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You arrive in Nepal to find a war-torn city filled with hundreds of museums and a bunch of Lazarevic's men. You'll need to rendezvous with Chloe first, then work on finding the next clue on the path to Shambhala.

Get acquainted with the city[edit]

You gain control in front of a large truck that's gunning for you down a narrow alley. You'll be running towards the camera, so just keep Down lstick pressed and empty as many rounds as you can into the truck until it explodes. After that you'll have a little more control over your pace. Head out of the alley and get your bearings, after which a small patrol enters the street and you take cover behind a low brick wall. Luckily a crazy bus driver comes down the street and distracts them. When the bus crashes, you can gun the remaining three guys down, or sneak attack each and every one of them.

Near the end of the street where the bus crashed, you should see a street pole with red and yellow signs on it. Get up to it from the concrete block in front of it, then climb the signs up. Keep moving to your right until you can jump across to a blue pipe attached to the wall of a nearby building. From there, take the bricks around and jump over the signs on the other side of the building until you can jump into a window. Go out this room's doorway, jump to the street lamp, then across to the open apartment. The floor breaks underneath you, so drop down to the ground.

Relic Finder
Relic Finder
Find the Strange Relic.

Head farther in and climb up the left bookshelf in the corner. From there you can jump behind you to a broken staircase landing and go up to the roof. At the top, crouch behind the wall and note the guard on the terrace in front of you. You can either snipe him from there, or jump over behind him and use a stealth take down. Jump over to the signs and climb down them, or go down the pipe on the side of ledge. You're now back in the street on the other side of the crashed bus. Go down the street away from the bus and take the right alley. You'll find an open manhole by some bicycle taxis. Go down there to get the N/AStrange Relic and earn the Relic Finder trophy.

Meet up with Chloe[edit]

Back up in the street, go down the other alley across from the one you just found the Relic in. Sneak attack the guy in the doorway, then go in and crouch behind the crates just inside. To your left, a guard will position himself in the next room, and you can go sneak attack him as well. From here things won't be so easy, so take out the group of guys across the street, and make sure you also kill the guy on the ledge over there sooner, rather than later. The FAL right by the second guy you sneak attack will help with getting headshots while the bad guys are peeking over and around their own cover (zoom in with R3 button).

You'll get some grenades thrown at you and some guys rushing up, so blind firing from cover can be pretty effective when they're out in the open. Eventually a guy with a riot shield will approach, and these guys are very difficult to take out. You'll want to shoot any of the exposed parts of them, usually just their gun hand and arm. They're not very fast, so if you can, run around them while free-gunning, or use a grenade from a distance. When you've take him out, grab that riot shield, as it makes the rest of the fight much easier. You can still take damage while shielded, and you can only shoot your handgun, but even so, it's well worth the tradeoff, especially with one of the really powerful weapons like the Wes - 45 that's available in this chapter. Walk around with the riot shield and finish off any remaining bad guys. Don't drop your riot shield however, because when you go down the street, another fight starts and the guy on the truck has a machine gun. Take those guys out as well until Chloe shows up to bail you out with an RPG-7.

Through the buildings[edit]

You'll need to get to the hotel in the middle of the city for the best vantage point from which to spot the temple you need. Follow Chloe down the street to a door, which you'll find is locked from the other side. Go back out to the street and climb the light pole with the signs on it. From the light on the right, swing over and jump to the nearby ledge. From there you can jump over to the bricks on the side of the building Chloe's in and work your way around to the front. Climb up onto the second floor, then cross over to the other large section still remaining. There are posts sticking out of the wall here that you can swing across to more climbable bricks on the far wall. Jump over to the section right above the locked door, then climb out of the building over the dresser and cross the makeshift bridge to the eaves of the structure across the way.

From here you can jump across the alley to a wooden terrace, then onto the sign off to the side. As soon as you do, a bunch of guys come into the alley below, heading right for the door that Chloe's behind. Stay up on the sign, as they don't see you, and drop a grenade down on them after they shoot the lock out on the door. By the time the grenade goes off, one of the guys should have kicked the door open, letting Chloe into the firefight. The guys still don't know where you are, and if you picked up the Wes - 44 you can quickly headshot them from above. A couple more guys come from up the street, including a riot shield user. From your elevated position, you have a good angle over the shield to the guy's head, so take advantage of the fact. If you're out of ammo, drop down and finish off any remaining bad guys in the alley, then take out the guys on the balconies on the far building. The last guy will be on the fire escape at the end of the alley. If you haven't already done so, shoot out the lock on the red door that Chloe's behind, then kick it in with Triangle button. When she's with you again and all the enemies are taken out, go down to the end of the alley and hold Triangle button to boost Chloe up to the ladder there.

Head up the fire escape and into the building. When you get into the kitchen, shoot out the boards barring the way and move into the next room. Hold Triangle button by the burned out timbers, then head into the garden room and through the next door.