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At the bar, take the 10 bottles on the left shelf. Behind the bottles on the right shelf is a southern hemi-hemisphere. On the counter, take the 3 glasses and the two needles. On the table, take the mysterious disc and the northern hemi-hemisphere. On the ground in front of the couch is another northern hemi-hemisphere. Move the left cushion and take the astronomy magazine. By the entrance door is a cabinet. Open the sliding doors and take the fragment of the bartender's journal and the southern hemi-hemisphere.

Review the bartender's journal in the archive. There are three customers: father, mother, and son. When the bartender took their order they said the following.

  • Father: My wife likes the color red, and I like white. My son has always liked Ocean.
  • Mother: My son has loved the color blue ever since he was a child. My husband likes Island, and I like Planet.
  • Son: My mother and I like Moon. My father likes anything green.

One of them is a liar. Each member of the family can only like one color and one alcohol. There are three possible scenarios.

Father lies
  • Father: island, green
  • Mother: planet, moon
  • Son: blue, moon
Mother lies
  • Father: white, green
  • Mother: red, moon
  • Son: ocean, moon
Son lies
  • Father: white, island
  • Mother: red, planet
  • Son: ocean, blue

The only scenario that makes sense is where the son is lying. Mix those three drinks. Place the two bottles and an empty glass in the machine and press the button. The three drinks need to be placed on the coasters on the counter. The bartender's journal says the father sat in the center, the mother on the left, and the son on the right. But that is from the bartender's viewpoint so the order when facing the coasters from left to right is son, father, and mother.

  • Left: blue ocean
  • Center: white island
  • Right: red planet

Once all three drinks are placed, the screen next to them will light up and give a safe password for the hidden archive file.

Combine the two northern hemi-hemispheres and the two southern hemi-hemispheres. Then combine them with the mysterious disc to make the globe. Place the globe on the curved rod on the table.

Above the couch is a sun with words around the circumference. Place the two needles on the sun to make a clock. Review the Astronomy Today magazine in the archive and it says a lunar eclipse will occur at 4:50 PM. Move the hands to 4:50; the short hand on GREEN and the long hand on SUN. The center of the clock will shine a light on the globe and project a message on the wall. The globe will have the words BLUE PLANET on it. On the wall, the black letters form RED MOON and the red letters form LION.

Using the clues, you will need to mix three drinks: green sun, blue planet, and red moon. The glasses can be emptied in the drain under the drink machine. Place the three drinks on the coasters in the following order.

  • Left: green sun
  • Center: blue planet
  • Right: red moon

The screen will change and give the escape password. Enter both passwords into the safe by the entrance door and take all of the items. Use the key on the lock next to the locked door to escape.