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The treatment center has a pod room with three pods. The door is locked, but there are some items and clues you can take before unlocking it. Take the two plants; one is healthy and the other is withered. To the left of the window is a screen with a button underneath. The screen displays an image of a board game that is added to the archive. Take the binder and tablet next to the safe. The binder contains instructions on unlocking the pod room.

The pod room door has a control panel in the middle of it and requires a four-digit code to unlock. You have ten guesses before the code resets. After each guess the HIT/BLOW count will display.

  • HIT: how many numbers are correct and in the right place
  • BLOW: how many numbers are correct, but in the wrong place

Once you guess correctly, the door will open.

The pods are labeled 01, 02, and 03. Each pod has a handle that opens the cover. Next to each pod is a screen that displays the status. Pod 01 has a clock on the outside displaying 7:15. Open it and take the white key inside. Open pod 02 and take the silver key inside. The inside of the cover has a clock displaying 6:20. Open pod 03 and look at the inside cover. It displays a digital clock showing 11:1. Only the screen for pod 01 is working and requires an activation chip.

Exit the pod room and go to the clock. Insert the white key into the bottom left keyhole to open the cover of the clock. Take the chip with the green light and NO1 written on it. Go back inside the pod room and insert the chip into the slot next to the screen of pod 01. The screen will change color and display a message.

"Before use, the system must be initialized. Please perform the following tests:"

  1. Treat (vegetation)
  2. Freeze (vegetation)

"Until tests are complete, pod will not function with human occupant."

You will need to place the two plants in pod 01 one at a time to run the tests. It doesn't matter which order. The withered plant will become healthy and leave behind a red memory card. The healthy plant will be frozen, shatter, and leave behind a green memory card. Go back to the clock with the cards. Insert each memory card in the bottom right slots of the clock. The clock hands will appear revealing the time 4:05.

Use the silver key on the tank that contains jellyfish to unlock the lid. There is a second lid underneath. A puzzle will appear where you will need to move the purple jellyfish to the hole using the water currents. One possible solution is left, up, left, right, right, up. Examine the jellyfish to take out the circular tile. Place the tile into hole in the painting next to the tank. The painting will slide down to reveal a red laser that is pointing above pod 03. Go back into the pod room and open pod 03. The inside cover will reveal 00:15.

Examine the tablet to turn it on. It will display a clue: "Four pieces for the first password. One piece for the second password." You will use the board game image in the archives and the four clock times that you found earlier. The pieces refer to the four circled numbers in the start area on the left of the image. The order of the times are the pod numbers and the clock outside being #4. In the center of the image, the m and h indicates to count clockwise for the minute part and counterclockwise for the hour part.

  1. 7:15
  2. 6:20
  3. 0:15
  4. 4:05

For the first password, treat each time as a separate piece on the board and start counting with T as the first letter. For the first time, count clockwise 15 letters and then counterclockwise 7 letters. You will land on P. Repeat for each time to get the remaining letters. The password is PAST. Enter PAST into the tablet to get the escape password for the safe.

For the second password, you will only move one piece when counting. Instead of restarting at T for each new time, you count from where you landed. The password is POUR. Enter POUR into the tablet to the safe password for the hidden archive file

Enter both passwords into the safe, take the items, and use the escape key on lock next to the door to escape.