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First of all the enemies red wonder will be complete while your blue wonder will also be complete.

You will start this campaign in the Stone Age with 400 food, 400 wood, 200 gold, 300 stone. You will be facing 3 enemies, red Galba, yellow Vitellius and brown Otho.

This campaign can be overwhelming and hard if you don't know what you're doing and you'll be very vulnerable to enemy ambushes so you'll have to work fast to stay ahead of the enemies.

There's no timer for the completed wonders so you can win this game at your pace.

Building up your economy[edit]

First of all have your villagers find the berry bushes and build a granary next to it and start gathering food, also scout around for more berry bushes.

Also create as many villagers as you can possibly 10 or more, you should send 2 or 3 villagers over to the blue wonder while you build up your economy. Also build houses so you can produce more villagers.

Avoid traveling west as the 3 enemies red Galba, yellow Vitellius and brown Otho. live there and could kill your villagers.

You can also go southwest where the water is and build a dock and many fishing boats for food. You can also build a dock in the north river area where your wonder is so you can build fishing boats, transport ships, war galleys. Don't bother with trade boats as the enemy has no docks to trade with.

Build storage pits near the trees, stone mines and gold mines, make sure you gather wood for buildings and stone before you gather gold as the stone will be used to build walls and watch towers. Build a barracks near the blue wonder area and train Axemen to defend your blue wonder.

Once you have 500 food, quickly upgrade to the Tool Age and keep building up your food, wood, stone and gold. When you're in the Tool Age, quickly click on the wall and watch tower technology at the granary and Also build a stable and build a scout and explore the terrain.

Defending your blue Wonder[edit]

You can now start building walls and Watch Towers where you cross the river marshes at the west, southwest and east side block off enemies access to attack your blue wonder. Build as many watch towers that the red Galba, yellow Vitellius and brown Othos will attack at. Also build an archery range and produce archers to defend the riverside.

The 3 enemies will soon invade with their Axemen, swordsman, scouts, cavalry, archers, Phalanx, chariots, chariot archers, camels, siege weapons including ballistas, catapults. The ballistas and catapults will threaten to destroy your walls and watch towers so you'll have to constantly repair them with your villagers. Send the war galley ships to take out the catapults and ballistas.

Also during this time, research the technologies at the market, storage pits. Also produce more villagers and send them out to compete for stone and gold mines and hoard as much as you can. You can also build some watch towers to distract the enemies from attacking your villagers.

Also keep gathering berries, hunt game, and build farms until you have 800 food. Then quickly upgrade to the bronze age.

When you're in the bronze age, build temples, siege workshops, build a government center, academy center, research more technologies. Gather 1000 food and 800 gold and quickly upgrade to the Iron age. Make sure to research the wheel as it will speed up your villagers.

Destroying the red wonder, building a blue wonder[edit]

You can now research iron technologies which can be used to build your army. Now build at least 5 ballistas, with 5 archers around it or 3 or more phalanx, be careful using catapults as they cause friendly fire, research scythe chariots which will be very helpful in this mission, build 2 or more priests so they can heal your units and convert enemies.

Also when you attack your enemies keep in mind it's not required to kill off 3 enemy groups.

Now you'll be invading yellow Vitellius city, it's best to build 2 transport ships and invade from the west river going up north.

Before you invade the yellow Vitellius upgrade the war galleys to triremes and catapult triremes, build 4 or more triremes, 2 to 3 catapult triremes and take out the watch towers and then destroy the red wonder.

be sure to kill any cavalry, archers, swordsmans that may interfere with your mission.

Now you should have 1000 wood, 1000 gold, 1000 stone, send your 10 villagers from the west river up north but make sure you have 5 ballistas, with 5 archers around it and scythe chariots to protect your villagers from enemy threats. Now have your villagers build a wall around the river marshes so the red enemies won't try to cross the river, build watch towers around the wall, then get started with replacing the destroyed red wonder with your blue wonder.

The yellow enemies, red enemies will try to interfere with the wonder construction even using siege weapons so take them out with ballistas, scythe chariots, triremes, heal with priests, you can also convert enemy units. Continue to build the wonder with as many villagers.

When the second blue wonder is complete you should win this campaign.