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Box artwork for Akkanvader.
Japanese titleあっかんべえだあー
Developer(s)Taito Corporation
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Fixed shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
Preceded bySpace Invaders DX
Followed bySpace Invaders Extreme
SeriesSpace Invaders
TwitchAkkanvader Channel
YouTube GamingAkkanvader Channel

Akkanvader (あっかんべえだあー, lit. Akkanbēdā), released under the name of Space Invaders '95: Attack of the Lunar Loonies outside of Japan, is a fixed shooter arcade game which was released by Taito Corporation in 1995; it runs on the company's F3 hardware, and is the seventh title for their Space Invaders series. Like 1990's MJ-12, it features several different types of invaders and special weapons - but it has redesigned them to make them look "cuter" (a possible inspiration from anime).

Players must take control of two of ten different ships: Teketeke 1 and 2 (piloted by humans, "Dan" and "Mayumi"), Kusai-Wa 1 and 2 (piloted by two anthropomorphic turds, "Benben" and "Penpen", Poribaketsu 1 and Danboru-Bako 2 (piloted in by an anthropomorphic dog and cat, "Wanko" and "Nyanko"), Silver Hawk 1 and 2 (piloted by humans "Clyde" - not that orange ghost, from Namco's Pac-Man - and "Bonnie"), & Goriyaku Ichi and Kaiun Ni (piloted by "Sayo-Chan" from KiKi KaiKai and "Miyo-Chan"). The visuals are reminiscent of Konami's Bucky O'Hare which was based on the short-lived television series of the same name, and you can now hold down on the Firing Button to charge your shot (like Apollo's sword in Namco's Phelios); upon releasing the button, your chosen ship will fire a more powerful shot up at the invaders. There are now also bonus stages, which are reminiscent of those in Namco's Galaga (as opposed to the "Cattle Mutilations" from MJ-12) - and also like MJ-12, there are "boss" invaders (and that second one has its own Darius-type warning).

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