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This is a very simple scenario, really just a training exercise. It should last no longer than 15 min. of game time.

You have a very small force, which you need to move from point A to point B. However, your four enemies don't all have much, either. You could wipe two of them out entirely.

Start by heading directly towards the destination with your entire group. Try to stay all together in a small area. Your archers have a limited detection capacity, so you are not operating completely in the dark. Set your diplomatic status with everyone to ally to avoid accidents.

When you order your units to head directly towards the destination, some of them deviate to the right, some to the left. There must be an obstacle in the middle.

You immediately detect a Red unit on the mini-map. It is very hard to see on the main map. You could kill Red entirely if you wanted to, but we are going to avoid combat if possible. Try to avoid Red by deviating to the south. It soon becomes apparent that you are headed right into the Red camp, so stop, go back, and try to go around them, keeping as far to the south as possible.

You encounter some lions on the way, mostly big ones. Kill them off. One thing to note about wildlife is that they don't have any friends. You can attack one animal right in the middle of a pack, and the others won't respond. Another thing about wildlife is that they don't capture artifacts, so you could send it right up to them to have a look-see if you like.

As you maneuver around the Red area, you are blocked in the north by a river. Keep moving west until you detect a Yellow unit. You have been told to avoid this area. Ignore this instruction at your peril.

Go back along the river bank until you reach the ford. Wipe out all the lions and cross the ford. You are now right in the middle of the Brown camp. You try to ignore them, but they attack you anyway, so just kill everything that moves. The archers will cause a little bit of damage, but focus fire on one Hoplite at a time, and none of them will reach you.

When the coast is clear, head directly towards the destination again. Keep an eagle eye on the mini-map. All you have to do now is avoid a couple of units, and then you're home free.