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Section 1[edit]

MBJ map Stage16-1.png
MBJ map16 pointA.png

The second to last Stage begins with a small challenge. There are two secrets that are available right at the start of the first section, including a Secret Coin. But these can be difficult to get to with enemies appearing as rapidly as they do. Since you need to be at the third level of power (green) to collect the coin, you will be safe for a little while after the enemies are turned to coins, but it's still risky. This should only be attempted if you are confident of your safety, or if you have only collected four Secret Coins until this point.

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map Stage16-2.png
Point B Point C
MBJ map16 pointB.png
Directly beneath the very first treasure chest of the section which contains a Mighty Coin, is another trasure chest hidden inside the block. It also contains a Mighty Coin. Remember not to be greedy.
MBJ map16 pointC.png
After the first fire pit, you can find a treasure chest hidden on top of the pillar, which also contains a Mighty Coin.
Point D Point E
Point D is where players of the American version can finally collect the 100,000 point and extra life awarding Tecmo Plate. They've had to wait a long time, compared to the Japanese version players, and it's far easier to collect, but it must be done in the proper steps in order to succeed. See the gallery below for illustrations. The block beneath the door holds the hidden Sphinx, but there's another hidden block above it which much be left alone so that you have something to jump off of in order to access the door above. Once you collect the Sphinx, you must safely float back to the left. Then you can land on the hidden treasure chest and boost into the room above. Remember to push left when you arrive in the room, or you'll pop right back out and miss your opportunity! The Tecmo Plate is rather oddly hidden right next to the entrance. Grab it quick and make a fast getaway.
MBJ map16 pointE.png
To access this structure at the end of the section, you must jump on top of the left pillar and wear the blocks away until you access the contents inside, which are mostly just treasure bags, but there's also a Mighty Drink.