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The Yolaru village[edit]

Leave the Kurak village to the south-east and follow the road eastwards. Eventually, you will rach the Yolaru village, that is on the two sides of a river ford.

Rafkin can be met in a hut south-east of the central campfire.

When asked to unite the tribes, Apaton, the Yolaru chieftain, asks ten Nahuatla swords. The Nahuatla city is to the south of the Yolaru village. Your companion Rafkin, instead, asks to find the laboratory, that is near to the Kurak village. Although it'd seem more sensible to go back first and south later, it is actually more convenient to visit the Nahuatla city (and complete Apaton's trial in the meanwhile) before you go to the laboratory.

Item list[edit]

In-game map of the village.
  • Equipment: collect all the arrows and the necklaces.
  • Food: ignore it; get a fishing pole, instead, and the green fruit, if you want.
  • Useful items: collect the magic reagents and the items in Rafkin's hut (scissors, cloth, metal hammer).
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
West side, north Spear, obsidian knife 1 bean, 1 meat, 1 bunch of turnips, 6 peppers, 1 fish Digging stick, cloth, fishing pole Pouch, 2 blankets, stick
West side, south Obsidian knife, spear, throwing axe 1 meat, 1 fish Dead tiger[1] -
West side, south-east - 1 bunch of turnips, 1 roast pteranodon, 1 meat, 1 corn, 1 bean - Pouch, pot, small pot
East side, fire 2 throwing axes, bow, 15 arrows, 2 spears, obsidian knife - - 2 drums & small bones
East side, north Spear, lei necklace, throwing axe, 25 arrows, bow, jade necklace, tooth necklace 1 banana bunch, 1 cake, 1 berry, 1 corn 1 emerald 3 orchids, blanket, small pot, pot, 3 diamonds, ring, pouch, 1 ruby
East side, far north-west Obsidian knife, throwing axe Turnips bunch, fruit, banana bunch Mortar[2], 24 yopo, 22 pinde, 19 chocolatl, digging stick, 1 cloth 2 blankets, pouch, rattle
East side, north-east - 7 peppers, 2 beans, 1 corn, 1 meat, roast pteranodon - Pot, small pot, 2 blankets
East side, east (Apaton's) - Fish, banana bunch 1 emerald Ring, 2 rubies, 117 gold coins, 10 diamonds, pot, small pot, 9 blankets
East side, south-east (Rafkin's) - 1 meat 10 yopo, 10 pinde, 10 chocolatl, knife, vine, scissors, metal hammer, 1 cloth Blanket, stick, liquor, skillet
East side, south - Fish 2 torches, fishing pole, 1 vine 2 blankets, 7 diamonds
  1. Use a knife on the dead tiger and get a folded skin.
  2. No need to carry a mortar; it is best used on place.

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v02 Sahree.png
  • Name? → Mosagann?
  • Tribe? → Kurak? Friend? → Myrmidex? Urali? → Unite? → Oloro? Hill? → Nahuatla?
  • Job? → Trouble?
  • Schweitzer?
  • Join?
  • Mouse?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v02 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v02 woman.png
  • Name? (Kanafo, Aporin, Masagai, Kolia, Panim, Kalia, Jalan, Salah, Wialra)
  • Tribe? → Other? → Disquiqui? Nahuatla? Urali?
  • Job?
  • Schweitzer? → Rafkin?
  • Myrmidex?
  • Jimmy? Moctapotl?
  • Unite? → Chief? → Village?
  • Drum? → Tuomaxx?
  • Hide? Bamboo? → Bones?
SavageEmpire portrait v02 Mosagann.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Sahree?
  • Busy? Trade?
  • Chief?
SavageEmpire portrait v02 Apaton.png
  • Name?
  • Job?Tribe? → Yolaru? Myrmidex? Kurak?
  • Schweitzer?
  • Unite?
  • Hide? Bamboo? → Bones?
  • Darden? → Urali? → Topuru?
  • Barrab? Blue stone?
  • Moctapotli?
SavageEmpire portrait v02 Rafkin.png
  • (Greetings) → Jimmy? Aiela? Bomb? Rifle? → Disquiqui? Urali?
  • Name?
  • Job? → Yolaru? Valley? Tribes? → Kurak? Nahuatla? Haakur? Sakkhra?
  • Join? Leave? Wait?
  • Schweitzer?
  • Bomb? → Tar? Hard? Strip? Gunpowder? → Kiln?
  • Rifle? → Bamboo? Laboratory?
  • Gunpowder? → Charcoal? Potassium? Sulphur? Mortar? Grind? → Branch? Laboratory? Screen?
  • Torch? Thanks!

