take him out, he'll report your presence over the walkie-talkie and you'll get arrested, which starts you back at the last checkpoint.

Get out of the sewers[edit]

After parting ways with Chloe and following Flynn over a rail, head around to the left of the brick platform and climb up that side. Go through the archway, then jump the gap on the right side of the next room. Head to the wall with the pipes on them, and take them across to the other side. At the other side, climb up the pipe and lean away from the wall to jump to the platform behind you, then follow Flynn through the next arch. Press Up dpad when indicated, then Triangle button to have Flynn boost you up. Climb the wall up to the opening at the top. Climb the ladder, then open up the lid and climb out.

Look on a crate in the corner behind you, behind some other crates for a treasure glint, and you'll find the 006Byzantine Gold Coin. Jump the green pipe at the other side of the room, then hold Triangle button under the ladder on the wall to give Flynn a boost. Climb the ladder and jump up to a ledge. Instead of continuing up here, turn around and jump to the metal platform with the ladder on the side of it. You can retrieve the 007Glass Evil Eye treasure there. Go back down and then up to where Flynn has been stopped by some steaming pipes. Behind him is a ladder to the shutoff valve, which can be turned by tapping Triangle button.

Go back down and follow Flynn over the pipe and jump out to the yellow pipe. Swing over and jump to the next ledge, then turn left and jump over to the pipe Flynn's on. Drop off the other side of the pipes and shimmy to the left, pressing Circle button when you're over the platform. Go down the steps and press Circle button again to take cover by a window. Follow Flynn down the hall and go through the next room to the double-doors at the other side. You can't open the door due to it being alarmed, so you'll have to disarm the junction box. Before or after you attempt the door, look to the right of it in the dark corner of the room for the 008Ottoman Ring. Go back to the other side of the room where you first entered from the hall, and you can jump up on a box there to the junction housing. Press Triangle button to open and disarm it, then you can go through the door.

Through the courtyards[edit]

In the hall, press Up lstick+Circle button to leave cover, then Square button to silently take down the guard, before following Flynn around the corner. Hop the railing, then follow the directions to use Circle button for cover, then forward and Circle button to move clockwise around the planter to the guard's back, where you can hit Square button for another silent take down. Climb the metal gate at the other end of the courtyard, then shimmy around to the left to an upper landing. When you hop this railing, move down the hall and take cover behind the pillar on the right, just before the guards. Break cover and you and Flynn will each take out a guard by tapping Square button repeatedly to throw punches and kicks.

Follow Flynn, and hop down to the lower landing where he's found cover. He'll tell you to go left, so follow the cover around to the guard over there and stealth attack him from cover to grab him and take him out. There are two guards in the courtyard below – one on the right where Flynn goes and positions himself, and one walking around on the left. If you take your guy out, Flynn will take out his. Drop down over the railing where you were sneaking up to the guard you just took out. This should put you below Flynn's guard as well as giving you access to the other guard by hopping up a ledge to your left. Wait for him to turn his back, then hop out and take him down.

In the planter by the far wall where he was patrolling, you'll see a treasure light indicating the 009Silver Amulet Box. Go see Flynn, who's waiting for you at the gate in the middle of the courtyard. It's alarmed too, so climb up the gate and move to the right and up to the junction box. Go back down and press Triangle button to lift the gate with your buddy. You'll find yourself in a large courtyard, with a bunch of guards and a fountain in on of the near corners.

Almost to the tower[edit]

Get cover behind the railing to the right, where Flynn is crouched, and wait for the guards to get into position. Jump over and sap the guard by the pillars behind the fountain. Behind the guard with his back to the edge of the fountain, inside the fountain itself, is the 010Silver Belt Buckle. You can get it without bothering with the guard, or you can sneak up to him going counter-clockwise along the outside of the fountain (approaching from his right), and stealth attack him. Either way, head over to the railing on the right side of the courtyard from where you came in, and you'll see a guard with his back to you. Jump up to him and quickly press Square button to grab him and flip him over the ledge. He'll see you and start freaking out, but you can get the silent take down this way regardless. Jump up onto the landing and either find cover and sneak attack the guards that come out when their backs are to you, or just fight them with Flynn.

