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The Kotl city gates[edit]

Map of the Great Mesa, including location of the Kotl teleporters.

The outer gate[edit]

SavageEmpire item plot giantgem.png

The device to open the first Kotl gate is at the northmost end of the Great Mesa. [U]se Aiela's giant gem on it to activate it.

The first Kotl gate is north-east from the device, just slightly to the south-east of the Kotl teleporting hub. Anyway, you have to backtrack south to get off the mesas, then travel north again.

The inner gate[edit]

SavageEmpire item plot goldhead.png
SavageEmpire item plot crystalbrain.png

[U]se the metal head on the golden man, and he will automatically join your party. Talk to him and ask to swing the door open. If you have the crystal brain in the inventory, he will also tell about the Kotl devices against the Myrmidex.

Yunapotli is a peculiar companion. He needs no armor, because he is invunlerable in Kotl; you can set his combat tactic to "close", so he will tend to be a wall between the companions and the most dangerous enemies; he needs no weapon, because he is already at level 8, i.e. he doesn't need to gain experience points; his very low dexterity makes him a poor fighter, because he is so slow that he will seldom get a turn in battle; but his high strength allows him to carry lots of items.

The Kotl ruins[edit]

The Kotl city was organized in four districts around a central square. The entrance is in the middle of said square, where the Avatar can meet Katal-kotl.

SavageEmpire item plot kotldevice.png
Kotl district

Use the teleporters in the north-east rooms to reach a sealed room where you can get the Device. An elusive Xorinite wisp can be met near the "white square" and the center-east buildings. He holds important information: he explains you why Spector's plan to control the Myrmidex is doomed and what you should do to save the Valley of Eodon from a danger greater than the Myrmidex.

Myrmidex district

This district is now closed down, but you can find several anti-Myrmidex weapons and shields.
SavageEmpire map h3 Kotlruins.png

Generators district

The invulenrable Spector blocks the entrance to this district. Katal-kotl tells you how to get there from another way.
Human district

The secondary access to the generators district is here. You can bypass most of the three labyrinths in this district using the teleporters, but this way you will miss several useful items. There is also a vending machine that gives fruits (food) in exchange for rubies (found nearby).

Explore the four districts counterclockwise, starting from the North. Several items are hidden under pillows, therefore move them all.

  1. Kotl district: The majority of items is in the north-east corner, as well as three teleporters. One such teleporter links to the blocked room where the Device is: this item is almost mandatory for game completion.
  2. Myrmidex district: collect the many anti-myrmidex weapons (staves, shields and a few bombs)
  3. Human district: several heavy healing crystals can be found in the three labyrinths or in the smaller rooms, as well as few more Kotl equipment. In the south-east corner there is a machine that gives food in exchange for rubies.
  4. Generators district: Spector blocks the main entrance, but Katal-Kotl explains how to get there using the teleporters in the human district.

When you get to the generators district, you should destroy ([A]ttack) the console in the south. Yunapotli is the only character who can do it. When you do, all the systems in the Kotl ruins will turn off: all the lights, the teleporters, Katalkotl's image, and all the automatons, including Yunapotli. Spector's madness will heal up, and he will join the party asking for forgiveness.

Johann (Spector) is a scientist: his strength and dexterity are limited, but he can identify potassium nitrate (as Rafkin does already) to make gunpowder. Yunapotli was the poorest fighter (he had the lowest dexterity in the game), but Spector's dexterity is still below average. Also, he has very limited inventory capacity (his strength is only better than Rafkin's). Anyway, Johann joins the party and refuses to leave. Equip him with a modern ranged weapon, e.g. a stock of grenades in both hands.

Run to the surface before the ruins collapse.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: Kotl shields, bombs and black staves are all essential to beat the Myrmidex.
  • Food: there's no day-night cycle in the city, so rest and eat food whenever your characters need to restore some health points.
  • Useful items: the Device is a vital "compass" to find your way in the final dungeon; healing crystals are useful but, alas, they are verye heavy: 4 kg each; even the strongest companion can carry just a few.
  • Other items: move all the pillows, because many useful items are hidden under them.
District Equipment Food Useful items Other
Kotl (north) 8 gas devices, 1 Kotl staff, 1 Kotl shield 20 green fruits 1 Kotl device, 9 healing crystals 39 pillows, 28 large pillows, ball, ruined shield, 2 broken staves
Myrmidex (west) 4 gas devices, 2 Kotl staves, 2 Kotl shields - - 9 ruined shields, 3 broken staves, 5 broken weapons
Human (south) 2 Kotl staves 20 healing crystals, 4 emeralds 5 pillows, 10 rubies
Generators (east) 2 gas devices 6 green fruits 2 healing crystals 1 broken staff, 6 pillows

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
Automaton SavageEmpire portrait v12 Yunapotli.png
  • (Greeting) → City?
  • Name? → Crystal brain? → Devices? → Weapons? Armors? Locate?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Others? Kotl? Left? Swing doors? → Katal-kotl? Myrmidex? Generators?
  • Join? Wait? Leave?
  • Heal? Humans?
Chief SavageEmpire portrait v12 Katalkotl.png
  • Name? → Katal-kotl?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Stranger? Kotl? Myrmidex? Humans? → Power? Automatons?
  • (No other dialogue options)
Outsider SavageEmpire portrait v12 wisp.png
  • Name? → Wisp?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Anomaly? → Powers? Modifications? Distortions? → Destroy? → Multiverse?
  • Where?
Outsider SavageEmpire portrait v03 Spector2.png
  • Name? → Spector?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Paradise? Myrmidex? Conquerer? → Stones? Field? Kotl? Underground? → Generators? Belt?
  • Zipactriotl? Fritz?
  • Old? → Moctapotl? Oaxtepac? → Huitlapacti? City? Tichticatl? → Nahuatla?
  • Mad?

If you missed the wisp in the north district, you can meet it again in the Urali swamp, north of the Mighty Lizard isle.

Completion of Moctapotl's trial[edit]

When you get back to Eodon surface, you can distribute the Kotl equipment between the characters and travel south passing to the west of the mesas. You will meet a swarm of myrmidex, but the Kotl black staves can easily dispatch them: they become ranged weapons against the Myrmidex.

Modern men Modern weapons
1. Avatar
2. Rafkin
3. Jimmy
4. Johann
 · Rifle & bullets
 · Flintlock & gunpowder
 · Grenades
Eodon men Eodon weapons
5. Triolo
6. Aiela
7. Kysstaa/Shamuru/Dokray
 · 5 black staves (& 3 Kotl shields)
 · 14 gas devices
 · Bows & arrows

Talk to Johann for a completely different dialogue.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v03 Spector3.png
  • (Greeting) → Problems? → Stone? Myrmidex? → Kotl?
  • Name? → Spector?
  • Tribe?
  • Job?
  • Join? Wait? Leave?
  • Unite?

In order to complete Moctapotl's trial, you should talk to him. He's no longer in the Disquiqui village, as many tribesmen will tell you. He went back to his palace in the Nahuatla city. You can ask around about Moctapotli, Huitlapacti and Zipactriotl, and all the Nahuatla tribesmen will tell you what happened while you were underground.

Next destination[edit]

Several characters spoke already about the Jukari and the Haakur, two tribes who live in the south-east. A road starts from Tichticatl and goes in that direction: let's follow it.