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This campaign covers about 1,700 years of the history of Greek civilization, from the arrival of the Mycenaean people in the area, about 2,000 BC, until the time of Alexander the Great, about 300 BC. The Mycenaean civilization disappeared about 1,100 BC, and Greece entered a Dark Age of several hundred years' duration. This was followed by the Classical Period of Greek history. The bulk of Greek mythology was recorded in the Classical Period, and referred to events from and beings that lived during the Mycenaean Period. The Mycenaean civilization was perfectly real. The gods and heroes, not so much.

Land Grab
Timeline 2000 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 400 Wood
  • 400 Food
  • 200 Stone
Starting Units
  • 4 Villagers
  • 6 Clubmen
New Units
New Enemy Units
  • Destroy all Dorian Farms
  • Build 5 Farms
The Ice Age is over and food is plentiful. To survive and grow in an increasingly hostile world, your tribe must take possession of good forage lands. There are three other tribes in this area already- the Dorians are the strongest.

Your first step is to take out Tyrinia and set up your base where they once lived. Tell your Clubmen to walk to the right and into their base. They only have 4 Clubmen for defence, so it should be relatively easy. Have the villagers come in behind as the Clubmen are destroying whatever is left of the base and build a Town Center near the bottom right corner. Split your villagers between wood chopping and berry picking. Create more villagers with the food you have and build a Barracks. At this point, switch all villagers to picking berries or hunting Gazelles and start pumping out Clubmen. Soon, the Dorians will launch an attack of their own with Clubmen or Axemen. Use villagers to attack if you must to stay alive. When the bushes near the bottom are gone, build a Granary farther north near another patch of bushes and collect there. Build a Storage Pit around here as well to make the trip from Gazelles or trees that much shorter. Keep an army of 8 to 10 Clubmen as you build up the food. You want to advance to the Tool Age as soon as you have enough food to do so while maintaining a formidable army. Once you are on your way to the Tool Age, take half of the villagers collecting food and move them to wood chopping.

When you hit the Tool Age, upgrade to axes and build a dock. Build and send out two or three fishing boats to boost food supplies and build an Archery Range. The Dorians will continue to send down raiding parties of Scouts, Bowmen and Axemen. Build a Market, then several farms, to both increase the rate that you are gathering food and fulfill a requirement. Build a few more villagers and send them to chop wood or work on farms. Your army will continue to get pummeled by constant raiding, but continue pumping out Bowmen and Axemen and you will be fine. Build a bunch of Houses to accommodate your growing army. You can also build a Watch Tower on the right side to distract raiders so they don't immediately go for your villagers.

Your army should be growing quite large as you continue making Axemen and Bowmen as you get the food to do so. Create a large raiding party of 8 to 10 Axemen and the same number or more of Bowmen in addition to warriors guarding your camp and send it up and left toward the Dorians. You are likely to encounter a formidable defense. Continue pumping out warriors, and continually send up reinforcements. Eventually, you will wear them down as new reinforcements continually stream in. The rest is easy - focus on their farms and you should win this one in no time.