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Timeline 5500 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 200 Wood
  • 200 Food
  • 200 Stone
  • 200 Gold
Starting Units
  • 4 Axemen
  • 3 Bowmen
New Units
  • Axemen
  • Bowmen
New Enemy Units
  • Axemen
  • Bowmen
  • Destroy all enemies
With new technologies for obtaining food, populations along the Nile have been growing for many generations. Neighboring tribes are moving toward conflict as they strive to control good food lands, tool stone sites, and defensive positions. Recently, raiding parties from Upper Egypt (up river but to the south) have been coming down the river. Food gatherers nearby have spotted one such party. Intercept and destroy these invaders before they infiltrate your village sites and stores of food.

This scenario is meant to teach you about ground combat. You don't have any villagers, so you don't have to worry about building anything. Tell your army to up until you hit the river, making sure that they stay together. From there, follow the river to the right. Near the edge of the screen, you will run into your first enemy fighters. You'll only encounter them one or two at a time, so they are easy to take out. Follow the map down the right border until you have found and killed all of the enemy units. There are two enemy axemen and three enemy bowmen all together.