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Before you begin this campaign, note that this is an expert campaign and will be very difficult to beat, first of all you will start off with 200 Food, 200 wood, 150 stone, 0 gold

Also you will face many catapults and Juggernauts sent by Anthony and Cleopatra, which can be very difficult to take down with Triremes and chariots, you will also have to deal with enemy priests which will convert your units to the enemy side.

You will be ambushed by Anthony's red army which you must fight off, once you're done fighting them, immediately build a wall to block invaders by Anthony and Cleopatra's brown army. This will buy your villagers time to gather up gold, stone, wood and food. Build a second Town center, build up to at least 10 to 12 villagers.

You can also send fishing boats to fish for food and trade boats to trade food for gold.

You can then build a market and a Government Center to research technologies. You will be attacked time and time again. Anthony will send his swordsmen, catapults, Juggernauts, Cleopatra will send archers, chariot archers, catapults, Juggernauts to take down your watch towers and walls you've built.

Evacuation to the west island[edit]

When you're done gathering resources, evacuate all your villagers to the west island where they will be safe and you can chop wood, hunt game, mine gold and stone.

Make sure you build watch towers on the island so your villagers can be protected from invading ships.

You can rebuild your army back up, by building Calvary, chariots, archers, ballistas, catapults, 2 priests or more.

You'll want to build up Triremes, Catapult triremes.

Also you'll want to upgrade your weapons, armor at the storage pit, granary, market, government center.

Invading Anthony's and Cleopatra's homeland[edit]

Beware of the enemy Juggernauts that will attack you from time to time. Take them all down immediately with triremes. Also take down any transport ships that you see so you cripple the enemies fleet.

Once you're ready load up your ballistas or Catapults and invade Anthony's city, you should take out the watch towers. Then attack the town center with your chariots or ballistas or catapults until the town center is destroyed, you can also attack the military bases.

Once you're done with Anthony's town center, go back to the island and have your villagers repair your ships that may be damaged from the fight. Have your priests heal your units.

Once your ready get your ballistas or Catapults loaded up and head south for Cleopatra's homeland and attack the catapults, archers, chariot archers with your triremes, used your catapult triremes or Juggernauts to take down the watch towers. Military bases.

Once it's safe, send in your catapults or ballistas and destroy the town center.

Facing Cleopatra's barge[edit]

Once the cities of Anthony and Cleopatra is subdued. You can then concentrate on taking out Cleopatra's barge.

First of all going though the pass is a bad idea as the enemy Juggernauts will attack your ships.

So go back and regroup and repair the ships and heal your units.

Then send your villagers on the transport ship back to you base you've evacuated. And have your villagers walk over to the other side of the river on the east side and build 2 docks.

Then build up at least 8 triremes, 3 Juggernauts and head right over where Cleopatra's barge is and take it out with ballistas and once you sink it, you should win the game.

Alternately you can bring your priest and convert Cleopatra's barge which you can then press the delete key to sink it, you should win the game.