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All of a sudden you go from straightforward, single segment stages to one of the most complicated stages in the game. Stage 4 not only features multiple segments, the segments branch, forming two different pathways through the stage. The lower path is considerably easier than the higher path, but the higher path features a warp and more treasure. More importantly, the higher path contains the first secret coin in the American version.

Segment 1[edit]

MBJ map stage4-1.png

The branching starts right away. At the right end of this level are two exits, one to the right, and one up above. If you take the lower exit, continue on to the next Segment. If you take the upper exit, jump down to Segment 3.

Point A Point B
MBJ map4 pointA.png
Right away, at the start of the stage, there is a hidden treasure in the middle of the mound. Inside, you will find a Mighty Drink, which will extend your time.
MBJ map4 pointB.png
The high pillar towards the end of the stage also features a hidden treasure chest at the top. Jump off the top stone to reveal the chest and jump off the chest to collect another Mighty Coin.

Segment 2[edit]

MBJ map stage4-2.png

The lower path is the easier of the two paths, and it contains a number of secret chests. There is a secret treasure room in the middle, but jumping in can be a dangerous temptation, as the room below it is the only torture room that you can enter voluntarily. Once there, you'll have to jump off the ground 50 times in order to escape. Once you reach the far right exit of this segment, you'll arrive at the bottom of the last segment.

Point C Point D
MBJ map4 pointC.png
There's not one, but two secrets hidden right near the entrance to this stage. The more valuable one is the extra coin hidden near the top of the pillar. You'll have to jump several times in the Japanese version to make the top block disappear. It's the block beneath that one that contains the treasure chest. To the right of the treasure chest on the ground is another hidden chest that contains a 10,000 point balloon. Catch it before it floats away.
MBJ map4 pointD.png
The next hidden chest is stashed between the second and third beds of fire. Jump on the second block from the left to reveal a chest containing a 2000 point slave.
Point E Point F
MBJ map4 pointE.png
Another two secrets are hidden relatively close to one another. At the top of the middle pillar is a hidden treasure bag, while on the far left side of the nearby platform, you can find a Mighty Drink. Note that the door to the treasure room is immediately to the left of the pillar. You must jump off the spot on the ground where the door appears in order to open it.
MBJ map4 pointF.png
One more Mighty Coin is hidden immediately after the very last bed of fire (before you reach the structure with columns). Be careful as mummies are likely to spawn all around you as you attempt to uncover this secret.
Point G
MBJ map4 pointG.png
This structure at the very end doesn't contain anything particularly special, just more opportunities for points. In order to access the chests inside, you must jump off the spot directly above the high treasure chest. This will open a hole in the floor through which you can access the treasures inside. However, be careful on your way out, as the likelihood that you will be surrounded by enemies is high. If you're not worried about points, this spot is generally left avoided.

Segment 3[edit]

MBJ map stage4-3.png

This segment of stage 4 is a vertical climb. The exit to the next segment is shortly before the very top. Before you pass through it, it's worth exploring the very top for an extra life.

Point J
MBJ map4 pointJ.png
To your great fortune, you can find an extra coin at the top for a valuable extra life. To the right of that platform is a hidden treasure chest that contains a 1000 point treasure bag.
Point I
MBJ map4 pointI.png
Immediately to the left of the exit is another hidden treasure chest that contains a 1000 point treasure bag.
Point H
MBJ map4 pointH.png
Directly above the starting point of this segment is a hidden treasure chest which contains a slave for 2000 points. This point is very important if you are going to attempt the warp from stage 4 to stage 7. Read below for more information.

Warp to Stage 7[edit]

MBJ map4 pointH2.png
MBJ map4 warp1.png

If you're going to attempt the warp from stage 4 to stage 7, you'll need to meet a few preconditions. First, you must collect the Sphinx that opens the door at the very top of the segment. The Sphinx is located directly beneath the hidden slave at point H. In the Japanese version, you must jump several move times to make the brick beneath the Slave disappear. Once you collect the Sphinx, you can enter the door at the top. When you pass through it, remember to push left as you regain control of Jack, or you will simply pass back through the door and lose the opportunity to warp. In order to successfully activate the warp, you must 1) have no Mighty Coins in your inventory, 2) wait at the far left side of the warp room until the Timer reaches 1, and 3) be pushing Right dpad on the control pad when the Timer is about to switch from 1 to 0. If you do all of this successfully, the timer will suddenly switch back to 60, and a door will open in the left corner of the ceiling. Passing through the door will send you to the third segment of Stage 7. Note that you will not be able to collect the first Crystal Ball as a result of warping to this location. Since you are likely to have to wait out a long time for the Timer to reach 1, it helps if you situate yourself on the left side of the room such that the mummies transform into Hanezos or the fireball Desufas which bounce off the treasure chests and leave Jack alone while you wait out the timer. Remember that the number of times you press A button determines which enemy the mummies transform into. To ensure that you are pressing right when the timer becomes 0, jump into the air and tap A as you push right into the wall floating in mid-air. If you push right too late, you will die due to "time over". In general, this warp is more trouble than it's worth.

Segment 4[edit]

MBJ map stage4-4.png
Point K Point L
MBJ map4 pointK.png
Towards the end of this segment, there is a hidden treasure chest in the middle of the high platform which contains a 10,000 point balloon.
MBJ map4 pointL.png
Right above the final treasure chest is another hidden treasure chest inside the tree, which contains a Mighty Coin.

Segment 5[edit]

MBJ map stage4-5.png

This segment contains a particularly easy bomb bonus to obtain. Most of the bombs can simply be collected in order as you fall down.

MBJ map4 pointM.png

Midway through this segment, there is a hidden chest to the left of the chest that contains a Mighty Drink. Jump on the block that it's hidden in to reveal it, and collect the Mighty Coin it contains.

Segment 6[edit]

MBJ map stage4-6.png

This segment is certainly the most important segment of the stage, at least for American players. Because this is where you can access the first secret coin in the pyramid.

Point N Point O
MBJ map4 pointN.png
In order to open the door to the treasure room that lies on the ceiling in the middle of the segment, you'll have to find the Sphinx. It's hidden right beneath the exit to this segment, at the far right. Reveal it, collect it, and return to left to find the entrance.
MBJ map4 pointO.png
When you pop through the ceiling and into the treasure room above, you'll have to make sure that you push over to the left. If you don't, you'll fall back down through the open door and lose your opportunity to explore the area, since the door will close behind you. Make sure you move away.
Point P
MBJ map4 pointP.png
There is one hidden treasure chest directly above the room entrance. Open the chest to find a slave worth 2000 points. More importantly, for the American players, your first secret coin is locked away in the treasure chest above this location. Don't forget that you must be at the third level of power in order to collect the secret coin. Don't miss the opportunity to collect this easy to obtain secret coin.

Segment 7[edit]

MBJ map stage4-7.png

This is the final segment of stage 4. You'll arrive at the bottom if you took the easy path through Segment 2, and you'll arrive at the top if you took the harder path through Segment 3. The exit out of stage 4 is in the middle of the segment. Notice that the bombs are intended to be collected from the top to the bottom if you want the bomb bonus.

Point Q
MBJ map4 pointQ.png
Immediately to the left of the exit is a hidden treasure chest that contains a slave. Collect it for 2000 points before you leave the stage.
Point R
MBJ map4 pointR.png
A little more to the left of point Q and slightly below, you can find one more secret treasure chest. This one contains a Mighty Drink.