Apaton's trial[edit]

Apaton asked you to collect 10 obsidian swords. These weapons can be found in the Nahuatla city. You can obtain them in three ways: (1) collect the 14 obsidian swords found in the city; (2) buy some from the weaponmaker using emeralds as currency; (3) attack and defeat some Nahuatla guards.

People of Tichticatl[edit]

From the east bank of the Yolaru village, follow the road south. At the first fork, if you go west you will reach Drum Hill: there is nothing to there right now. Back to the main road, continue south until you reach the Nahuatla city, Tichticatl.

In town, there are three people who can help you right now:

  1. Any Nahuatla woman (but not the men) explains how to get clay and turn it into fired clay pots; these items are necessary in making Rafkin's grenades.
  2. The weaver, Paxaptamac, explains how to get cloth starting from Yucca plants; cloth is necessary in making Rafkin's grenades, too, but you should already have enough of it for the moment.
  3. The weaponsmaker, Atlipacta, sells weapons and armors; see below.
Role Character Dialogue trees
Hostile characters SavageEmpire portrait v03 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v03 Kipotli.pngSavageEmpire portrait v03 Spector1.pngSavageEmpire portrait v03 Huitlapacti.png
  • Nahuatla guards: if you try and talk to them, they attack instead.
  • Kipotli: he'll call the guards to attack you: (1) if you refuse to free him from the prison; (2) if you ask him to join; (3) if you try and speak to him a second time.
  • Spector-Zipactriotl: he'll order the guards to kill you: (1) if you tell him that you know how to leave the valley; (2) if you tell him he's insane or similar; (3) if you ask about the shaman Oaxtepac.
  • Huitlapacti: he'll order the guards to kill you: (1) if you didn't ask Spector permission to talk to him; (2) if you ask him anything other than his name and job; (3) if you try and speak to him a second time.
SavageEmpire portrait v03 woman.png
  • Name? (Grifticatl, Kinpanatl, Nukitlipa, Datrune, Palitrala, Alinrala, Okinatri, Atlinapa)
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Crafts? Thunder? Myrmidex? Huitlapocti? Moct? → Pots? Weapon? Weaver? → Clay? Kiln? Pyramid? → Digging?
  • Urali?
  • Bamboo? Emerald?
SavageEmpire portrait v03 Paxaptamac.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Cloth? Trade? → Flax? Hides? Feathers? → Yucca?
  • Myrmidex?
  • Emeralds? Loom?
SavageEmpire portrait v03 Atlipacta.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Trade? → Weapons? Bows? Arrows? Knives? Swords? Armor? Shields?
  • Moctapotl? Huitlapacti? Myrmidex?
  • Emeralds?
Other characters SavageEmpire portrait v03 Oaxtepac.pngSavageEmpire portrait v03 Tlapatla.pngSavageEmpire portrait v03 Cleese.png
  • There's no need to talk to these characters right now.

Collecting swords and other items[edit]

In-game map of the city.

Here is the list of all the items that can be found in Tichticatl.

The ten obsidian swords are a sufficient weight for the time being. Also, collect right now the clay, the soft clay pot and three fired clay pots: they are required to make grenades. Sulphur and bamboo will be useful, too.

When you come back later, collect all the leather and cloth armors, as well as any immediately useful item. A stock of spears for an atl-atl is still too heavy for your current party members.

The Nahuatla currency is the emerald SavageEmpire item use emerald.png. You should have 18 emeralds already, found in the previous locations. Also, Paxaptamac the weaver will buy 10 parrot feathers for 1 emerald. You can use emeralds to buy equipment from Atlipacta the weaponmaker. Apart from the rare leather armors, the rest of the equipment can be easily obtained for free.

