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It is important to understand that there are number of items in this stage that grant you an extra life, but you can only collect one of them! American players must decide between an extra man in the slavery room, or an extra coin in the warp passage. Japanese players must decide between those two choices, and one other clear choice: the 100,000 point Tecmo Plate. If you collect any one of these items first, the remainder will become Mighty Coins.

Section 1[edit]

MBJ map stage5-1.png

Stage 5 is a relatively straightforward stage. Section 3 is not required, and is primarily an access to the warp to Stage 11. Section 1 is a climb upward, with a treasure room that holds a secret of its own, halfway up the section. More importantly, this section holds a secret coin, the first that Japanese players can collect. But to access the secret coin and the secret room takes careful coordination... or a lot of Mighty Coins.

Point A
MBJ map5 pointA.png
You'll start out by finding the Sphinx hidden right in front of the door to the treasure room. Jump on the brick that it's hidden in to reveal the chest, and open it to collect the Sphinx and open the door, but don't go in right away.
Point B
MBJ map5 pointB.png
Now, with the door open, head to the ledge up above. Open the orange chest and reach the third level of power (green) if you're not already, in order to collect the precious secret coin. Once you have it, jump as little as necessary and head down through the door that the Sphinx opened.
MBJ map5 Secret.png

When you head through the door, you'll enter the treasure room. You can collect all of the treasures and the bombs in the room. But there's one more secret that the room contains. The door on the right will not appear to open under any circumstance. However, if you touch it while at power level three (green), it will open. You will gain access to the slavery room beyond.

Point C
MBJ map5 pointC.png
When you head through the door to the slavery room. You will see one of your brothers awaiting your rescue. Watch out for the treasure chest on top of the high platform, as it contains a monster, and that won't help you free your brother. You'll need to jump on the brick above the chest on the middle level twice to make it disappear. Then head to the left side of that level and jump twice to access the two slaves and the extra life. Note that if you collect this extra life, you can't collect the extra coin (or Tecmo Plate in the Japanese version, and that would be a big mistake.)

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map stage5-2.png
Point F Point D
MBJ map5 pointF.png
You will find one of two Sphinxes in an unusual place. To the left of the door to a secret room in the ceiling of this section is a tall totem pole. Not only is the Sphinx hidden beneath the left wing of the totem pole, you'll have to jump on the that wing no less than nine times in the Japanese version to make it disappear. Once you do, you'll land on an invisible block beneath it. Jump off it once to make the chest appear. Jump off again to make reveal the Sphinx. But this Sphinx does not open the door immediately to the right, but rather an invisible door off in the far right corner of the section which leads to Section 3.
MBJ map5 pointD.png
Far to the right of the entry point of this section, you can find a hidden chest in the floor between the last two pillars. Open the chest and you'll find a Mighty Drink.
Point E
MBJ map5 pointE.png
MBJ map5 pointE2.png

This giant totem pole contains two precious treasures, but only in the Japanese version. American players won't find anything in this totem pole. Even so, Japanese players have their work cut out for them if they want to obtain the contents of this pole. It is advisable to power up to level two (orange), and power up once more to green when an enemy appears. This will buy you some of the time you need to jump on top of the totem pole five times to remove the top block and make the chest containing a Mighty Drink appear. After you collect the Drink, you're not done. Now you must jump on the block beneath that fifteen times to remove that one. Press down and bounce your head off one of the wings to shorten the height of your leap so you can jump faster. If you successfully remove that block, one more jump will reveal the chest that contains the precious and unique 100,000 point and extra life granting Tecmo Plate. American players will have to wait until Stage 16 for a much easier chance to nab the valuable item.

Point G Point H
MBJ map5 pointG.png
The very last totem pole on the left before the stage exit contains a second Sphinx. In the Japanese version, you need to jump on top of the totem pole nine times to remove the block on top of the Sphinx. This Sphinx opens the hatch in the ceiling in the middle of the section, which you'll definitely wish to visit. Note that just to the right of the totem pole is another hidden chest containing a Mighty Drink.
MBJ map5 pointH.png
Once you collect the Sphinx in the far left, you can enter the secret treasure room above the middle of the section. Inside, you will find three treasure chests stacked up in a tower. The middle one contains a very valuable secret coin. Remember to be at power level three in order to collect it.

Section 3[edit]

MBJ map stage5-3.png

This section is entirely optional, and only required if you intend to warp from stage 5 to stage 11, which is not advised since you will miss the Crystal Ball in Stage 7. Even if you insist on taking this warp, it's going to cost you two lives. You'll have to be desperate to want to take this warp.

Point J
MBJ map5 pointJ.png
If you've manage to open the hidden door at the top of the bottom half of this section, you can find two hidden secrets right near one another; a Mighty Coin on the left, and a 1000 point Treasure Bag.
Point I
MBJ map5 pointI.png
At the top of the bottom half of this section, you might find a hidden Extra Coin here, but only if you haven't collected the extra man in the slavery room from Section 1 (or the Tecmo Plate from Section 2 in the Japanese version). Otherwise, you'll find a Mighty Coin instead. If you collect this first, then realize you won't be able to collect the other items.

Warp to Stage 11[edit]

If it's very important that you warp from this stage to Stage 11, you'll have to work for it. You'll need to find the Sphinx at Point F to open the door to Section 3. Once you're in, jump in the fire. You read right, you'll need to kill yourself to make this warp work. And not just one time, but twice. Two times, you'll need to collect the Sphinx and jump into the fire. After you die twice, you need to collect the Sphinx a third time. When you jump through the door from Section 2 to Section 3 the third time, you should hear a door open up. Climb up as high as you can go, and you'll find a door where there was none before. Pass through the door in the ceiling, and you'll be well on your way to Stage 11. One more climb will send you to another door in the ceiling, and passing through it, you'll arrive in the final section of Stage 11, just before the stage exit.