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Take the calendar off the wall next to the drawers. The machine on the dolly has five pages that correspond to days on the calendar.

  • 1/13
  • 5/7
  • 3/27
  • 7/30
  • 11/11

The drawers are arranged in a grid that matches the calendar. They are divided into four sections labeled 123, 456, 789, 101112. Each section has columns labeled A through G and rows labeled 1 through 14. By looking up the five days on the calendar, you get the following codes.

  • 123 E 3
  • 456 A 7
  • 123 B 14
  • 789 A 6
  • 101112 G 6

Enter each code in the panel next to the drawers and take the rations that pop out. Insert each ration into the machine on the dolly.

On the back of calendar is the clue "The day the man was abducted". If you recall earlier in the game, Sigma was abducted on December 25th. That date corresponds to the code 101112 B 13. Enter the code in the panel to get the safe password for the hidden archive file.

Open the drawer under the screen and take the metal piece. The warm drawer will come out. Next to the safe, take the empty beaker and the button parts. Combine the metal piece and the buttons parts to make a button. Insert the button into the hole on the ice machine next to the safe and press the button. The lid of the ice machine will unlock and can be lifted up. Inside the lid are four ice cubes that can slide around. One of them has something inside and there is a square hole. The cubes can slide a certain number of times before they will freeze in place. Once possible solution is right, down, left, down, right, down, left, right, down, left, down. Open the ice machine and take the ice cube. Put the ice cube in the warm drawer and put the drawer back into the machine on the dolly. After the ice cube melts, take the visitor ID out of the drawer.

Take the four empty containers on the bottom of the machine. Two are labeled Basic Water and the other two are labeled Neutral Water and Acidic Water. Between the two shelves, open the sliding door and take the binder. It contains a nutritional balance chart and a staff nutritional chart. On the bottom of the sliding door, press the red buttons to unlock the wheels. Go to the other side of the sliding door and press the other two red buttons. Open the sliding door and take the binder that contains a pH scale and the pH detection chemical.

Between the two doors is a machine that dispenses water. On the side are buttons labeled -3 to +3. You can test the pH of the water by filling the beaker with water from the faucet, combining with the pH detection chemical, and comparing to the pH chart. There is a drain to pour out the beaker.

Button pH
+3 9
+2 8
+1 7
0 6
-1 5
-2 4
-3 3

The pH chart has labels for Ionized Water: 9, Drinking Water: 7, and Beauty Products: 4. Fill the containers with the following button selections.

  • Basic Water: +3
  • Neutral Water: +1
  • Acidic Water: -2

Place the four containers in the machine on the dolly. Insert the visitor ID into the slot below the screen and the screen will turn on. The chart on the screen shows the nutrient values that each staff member needs for the next five days. Column A is already correctly arranged.

Each ration has the following nutrient values.

  • 1 - orange
  • 3 - red
  • 3 - yellow
  • 1 - orange
  • 3 - red
  • 2 - yellow
  • 2 - orange
  • 1 - red
  • 0 - yellow
  • 3 - orange
  • 1 - red
  • 2 - yellow
  • 1 - orange
  • 2 - red
  • 1 - yellow

Staff nutrient balance for one week

  • 8 - orange
  • 10 - red
  • 8 - yellow
  • 7 - orange
  • 9 - red
  • 4 - yellow
  • 8 - orange
  • 10 - red
  • 9 - yellow
  • 8 - orange
  • 11 - red
  • 9 - yellow
  • 9 - orange
  • 10 - red
  • 10 - yellow

Rearrange the rations for columns B through E to match the nutrient balance of each staff member. The order in the columns do not matter.

  • B: 1 fish, 2 salad, 2 soup
  • C: 2 meat, 1 salad, 1 pasta, 1 soup
  • D: 1 meat, 2 fish, 1 salad, 1 pasta
  • E: 1 meat, 1 fish, 2 pasta, 1 soup

The screen will show the escape password for the safe. Enter both passwords in the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.