Weapon Price Atk Armor Price Def
Bow 2 em. 6 Leather armor 3 em. 3
12 arrows 1 em. - Leather shield 1 em. 2
Obsidian sword 3 em. 8
Obsidian knife 1 em. 2

You can get enough obsidian swords without entering the dangerous north palace. When you're done, go back to the Yolaru village and give the swords to Apaton.

East suburbs
House Equipment Food Useful items Other
East suburbs, north Obsidian sword, obsidian knife - 2 sulphur 8 diamonds
East suburbs, south-east Obsidian sword, spear 1 fish Fishing pole -
East suburbs, south-west Obsidian sword, obsidian knife 1 bean - Drum, small bones
City center
North-east 1 - 1 bean, 2 corns Flax Drop spindle
North-east 2 (Paxaptamac's) - 1 meat, 1 tortilla - -
East 1 (Atlipacta's) 3 Obsidian swords, 2 rock hammers, 2 axes, 2 atl-atl, 4 spears, obsidian knife, cloth armor, 3 leather armors, 3 leather shields - - -
East 2 Obsidian knife Roast pteranodon, meat, chop - Bones
South 1 Obsidian sword Bananas Folded skin -
South 2 Spear Cake, 1 corn, 1 tortilla - 2 blankets
West 1 - - 8 fired clay pots, 1 soft clay pot, 1 clay -
West 2 - - - -
West 3 - - - Blanket, orchid, pot
Far west Obsidian sword, leather shield, cloth armor, atl-atl, spear - - -
North-west - - Bamboo pole, fishing pole Drop spindle, blanket
Large buildings
West prison 3 Obsidian swords, 2 obsidian knives, 2 rock hammers, 1 arrow, bow, atl-atl, 2 spears, club, axe Roast pteranodon, 2 meats, 2 berries, turnip bunch, corn, 1 bean - -
North palace 3 Obsidian swords, atl-atl, 2 spears, 78 arrows, 3 bows, 2 obsidian knives, axe, tooth necklace, 2 jade necklaces 4 beans, 2 peppers, 2 berries, 2 corns, 2 meats, bananas 2 chocolatl, 2 pinde, 2 yopo, 1 cloth, 2 emeralds, metal head Orchid, rattle, 2 rubies, 9 diamonds, 2 gold coins, 2 rings

Dr. Rafkin's laboratory[edit]

In-game map from Kurak village to the laboratory.

After you visited Tichticatl and collected some useful items, go back to the Kurak village. From the beginning of the road, just walk south-east along the riverside. Cross the ford and walk south near tar pits and across a thick forest. When the forest opens up, walk south-east.

Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
Laboratory Modern rifle, 30 rifle bullets, fire axe 1 meat 3 white jars (30 potassium nitrate and 9 magnesium), 2 yellow jars (30 sulphur), 1 black jar (18 charcoal), soft clay pot, 1 emerald, fire extinguisher, metal bucket, mortar, 2 wire screens, metal hammer, scissors, camera 2 skillets, pot, 1 diamond, key, liquor, bucket w/10L of water

If you completed Apaton's trial before looking for Rafkin's laboratory, you could already have found enough materials to make six grenades and a bamboo musket:

  • 6 fired clay pots
  • 10 cloth strips
  • 1 metal bucket (to get tar)
  • 30 units of potassium nitrate
  • 30 units of sulphur
  • 18 units of charcoal, plus two tree branches ([U]se a tree to get them, then [U]se a campfire or oven on them to get more charcoal)
  • 1 bamboo pole

See the magic and crafting page for details about item crafting.

Next destination[edit]

Now you should look for Jimmy and Aiela.

  • In order to find Aiela, you should go north first, then south (actually, south-east).
  • In order to find Jimmy, you should go south (actually, south-west).

If you start from Jimmy, you will have to go south, then come back and go north, then back to the south again. Therefore, let's start from the trail leading to Aiela: go north once, then stay in the south and find both friends.