Continue down the hallway after Flynn. You don't need to do anything else in the courtyard, but if you want to take out the remaining guards, just hop the railing where Flynn is, and sneak attack the nearest guard. The other two are at the opposite side of the plaza with their backs to you, so they're also easy to take out. When you're ready, follow Flynn across the roof and up the trellis window, then around the corner and down through the window. Remember, you can drop down with Circle button.

After receiving your tranquilizer gun, put a dart in the left guard by aiming with L1 button and shooting with L2 button. Hop the ledge and go down the left side to cover as close as you can get to the guard on the left above you. Take him out, and if Flynn doesn't do the same for his guard, you'll have to get that one as well. Afterward, crouch down behind the cart with Circle button, and push it back against the wall with Neutral lstick (wait for Flynn to come over and help you). Climb up the cart to the ledge above. After Flynn sends up a grappling hook, ascend the rope, then tranq the guard that comes in by aiming and shooting like normal. When you're hanging from something, you'll be able to use one hand to hold yourself and the other to fire.

Head across the wall and jump to the far one in the corner, then either pull yourself up to the ledge or just keep going around to the first big wooden beam. From here, head across the beam to the other side of the room, dropping down and shimmying along the edge to get around the pylons if you're not already down. On the other side, jump up to the rafters above and go to the right, toward the end closest to where you climbed the grappling hook (it's the one with the large bell at the end). Take the last rafter in to the wall to pick up the 011Ivory Chess Knight. Instead of dropping back down to the beam you came across, go to the next one over, then jump to the far landing with the steps going up the left side. Up the steps, head through the doorway out onto a roof.

Across the roofs[edit]

Follow the white pathway around to the right and hop over the wall where there is a break in the ironwork on top. Jump across to the roof opposite and follow Flynn as he edges around some more roofing. After jumping to another roof, hop the railing back inside, then follow Flynn down a level where he'll throw another grappling hook for you. This time you'll need to swing back and forth and press Cross button while you're on the right to make it to the metal fencing. Climb down the fence to the ledge below and shimmy to the right, around to the other side of the building. Once you're over the far drainpipe, drop down onto it, then drop down again so you're hanging over the opening, where you can collect the 012Ottoman Bracelet. Go back to the metal fence, and head up to the rooftop, where you'll learn you can stealth grab people from below and throw them down.

Once you're up, you'll see a tower with a ladder on the side that's too high to reach. Climb the crate next to the tower and jump from there. The ladder leads to some bars you can swing under to a point where you'll take a guard out below you with the tranquilizer gun. When he's been neutralized, swing toward the landing and jump down. At the other side of this path is a clear part of the wall you can jump over. Go around the building there and look up to the left at that side of the building. You should see a treasure glinting by a red banner, so shoot it down. Jump down to where it fell, and you will find the 013Antique Pocket Watch. Climb up a couple ledges and look out across the rooftops in the direction Flynn went, and you should see a guard with his back to you on a terrace. Take him down with a tranquilizer, then jump over there and follow Flynn inside.

When Chloe cuts the light, you can run up to the door that Flynn unlocks for you. Inside you'll find the lamp you're looking for as well as some more information on Marco Polo's treasure in a cut scene.


The alarms have been triggered and all the guards, with their laser-scope weapons, are ready to shoot. No guards actually come inside – they're all behind gates – so as long as you keep moving you'll be okay. You can use Circle button to dive when a laser-scope has found its mark. Start off by running the opposite direction of the hall with the flashing red lights. On this side of the museum, just to the left of the guards behind the gate there, is an alcove with a mask hanging in it. The 014Antique Pipe is on the ground right under the mask.

From there, go back the other way, this time going down the hall with flashing lights. It makes a turn to the right and goes down some steps. At the end is a gate with guards behind it, so duck through the doorway to the right. Inside are more stairs down, and at the bottom you can jump up and through an open window in the wall.

In the next room, the guards are up on balconies instead of behind gates, but they still can't get to you directly. At the other end of the room, press Triangle button to go back down into the sewers. Once down there, head down the hall to an open waterway. Head down the left side of the room, opposite the guards above, and you'll find the 015Jeweled Bracelet. On the other side of the room is a tunnel leading to the next room where the ladder out is. Climb up and press Triangle button at the top to enter another cut scene.