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Mighty Bomb Jack is played as a sequence of stages through the pyramid. Each stage may be composed of one or more sub-sections, including secret passages and treasure rooms. The very end of each stage culminates in a bonus bomb room that must be completed before Jack can progress to the next stage. The rules for this bomb room are identical to the original Bomb Jack game: the player must collect every bomb in order to open the exit. You can collect the bombs in any order, but you will get a special bonus if you collect more bombs with lit fuses, which occur in a particular order.

Some stages have multiple branches and allow the player to warp forward several stages, while some have passages that will send the player backwards. In truth, in order to get the best ending of the game, not all of the stages need to be visited. In order to collect one of the crystal balls, two stages will be bypassed. In order to access most of the secret passages, and warp passages, you must locate a sphinx hidden somewhere in a stage segment. These are usually hidden inside secret blocks.

This is an overall map of the entire pyramid. Following the individual stage descriptions to learn how to proceed through the pyramid to reach each section.

MBJ Pyramid Map.png