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You'll start off with 4 villagers, one priest, 2 Heliopolis, many phalanxes. You'll have 120 wood and you'll have limited buildings you can build in this game. Also if you lose your priest it'll make the game harder and more challenging so keep your priest alive as you can't build temples in this campaign. Also your priest can convert enemy units to help you in this game.

Marching though Persian territory[edit]

First of all you'll start at the south end of the map, have your villagers build a storage pit where there are trees and chop them down for alot of wood which can be used to build houses.

While your villagers are working send your phalanx, 2 Heliopolis and priest marching northwest, watch out for lions kill them with phalanx to reduce the threat. At the west end of the map you'll encounter red Persian enemies, kill the swordsman with your Heliopolis, for the armored elephants you may want to convert them with your priests.

When the threat is neutralized, have your villagers come to the red Persian village and build a town center where the hunting game is so you can get more food. Then build a dock build 2 transport ships and 2 triremes travel the river southeast, and take out the archers and the watch tower.

You may want to convert the 3 heavy horse archers as they'll be helpful in the game but be careful that the priest doesn't get shot. Once the horse archer is converted quickly load it on a transport ship. Also watch out for the enemy catapult which may kill your priest. You can now kill the yellow enemy swordsman.

After the threat is neutralized, you can now load your villagers and army units on the transport ships and unload at the yellow enemy town. Build a town center next to the gold mine and mine the gold. Then build a siege workshop and even an academy buildings and create more Heliopolis, catapults and phalanx units.

When you're ready to move on attack the swordsman, archers, cavalry with horse archers phalanx and Heliopolis. smash down the walls and watch towers with your armored elephants, Heliopolis and catapults.

Capturing the artifact[edit]

You'll now face the orange enemy units, including the catapult unit which can be destroyed with horse archers, attack the swordsman, archers, cavalry units with Heliopolis and phalanx also destroy the watch towers with Heliopolis and the infantry and breach the wall down to capture your artifact.

Once the threat is neutralized, have your villagers build a dock and build a transport ship, which you can take your artifact safely north across the water, once it arrives at the government center you should win the game.