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The archives is a room that is surrounded with bookshelves. In the center is a console that displays a management chart for the books. On the desk behind the console, take the blue ink, paper, blue die, and music box. To the left of the desk is a scale in the corner. Take the weight and red die. Open the drawer and take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the music box to get a cylinder. Use the ink to cover the cylinder and then use it on the paper to get the report in the archives. To the right of the desk, take the green die on the box. The box has a 5-digit lock with a hint on the front.

Blue die + Green die × Red die

Go back to the scale and weigh the dice with the 50 g weight.

  • Red = 50 g
  • Green = 100 g
  • Blue die = 150 g

150 + 100 × 50 = 05150

Enter the combo in the lock and take the book with bookmark inside. Examine the book to add the bookmark to the archives.

Facing the management screen, take the four brightly colored books from the shelves. Each book has writing on the back that references another book with coordinates on where the book goes on the shelves. Place the books back on the shelves using the back coordinates.

Book Title Back
Blue The Stairway Go Up
Red Go Up The Stairway
Orange And Lion To The Sun
Green To The Sun And Lion

05 Red Green
06 Blue
07 Orange

The shelves will lower to form stairs. Go up the stairs and take the stuffed lion. Inside is a memory card that you can insert into the center console. The screen displays a dice puzzle. You will need to roll the dice to match the pattern of the report and bookmark.

6 5
2 4

The directions are given with respect to the bookmark orientation and need to be translated to the 3D perspective of the puzzle.

  1. Red 5: roll two spaces south and then two spaces west
  2. Blue 2: roll three space west and then one space north
  3. Green 6: roll one space west, five spaces north, one space east, one space south, and one space east
  4. Red 1: roll two spaces east, one space south, one space west, and two spaces south
  5. Blue 3: roll two spaces south, one space east, one space north, one space east, one space north, and one space east
  6. Green 4: roll one space west, two spaces north, and one space west

Once all dice are in place, the screen will display the escape password for the safe. Do the dice puzzle one more time, but this time match just the color of the dice while ignoring the pip value. The screen will display the safe password for the hidden archive file. Enter both passwords into the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.