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Timeline 5000 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 100 Wood
  • 100 Food
  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Stone
Starting Units
  • 3 Villagers
  • 1 Town Center
  • 3 Houses
  • 1 Barracks
  • 1 Granary
New Units
  • Barracks
  • Clubman
  • Archery Range
  • Scout Ship
  • Stable
  • Scout
  • Market
  • Farm
New Enemy Units
  • Clubman
  • Control the Ruin
  • Stockpile 800 Food
Invaders of Egypt have been stopped, at least temporarily, but migrants and other traders continue to enter the region. Those from Mesopotamia have brought the techniques of farming and herding to the Nile region. The future of Egypt depends on making use of the great natural advantages of the Nile Valley, primarily through agriculture. Food surpluses are the basis for increasing population, economic power, and the achievement of civilization.

Put two of your villagers to work picking berry bushes and have the other one start chopping trees. Use the 100 food you start with to upgrade to axemen at the barracks. Build two or three more villagers and have half chop wood and the other half pick berries. With the food you are getting, build up your army to 7 or 8 axemen and a few bowman if you want. Soon, the berry bushes will run out, so build a market then have the villagers that were picking berries build farms near the town center. With your army, march down and across the river where it becomes shallow. March along the bottom of the map to the left, then up the left edge of the map. The ruins is in the top left corner and may or may not be guarded. If it is, it will be guarded by several axemen and clubmen, but you should easily outnumber and squash them. Once you have control of the ruins, you must build up your food supply. While you are waiting for your food supply to grow, build an archery range and several archers. The enemy may send a couple of archers or pester you with scout ships, but they won't send anything really threatening. When your farms dry out, simply build another where it used to be and wait it out until you get to 800 food.