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The Redeemer is the most powerful weapon in the unreal arsenal. It is a handheld nuke.

Weapon functions[edit]

  • Primary fire launches the redeemer in a straight line at your target.
  • Secondary fire gives you the redeemer's point of view, allowing you to steer, but leaving you stationary and vulnerable.

Basic use[edit]

  • The redeemer is a single shot weapon that spawns 120 seconds after a game starts, and 90 seconds after each time it's picked up.

Tactical uses of the Redeemer in Warfare[edit]

  • The redeemer's rocket is one of the slowest projectiles in the game. Usually it's far more effective to get closer to your target, launch the redeemer, and escape in a fast moving vehicle or on a hoverboard.
  • Shooting from the redeemer's pickup point is far too predictable.
  • Primary firing the redeemer and hiding behind a wall or terrain feature is its most effective use. The smallest wall or piece of terrain is enough to fully shield a player from own the blast.

Tactical uses of the Redeemer in Deathmatch[edit]

The redeemer is a weapon rarely found in Deathmatch levels. Where it is used, timing as to when the weapon will next be available, and picking it up before anybody else is the only viable tactic.

Counters to the Redeemer[edit]

  • Shooting the redeemer before impact will destroy it.
  • It has a characteristic launching sound. Use that to locate the missile and destroy it.
    • Using tank shells is surprisingly effective. If a redeemer is going to hit your node; hit your own node top with a tank shell; and time it so that the tank shell hits half a second before the redeemer. The blast radius of the tank shell will take out the redeemer.

Many servers choose to replace the redeemer with a rocket launcher in their maps because of its power, and that the leading team will usually have exclusive access to the redeemer, making comebacks difficult.