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In this campaign you will start with 3 town centers, you will be on 2 islands both of which are inhabited by enemies. yellow Goths, brown Alemannis. And red Queen Zenobia. You will start off with 500 food, 500 wood, 500, gold, 500 stone in the Tool Age.

This campaign can be challenging if you don't know what you're doing. This isn't too hand to win if you're prepared in this game.

Don't waste your time with killing the yellow Goths, brown Alemannis because they aren't part of the mission but you'll want to contain them as soon as possible.

Also don't bother with building a wonder in this game, there's no time limit and don't worry if red Queen Zenobia builds one because it won't cause a time limit.

Warning: Due to a glitch in the game if you build anymore town centers you will have 4 or more to defend, if they get destroyed, then it's game over even if it wasn't part of the 3 town centers. Keep that in mind. It's better to build a granary by the berry bushes, and it's better to build a storage pit near the trees, gold and stone mines, and hunting game.

Defending against Goths, Alemanni and Queen Zenobia[edit]

First of all on the Southeast island with one town inhabited by yellow Goths, have a scout explore the terrain and then research wall and tower, build a wall around the forest and build many watch towers they will repel against enemy swordsman, archers, and cavalry and will likely contain them.

You can now have your villagers gather berries for food, chop wood, mine gold and stone. You can have the fishing boat fish for food, you could build a trade boat to trade food for gold but it's not necessarily because there's enough gold to mine in the game.

On the North Island with 2 towns, create villagers, have them build a stable and create a scout to explore the terrain. You'll want to build a wall above the mine around the forest nearby where the brown enemies are at. Then build many towers to defend it against the axemen, swordsman, there may be a siege weapon which you'll want your scout to attack, watch out for the enemy priests as they'll convert your villagers or military units so make sure you kill them.

If the brown enemy villagers tries to chop wood, the watch towers will repel them off and you can now focus on the red units.

Now focus on gathering 800 food to advance to the Bronze age. Also build Triremes to defend yourself against the red army units in case they invade in their transport ships.

Have the villagers hunt game, pick berries, chop wood, mine gold and stone, and even have them farm for food. Research the technologies you'll use in the game.

Once you get to the bronze age, get 1000 food and 800 gold. build siege workshops and temples, create 2 priests. Create many chariots, improved archers, and even phalanx. You'll want the triremes to protect yourself against the red ships, watch out for the fire ships as they can do heavy damage to your ships.

When you get to the Iron Age. Research the technology trees. Also build at least 5 ballistas to take with you on the transport ships, also you'll want to research the scythe chariots since you'll face the threat of red priests. Also build catapult ships so you can take out the enemy watch towers.

Invading Queen Zenobia's island[edit]

When you're ready have the catapult triremes attack the red docks, watch towers and enemies nearby.

When it's safe to land, have the priests, ballistas or catapults, archers, scythe chariots invade the land and start destroying buildings with ballistas and kill the phalanx, cavalry, more watch towers, have the scythe chariots destroy stone throwers and enemy priests villagers.

Continue killing all the red units unit you get a victory message that you've won.