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Timeline 7000 B.C.
Starting Resources No Resources
Starting Units
  • 3 Villagers
  • 1 Town Center
New Units
  • Granary
  • Storage Pit
  • Dock
New Enemy Units None
  • Build a Storage Pit
  • Build a Granary
  • Build a Dock
Hunting has been good along the Nile for hundreds of years but growing numbers of hunters have depleted the wild game. Edible plants are alternative food sources that can supplement or complement hunting. Hunters have reported berry bushes across the river to the east. Find these forage sites and collect food from them.

As you begin, tell two of your villagers to harvest the bushes and one to chop the palm tree. Every time you get up to 50 food, build another villager and tell him to chop wood. When you get up to 4 villagers, you'll need to build a house to support more villagers. At 120 wood, send two or three of your villagers chopping wood to the left and build a Storage Pit near the forest. When the storage pit is built, change all of your villagers to wood choppers and begin leveling the forest. At this rate you should be getting enough wood to build a granary and dock at your own leisure.