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Before you be the campaign "Coming of the Huns" know that this is an expert campaign. You will start off with 200 food, 200 wood, 1000 gold, 150 stone and 6 villagers in the Tool Age.

You will be unexpectedly invaded by the yellow Huns from the west side, and invaded by the orange Goths from the east side. The red Huns will become your ally as long as you pay tribute in 300 gold.

Also beware of the Red Huns building a wonder, because if they're able to construct it you'll have a time limit and will have to betray them at some point in the game.

Also there are 2 ways to win the game.

1. You can hunt down and kill all the Red Huns

2. You can construct a wonder which will guarantee you an instant victory if the time runs out.

Finally be sure to save your game often so you can start back at the save point if you mess up in the game.

Building up your villagers[edit]

Don't lose your market to destruction as that's the only way to pay them. Also you'll want to research Writing so you can keep track of the red Huns activity.

Also you'll want to produce your villagers about 10 to 12 of them, have your villagers gather food, build a dock on the gold mine island east river, build fishing boats, trade boats, don't bother with the west river as the ships will attack your boats with long range,

Next you'll want to build a stable to produce a scout which can run and explore terrain, since the yellow Huns will invade and target your market building, you'll want to have your scout immediately run to the east river to the gold mine island and find the dangerous alligator which runs very fast and can kill your units instantly.

Lure the fast alligator away from the island far enough to have him stop by the market building so the alligator guards your town from the yellow Hun invaders from Calvary to archers and buy you time to escape.

Now you'll want to hurry up with picking berry bushes and hunt deer for food until you reach 800 food, then quickly upgrade your town to the Bronze Age. It'll take a while, next you'll want to have your villagers chop down trees for wood, mine the gold and stone, having fishing boats fish for food.

Once you reach the bronze age quickly build a government center and research Writing. Also research the wheel to speed up your villagers.

Taking over the gold island[edit]

Then you'll want to send about 4 villagers to the gold mine island, research your watch towers and walls and fortify the island with a wall and 4 to 5 watch towers. Then have your villagers build a second town center, mine away the gold. And have trade boats trade food for gold.

Watch out for the yellow and orange priests as they can convert your units including your watch towers. Make sure to take them out with chariots and watch towers.

Also the yellow Huns will attack with archers, chariots, priests while the orange Huns will attack with swordsman, Slingshot units, cavalry camels, priests which will most likely attack your walls and watch towers.

Taking refuge in the Red Huns city[edit]

Once you have enough stone and wood stockpile, have all of your villagers evacuate the town and go south to take refuge in the city. Then build a wall around the forest so you can block off the red Huns from leaving the city. Also take advantage of their walls as the enemies won't attack them which you can build watch towers.

Be aware that if you pay 300 gold in tribute, they're start on the construction of the wonder, but you can deter them by blocking off access by quickly building a wall around it. Be fast or they'll start construction on it.

If you're successful in blocking them off, then you you can rest easy and win the game at your own leisure. But if not then you'll be on a time limit to have to hurry to the Iron Age and hurry up to build your wonder.

Research the wood, farm, gold, stone, the weapons, the armor for your archers and Calvary. Research the building construction, anything else to improve your chariots, and siege weapons.

You then can concentrate on building your new market, and new government center, houses. You can also build storage pits by the stone mine and by trees and hunting game, you can also build the granary by the berry bushes and build farms. Or build Town centers to produce more villagers. You'll want to build your towers behind the red Huns walls to attack enemy villagers attempting to mine the gold, don't build it too close or the enemy priest might attempt to convert your watch towers.

Make sure you build a temple and have at least 2 priests so they can heal your chariots behind the wall.

If your villagers runs out of gold to mine on the island, build a transport ship and evacuate them right to the outskirts of red Huns city and build a storage pit or town centers, also build at least 2 stables and build chariots right away.

Attacking the Huns and Goths[edit]

Once you're in the Iron age, research scythe chariots which will upgrade your scythe chariots, which you can then use to hunt and attack the red and orange villagers gathering food, wood, stone. You can also kill the priests, you'll also want to attack their military buildings, temples and town centers which will be enough to cripple the yellow and orange enemies.

At this point there are two ways to win the game,

The hard way[edit]

Build up an army of ballistas, stone throwers, chariots, archers, priests, Phalanx's, once you're confident you can betray them and take them, by using ballistas or priests to kill or convert the horse archers and phalanx, you can use the chariots to take out the catapults and priests, Phalanx to take out the cavalry, you can kill the red villagers, destroy the buildings with ballistas or catapults. Be careful with catapults as they can cause friendly fire on your units.

Once you subdue the Huns city, you can go on a hunt to kill every last red Hun, then you'll win the campaign.

The easy way[edit]

You can stockpile 1000 wood, 1000 gold, 1000 stone and start having your villagers build a wonder inside the red Huns city.

While you're building the wonder, defend your walls and attack any yellow or orange army invaders with chariots, ballistas, watch towers.

Also remember to keep paying 300 gold to the red Huns each time they ask you so you don't have to betray them.

When your wonder is finally finished, you'll have the timer countdown. and you'll want to make sure the enemies do not try to destroy it. Once the wonder timer is up you'll win the game without attacking the red Huns, Yellow Huns, Orange Goths.