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When you first start playing online, you may find yourself dying frequently without many kills. This is common. If you want to learn a bit faster, spectate an experienced player and take note of what seems to make him die less, and make more kills. Also take note of where he shoots, what gun he uses most, and if he takes a liking to splash damage. If you want to become experienced even faster, make friends with an experienced player and when your friendship is strong enough, ask him if it is possible to give you lessons. This will boost your experience, and give you methods that you may never have known about.

Your method of using certain guns is vital. Big guns, like the rocket launcher, are quite good with splash damage, so you may want to shoot at another unsuspecting players' feet to gain kills using that weapon. If you need to improve quite a bit with a certain gun, only use that gun for a few days, maybe a week. At the end of the week, you will probably find you know how to use the gun, what it is good at, how it can effect people. Do this, and you will be fantastic at using that gun. Splash damage is hard to master, as there is a plentiful supply of mad button mashers out there. However, you can eventually kill them when they either bang into a wall or bounce into a corner.

Vehicle Guide[edit]


The Viper is a very easy to use vehicle, and is extremely fun to use too. Its gun is not very effective, but is made even more deadly by the fact that it can bounce around corners. It can squish people if they happen to stand in the Viper's way, and although it is not good at sudden stops, press Space while riding and the Viper can rise up in the air and elegantly glide down and squish several victims. An amazing use of the Viper is the awesome kamikaze feature. Click PC Mouse Right Click.png, and the Viper rises into the air. Line up the cross hair with a (preferably slow) victim, let go, and voila, you are ejected, and the Viper is sent flying into the victim. This is great for doing some considerable damage to a Dark Walker or a Goliath.


A great vehicle, this machine is tied with the Viper for fastest vehicle on the battle field. Its gun can take down several infantry, and if you haven't got the greatest aim, simply click PC Mouse Right Click.png and run over your infantry to squish them mercilessly. Because it is so fast, the Manta can do a great job of destroying a Goliath. If it has been weakened at all, because of the Goliath's slow steering, the Manta can zoom around, squish all infantry who try to heal the Goliath and shoot it. It can do its job best if it is practically ramming itself into the Goliath. This doesn't really work with the Dark Walker, as the best place to attack is underneath it, and the Dark Walker can click PC Mouse Right Click.png and create something that will send any small vehicle and infantry flying away from its underbelly.


This one is a bit like the Viper. It can go quite fast if you click PC Mouse Right Click.png, but you cannot really control the Scavenger in its rolling ball of fury. When you click PC Mouse Left Click.png, however, when in PC Mouse Right Click.png mode, its legs stick out and it spins fast and moves so that any nearby infantry will be chopped into a fresh, bloody plate of pork chops. Its weapon, however, is useless against infantry, but can take down any vehicle. Point the beam at any vehicle, and it stork will attack it, sucking out its health. When the Scavenger jumps, it's a good time to click PC Mouse Right Click.png, because then it will catapult through the air, a flying ball, then you can click PC Mouse Left Click.png and chop any nearby infantry.


The Scorpion is a great vehicle. The Space bar makes it go into turbo mode, and if you line up the cross hair with a slow victim, click E and there is another kamikaze! PC Mouse Left Click.png makes it fire grenades that can easily kill infantry and vehicles, and PC Mouse Right Click.png makes it have a sharp knife which expands its size and means that it can squish even more unsuspecting infantry. But it can be snapped off by a sharp bang into a wall.