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The Barrab village[edit]

In-game map of the village. Buildings have been highlighted in red and white.

After visiting the Disquiqui tribe, continue along the main road to the west. Where the road ends, keep walking south-west along the river. Cross the ford, and you are at the foot of the Barrab mesa. Walk around it either way: the stairs up are on its west side.

At the base of the stairs you can meet an outcast, Nawl, and you can see a strange blue plate. Leave the plate alone for the time being.

The chieftain and shaman, Balakai, resides in the north hut. He will tell you the story of his magic battle against Topuru, and he will direct you to the Sakkhra tribe to get a blue stone. Of course, he will also set you on a quest to unite the Barrab with the other tribes.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: there are many spears for the atl-atl, if the party includes a fighter with sufficient strength to carry them.
  • Useful items: get the magic offerings in Balakai's hut.
  • Food: almost useless, since Balakai can heal all the party.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
W Spear - 1 flax, 2 cloths, vine Blanket, drop spindle
NW Atl-atl, spear 2 tortillas, 10 corn meals Mortar, grinding stone 2 blankets
SW Atl-atl, 2 spears, 2 bark shields - Bamboo pole -
SE 2 atl-atl, 2 spears, throwing axe, obsidian knife - Branch, bamboo pole, vine Blanket, stick, small bones
E - - Clay, 2 soft clay pot, 2 fired clay pots 2 blankets, pot, small pot
NE Obsidian knife, leather shield Meat, chops Folded skin, dead tiger Deinonychus skull
Far NE Obsidian knife - Fishing pole 2 blankets, stick, small pot
N (Balakai's) Spear, obsidian knife, tooth necklace, jade necklace - 5 yopo, 5 pinde, 5 chocolatl Blanket, rum, rattle, (a half-hidden, unreachable item)

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v06 Nawl.png
  • (Greetings) → Haakur?
  • Name? → Barrab?
  • Tribe? → Feathers? Wet?
  • Job? → Enemy?
  • Balakai? → Blue stone?
  • Myrmidex?
  • Nakola?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v06 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v06 woman.png
  • Name? (Kawiut, Tuolai, Kuwar, Filamai, Balonu, Sinia, Pweroa, Orloai, Yami)
  • Tribe? → Mesa? Balakai? Nakai? Sakkhra?
  • Job? → Mesa?
  • Blue stone? → Balakai?
  • Nawl? Nakola?
  • Myrmidex?
& shaman
SavageEmpire portrait v06 Balakai.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Sakkhra? Tuomaxx? Topuru? Myrmidex? → Sysskarr? Blue stone? Nakola? Dreams? Sick? Medicine? → Roots? Great mesa? Unite?
  • Job? → Barrab? Sham? Shamuru?
  • Heal?
SavageEmpire portrait v06 Nakai.png
  • (Nakai is ill, and cannot talk.)
Relative ?
  • (The mysterious Nakola hides away, and the Avatar cannot meet her.)
  • Balakai says: "My daughter Nakola is very shy. She is probably hiding while strange Avatar is here."
  • The tribesmen say: "She is about here, somewhere."
  • Nawl says: "Is that she-demon here? Oh, no! I said her name! Perhaps she heard me! I must flee!"

Balakai's trial[edit]

In-game map of Small and Great Mesa, north of the Barrab village
Keep at a safe distance when throwing a bomb.

Balakai asks you to bring him the root of a giant flower that can only be found atop the Great Mesa.

Leave the village and go north. Climb the stairs to the top of the smaller mesa. Use a bomb (or the fire axe) to take down a tree and create a bridge to the Great Mesa. The carnivorous orchid you're looking for is in the north-west part of the mesa. Fight and kill this boss, then pick up the orchid bulb.

With the medicine root in your inventory, go back to Balakai and ask him again to unite the tribes. Nakai gets healed, and you can talk to him now. Also, Balakai will tell you about his duel against Tuomaxx.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v06 Nakai.png
  • Name? → Balakai? Sister? → Nawl? Disquiqui?
  • Tribe? → Tuomaxx? Sakkhra? → Thunderer?
  • Job? → Ancestors?
  • Blue stone?

Next destination[edit]

You're still on the quest to find Topuru's mind. Balakai told you to visit the Sakkhra, who live to the west.