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The Kurak village[edit]

The Avatar starts the game in the Kurak village, inside Intanya's hut. Triolo the shaman joins him automatically.

Talk thoroughly to all the people in the village. When you are done, leave the village following the south-east road. You will probably meet Sahree of the Yolaru just out of the village. Talk to her, too, and remember to ask her about the Myrmidex.

Summarizing, you are now on four quests already:

  1. Unite the tribes: ask "unite?" to every chieftain you meet.
  2. Find Rafkin, who is in the Yolaru village, east of the Kurak village.
  3. Find Jimmy, who is in the Disquiqui village.
  4. Find Aiela, who is in the Urali village.
In-game map of the village. Buildings have been highlighted in red and white.

Item list[edit]

The Avatar can take any item he finds in any village. Unlike Ultima 4/5/6, there is no penalty for taking items that don't belong to you.


  • Equipment: bow and arrows are the best weapon early in the game; shields and spears will beome useful only after you find an atl-atl; necklaces can be worn.
  • Food: no need to pick up any food, because Triolo carries more than enough already; anyway, you can use the knife on the dead eohippus for some extra meat.
  • Useful items: collect the chocolatl, yopo and pinde, as well as the emeralds; some other items will be useful later; there are some heavy items that should not be picked up, but just used on the place.
  • Other: items with no apparent use.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
Intanya's hut - 6 bunches of turnips, 1 bean, 2 bunches of bananas 20 yopo, 20 pinde, 20 chocolatl, grinding stone -
West hut 32 arrows, bow, spear - Folded skin[1], 15 emeralds 6 diamonds
Far west hut 20 arrows, bow, 2 spears, leather shield, jade necklace - - orchid
North-west hut 3 spears, 3 leather shields 10 berries, 7 tortillas - pouch
North hut - 100 corn meals, 5 corns, 11 tortillas, 15 berries, 4 meats, 1 bunch of turnips - -
North-east hut 1 spear, 1 shield, 2 obsidian knives 1 roast pteranodon, 1 meat 1 dead eohippus[2] -
East hut - - - 2 blankets
Far south hut 4 spears, 2 leather shields - - -
  1. The folded skin will be useful later
  2. Use the knife on the dead eohippus to get some portions of meat.

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Talk to all the characters. In order to ask something, it is sufficient to type the first four letters of the question.

Every character replies to three questions (Name? Tribe? Job?), some characters also say red keywords when they start the conversation. In the second cell there are keywords that are somehow hidden.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Intanya.png
  • (Greetings) → Aiela? Rafkin? Jimmy? Men? Myrmidex? Triolo? → Disquiqui? → Nahuatla? → Yolaru?
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Spirits? Heal?
  • Magic? Totems? Heluzz? Aphazz? Motazz? Chocolatl? Pinde? Yopo?
  • Avatar? Britannia?
  • Plates?
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Triolo.png
  • Name? → Kurak?
  • Tribe? → Intanya?
  • Job? → Spirits?
  • Join? Leave? Wait?
  • Aiela?
  • Totems? Heluzz? Aphazz? Motazz? Chocolatl? Pinde? Yopo?
  • Sham? → Shaman? Shamuru? → Barako?
  • Unite? → Myrmidex?
  • Iolo? Bard?
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Aloron.png
  • Name? → Aiela? → Darden? Urali? → Topuru?
  • Tribe? → Yolaru?
  • Job? → Myrmidex?
  • Where?
  • Bamboo? → Bones?
  • Unite? → Drum?
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Tristia.png
  • (Greetings) → Schweitzer?
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Chief? → Aiela? Burned?
  • Join? Unite?
  • Love?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v01 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v01 woman.png
  • Name? (Bogor, Enokor, Mawalan, Padrag, Damara, Jana, Shalan, Tindria, Zara)
  • Tribe? → Yolaru? Myrmidex? Urali? → Topuru?
  • Job? → Aiela?
  • Jimmy? Rafkin? → Schweitzer?
  • Hide? Bamboo? → Nahuatla?

Aloron's trial[edit]

If you go back in the Kurak village after meeting Sahree and ask "Unite?" to Aloron, he will require you to find his daughter Aiela. This is already one of the four quests above. It will take some time before it can be accomplished.

Next destination[edit]

If you spoke thoroughly to the villagers, you should have gathered some information about the whereabouts of your three companions.

  • Rafkin is in the Yolaru village, that is just to the east.
  • Aiela is in the Urali village, hidden somewhere in the south-east, but you have to get more clues in the north.
  • Jimmy is in the Disquiqui village, far in the south: you should go east, get past the Yolaru village and go south, then get past the Nahuatla city and go west.

The easiest companion to be found is Rafkin, therefore let's go and visit the Yolaru tribe. Follow the road eastwards to their village.