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Trojan War
Timeline 1250 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 300 Wood
  • 300 Food
  • 300 Gold
  • 300 Stone
Starting Units
  • 9 Villagers
  • 4 Axemen
  • 4 Bowmen
  • Alexander
  • 1 Town Center
  • 6 Houses
  • 1 Barracks
  • 1 Archery Range
  • 1 Storage Pit
  • 1 Granary
  • 1 Dock
  • 1 Stable
  • 1 Market
  • 3 Farms
New Units
New Enemy Units
  • Kill Hector
  • Capture the Treasure of Priam
Greek expansion overseas has brought them in contact with other cultures that pose both opportunities and dangers. The beautiful Helen has been stolen by Paris and taken back to his home city of Troy. Paris is the son of Priam, king of Troy. To restore the honor of the Myceneans, take revenge on the city of Troy by killing hector, its hero, and capturing the treasure of Priam.

Gather all your villagers and tell them all to chop wood. A fast, thorough domination of the sea is the key to winning this one quickly and easily. Build 2 or 3 scout ships, before upgrading to war galleys. Create villagers with the food you have left and send them up to work on the farms near the north. Build a few more war galleys and scour the shores for patrolling enemy ships. It's important to do this quickly before the enemy gets a chance to bring a transport of troops over. To kick-start the food income, explore the top right edge of the island you start on to find a beach with lots of fish jumping in the water. Build another dock up here and 3 or 4 fishing boats.

With your war galleys, find the enemy's dock and destroy it. They will likely send a couple of catapults at you, so watch out. once the dock is gone, however, they are not likely to try and build another one. Leave your war galleys stationed so they can see the shore, but are out of range of catapults just to make sure they don't try to build another dock. Once you've confined them to their island, the rest is cake. Take a small fleet of two or three warships and find the island near the left of the screen that has mounds of gold and a few lions. Pick off the lions with your warships, then send 5 villagers down in a light transport. Build a storage pit on the island and start building up your gold reserves. Now that you have a steady gold flow, start getting all the hand-to-hand combat upgrades you can get your hands on.

Meanwhile, back in town, the forests should be nearly gone. If food supplies are less than 500 at this point, send 2 or 3 to build a farms near the granary or town center. Pack the rest into light transports. Take 4 of your warships and move them down to the bottom left corner of the map. Pick off the cavalry that are likely wandering around in this area and dump your villagers off the farthest to the left you can go. Post your 4 warships near the shore to discourage cavalry troops from killing your villagers. You might even kill Hector in the process without even knowing it. Build a storage pit here and start collecting wood. If troops are really being a nuisance, you can build a tower here as well.

While you're waiting for them to clear the forests, build enough houses to support an army and a government center back on the mainland and research Logistics and Architecture. When there's enough room next to the storage pit, build an academy and a siege workshop. Make 2 stone throwers and, considering you probably have more resources than you know what to do with at this point, as many hoplites as you want. When you're ready, roll the stone throwers in and start pummeling the barracks or storage pit. Enemy units will stream in to ward off the stone throwers, so toss some hoplites at them instead. Roll your stone throwers up and take out the towers guarding, well, everything. Continue training hoplites to replace the ones that go down. Eventually, you'll meet no resistance. Just roll into town like you own the place and are the kind of person that likes destroying all his things. If Hector survived, he may be a hero unit, but he's no match for an army of hoplites. Kill Hector and find the Artifact to beat this scenario.