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This scenario is straightforward and easy.

Use your initial stockpile to purchase 3 Houses, a temple, Wheel, and 3 villagers, noting that Palmyran villagers cost 50% more than normal. Use the remote villagers to collect stone and food, and build things with the ones at home. Send your Scout to explore, starting near your remote mines (you will need to delete a wall section to get out there), and explore your home territory with your archers.

Work up to 20 villagers in short order. This will give you a fast win. Your attack force will consist of 5 chariot archers, 5 Cavalry, and 4 priests. It is probably necessary to produce some of these troops before you have all your villagers. Your initial complement of 11 missile troops will never see action. Eventually, you will need some artillery, but the Persians won't have any units left at that point. If blowing up a whole bunch of undefended buildings is too tedious, end the scenario with a cheat code.

You find that the map is crawling with resources. You find some Persian units standing around near the east map corner. Send some villagers to build walls sealing off your remote mining operations from the northern part of the map. You find that there are also Persian units standing around near your remote forage area, but too close for you to comfortably seal that area off with a wall. In any case, you want to have a nearly continuous wall extending from the SE to the NW map edges, with one fairly large gap in the middle. Build Towers in the gap area, but nowhere else. There's no point building Towers where enemy artillery can just blow them away before your cavalry can respond.

Most likely, the Persians will attack you before you are really ready. You will need to fight them in the open field. The Persians use infantry, archers, catapults, priests, and elephants. Use your chariot archers to assassinate the priests. Then you can go in with your Cavalry and kill off the archers and catapults. You will need to convert the elephants, and deal with the infantry last. Based on the flood of priests and catapults and other troops that you will have to contend with, you will probably need to get a group of melee chariots in addition to what has already been listed.

After the first large battle, finish off your stonework and go raiding with your chariot archers. Hunt down priests and villagers and maybe artillery, and avoid everything else. If you get the chance, set up an ambush for repairmen. Very soon, the Persians should be in serious decline. They should be out of units even before you reach the Iron Age.