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The first stage is naturally quite easy. There are no orange treasure chests, so there is no need to use any of the seven Mighty Coins in the stage (including the one hidden at Point A). Get used to the enemies that you will encounter throughout the pyramid. This early in the game, the mummies do not transform into other monsters very quickly.

MBJ map stage1.png
Point A Point B
MBJ map1 pointA.png
Don't miss out on this extra Mighty Coin hidden in the staircase. You can't be accused of being greedy on this stage, and every coin you collect now is one less that you have to worry about later when you need them.
MBJ map1 pointB.png
A treasure chest is hidden at the very top of this tall pillar. Jump off the top to reveal it, and jump off once more to reveal the contents. In the Japanese version, it will be a 100 point bag. While in the American version, it will be a 2000 point slave. Whichever treasure you find, the other one will be the contents of the chest to the right of the pillar.