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Treasure Chests[edit]

MBJ Chest Red.png
MBJ Chest Orange.png

Treasure Chests are in abundance throughout the pyramid. They contain many of the items that you see on the rest of this page. Some chests are easier for Jack to open than others. Red chests can be opened by Jack at any power level. Orange chests can only be opened by Jack if he is at least at the first level of power (blue). Ordinarily, Jack must jump off of treasure chests to open them. However, if Jack is of at least the second level of power (orange), he can instead walk right through them.


MBJ Bomb.png

Bombs are scattered throughout every chamber of the pyramid. Some are even found in treasure chests. And of course, they are the primary target in the bomb rooms at the end of each stage. Within every chamber, Jack can collect a 10,000 point bonus if he figures out how to collect every bomb from within the chamber in the proper order. You will know if you're doing it properly if the sound for collecting bombs is different than usual, and if you are being awarded a 200 point bonus for the last bomb in each series, instead of the usual 100 points. If you collect just one bomb out of order, the bomb collecting sound will go back to normal for the rest of the chamber. Bombs are never a threat to Jack, they will never explode or cause him to lose a life.

Power Ball[edit]

MBJ Power Ball.png

If Jack collects a Power Ball, every enemy on the screen is transformed into a Gold Coin. They will remain this way until Jack collects them, or until five seconds pass and they transform back into enemies. Power Balls will pop out of treasure chests when you meet the right condition. The condition is to collect 2000 points worth of bombs. When you do, a chime will ring, and the next treasure chest that you open will have a Power Ball. Power Balls also appear in bomb rooms, and serve the same function.

Gold Coin[edit]

MBJ Coin Gold.png

Gold Coins appear from treasure chests, and when you transform enemies. Enemies can be transformed by collecting Power Balls, or by achieving the third level of power (green). Normally, each gold coin is worth 200 points. But if you are collecting coins from transformed enemies, then each coin is worth an increasing amount of points: 200, 300, 500, and 800 points if you collect all four. If you can spawn more monsters onscreen from a chest, transform them into a coin, and collect it in the time allotted in addition to the natural four monsters onscreen, those coins are worth 1200 and 2000 points.

Treasure Bag[edit]

MBJ Treasure Bag.png

There are three different types of treasure bags, worth 100 points, 300 points, and 1000 points. Their value is printed on the outside of the bag. Treasure bags are found in treasure chest, and are purely for score.

Mighty Coin[edit]

MBJ Coin Mighty.png

Mighty Coins are the key to raising Jack's power. They are hidden inside treasure chests. Every time Jack collects one, his Mighty Coin store increases by one. Every time Jack uses a coin, his store decreases by one. If his store ever rises above nine, the gods of greed will punish Jack by sending him to the torture room. A safe way to avoid this is to always use up your ninth Mighty Coin, even if you don't necessarily need it. You never know when you might accidently pick up another coin.

Mighty Drink[edit]

MBJ Mighty Drink.png

Mighty Drinks are hidden inside treasure chests, but they are also commonly found buried inside the bricks of the pyramid. Mighty Drinks give Jack an additional 10 units of time on his Timer. This can grant Jack a lot of extra time to explore the pyramid. However, if his Timer ever exceeds 99 units, he will be punished for his greediness and be sent to the torture room, so be careful. Never pick up Mighty Drinks if your timer is over 89 units.


MBJ Slave.png

Unfortunately, many of the slaves who were forced to build the pyramid for the Pharaoh died in the process. As a result, they were buried in the pyramid itself as their final resting place. Jack may uncover some of these former slaves. If he does, he will be awarded 2000 points.


MBJ Balloon.png

Balloons pop out of treasure chests, somewhat unexpectedly. As soon as a treasure chest that contains a balloon is opened, the balloon flies out and immediately begins to climb to the top of the screen. If you jump up and catch it before it disappears, you will earn an easy 10,000 point bonus.


MBJ Sphinx.png

Finding the many Sphinxes hidden throughout the pyramid is the key to opening secret passageways and treasure rooms. Not only does finding a Sphinx earn you 10,000 points, it will open a locked door somewhere in the vicinity. Sphinxes are rarely found in easily found treasure chests. They are more frequently buried in a secret block in the pyramid, or inside of an invisible chest that you must land on to find. When you see a locked door, look closely for the presence of a Sphinx.

Bonus Coin[edit]

MBJ Coin Bonus.png

Bonus Coins will only appear in the Bomb Rooms at the end of the stage. During your time in the bomb room, a bonus multiplier is applied to the points you earn, and it starts at ×1. You can collect a total of four Bonus Coins to raise the multiplier as high as 5. Bonus Coins appear when you collect certain bombs or certain enemies that have been transformed into Gold Coins by a Power Ball.

Extra Coin[edit]

MBJ Coin Extra.png

Extra Coins will grant Jack an extra life. They can appear whenever you collect enough Gold Coins. However, certain extra coins are planted throughout the pyramid and are very difficult to find. In a few rare cases, collecting a hidden extra coin will prevent you from collecting other bonuses hidden in the pyramid.

Secret Coin[edit]

MBJ Coin Secret.png

Secret Coins are also well hidden throughout the pyramid. If Jack wants to earn the best ending possible, he must find at least 5 of these coins in addition to the two Crystal Balls in the pyramid. There is one important detail concerning secret coins: you may be able to locate one at any level, but you will only be able to pick it up when you are at the third and final level of power (green). Make sure you have enough Mighty Coins in your store when you are about to find one. They are worth 50,000 points when collected. The locations of some of the Secret Coins has been changed from where they could be found in the original Japanese version (and the Vs. arcade version), and where they can be found in the American version, which is a little easier.

Crystal Ball[edit]

MBJ Crystal Ball.png

There are exactly two Crystal Balls hidden in secret chambers inside the pyramid. They take a lot of skill to find, and you cannot fully rescue the royal family without them. Follow the walkthrough closely to reveal the location of the two Crystal Balls.

Tecmo Plate[edit]

MBJ Tecmo Plate.png

There is exactly one Tecmo Plate in the whole game. If you find it, you earn an extra life and 100,000 bonus points. Its location is different between the Japanese (and Vs. arcade) version, and the American version. See if you have what it takes to find it.