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In the same theme as the previous chapter, Path of Light consists of platforming and puzzles. You'll need to climb all over this large chamber and divine its clever mechanics to reveal the secret it holds.

Release the first blade[edit]

As you enter the room, the giant dagger replica will retract its three blades back up to the ceiling. The goal in this room is to bounce the light off the mirrors to activate each blade's mechanism and open a secret entrance to the next area. Head down to the mirror in the center just below where you start out, and gain control of it by pressing Triangle button. Move the mirror up or down with Neutral rstick, and note the circle of light moving beyond you that marks where your beam is hitting. Move it straight up until it hits the third eye in the middle of the far face's forehead – you should see its eyes light up when you do it correctly. Leave off the mirror (press Triangle button again), then head over to the face and stick your dagger in its mouth. This will lower the blade above you back down to the floor, so run over to its tip and start climbing up it.

Lower the second blade[edit]

After jumping up onto it, you'll climb up the left side then the right, then back on the left side again. Jump up when necessary, and eventually you'll reach the hilt. Climb all the way to the top and walk down the edge of the blade there in front of one of the red masks on the wall. At the end of the blade, jump to the face's eyelid, then jump up to its eyebrow which opens its third eye, providing another beam of light. Take the eyebrow over to the right, then jump up to a ledge to take farther right around a corner where you can drop down to a pathway. Follow the path all the way around and pick up the 035Copper Lakhe Mask at the end. You may notice that at a point to the left of the little room you pass through, the camera zooms out. You'll want to hang off the side of the path here, and drop down to the path below via the small handgrips.

When you get down there, Chloe will move a reflector to take advantage of the new beam you opened up, and at the end of the walkway you'll be able to adjust the mirror there. This one works the same as the other one you used, except you can now move left and right as well. Move the light to hit the open circle in the large, green, hanging object in front of you on your right. When you do so, it will light up and the beam will be reflected over to the right. Leave off the reflector and head back down the path where you came from, and once again stick your dagger into the face's now open mouth, lowering the second blade and creating a new path back to where Chloe is. Head over there, then go back down to the big dagger and climb up once again.

The last blade[edit]

This time when you get to the top, you'll be on the other side with another blade to walk down. This time the blade breaks before you can jump to the mask, so you'll have to shoot out the third eye while hanging there. Once you do, another beam of light blasts out, and the blade drops, forcing you to jump to the other green hanging object. Circle around it to the right, then climb up and jump down behind you to the ledge with the next mask in the wall. Head down the path as Chloe sends the new beam up to you, then take control of the mirror and shoot it into the bottom of the green lantern you just jumped from. On your way back to the face where you'll insert your dagger for the last blade, shoot down the 036Carved Jade Figurine from high on the wall to the left. When you use the mechanism, it lowers the last blade and drops the dagger into a large keyhole, which open the mouth of the red statue lying in the caver floor. Head back down to the bottom and climb down the hatch that has been revealed.

At the bottom of the room, walk over to the pedestal in front of the large circle in the middle of the room and stick your dagger into it, revealing the entrance to Shambhala. You don't have long to enjoy your triumph, as the voices of guards echo down from above. Before climbing back up, head over to the left side of the room (as you're facing the pedestal from the ladder), and look around for the 037Bronze Ganesh Statue.