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Timeline 8000 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 200 Wood
  • 200 Food
  • 200 Stone
Starting Units
  • 1 Villager
  • 1 Town Center
New Units
  • Villagers
  • House
  • Town Center
New Enemy Units None
  • Create 7 Villagers
The Ice Age has passed; plants and wildlife are plentiful thanks to the improved climate. Although the technology of your tribe is still primitive, your hunting skills are excellent. Establish a small village on this Nile Delta and grow your tribe to seven people.

The Ascent of Egypt Campaign is basically a tutorial campaign, meant to teach you the basics of gameplay. Technology is extremely limited at first and the levels are much easier than those of the other campaigns. If you have experience with other Age of Empires games, you wouldn't lose anything by skipping this campaign. If this is your first time playing or you have less experience with this type of game, then this campaign is a good place to start. This campaign follows the Egyptians from their origins in 8000 B.C. t the destruction of the Canaanites, one of their major rivals, in 1450 B.C.


This is the mission is about as simple as it gets. You begin with a villager and a Town Center. Highlight your villager and tell him to attack one of the gazelles grazing on either your right or left. When the villager has brought back two loads, you'll have enough food to create another villager. When this villager is created, tell him to help forage for food. When you have five villagers, highlight one and tell him to build a house. When it is built, continue scavenging for meat and building villagers until you get seven villagers.