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72 Hour Mode is the default game setting for Dead Rising. As Frank West, you've got to survive three days in the Willamette Parkview Mall (7.2 hours real time), rescuing other survivors of the zombie outbreak, and attempting to discover the truth behind the undead hordes.



Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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Time Cases Scoops Survivors Psychos
September 19
12:00pm Case 1-1 starts Jeff and Natalie Meyer, Bill Brenton
2:00pm Cut From The Same Cloth
4:00pm Barricade Pair Aaron Swoop and Burt Swanson
5:00pm A Mother's Lament Leah Stein, Sophie Richard The Convicts
9:00pm Out Of Control Greg Simpson Adam MacIntyre
10:00pm Japanese Tourists Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kilano
11:00pm Shadow of the North Plaza David Bailey
September 20
6:00am Case 2-1 starts (Security Room)
7:00am Lovers Tonya Waters and Ross Folk
8:00am The Hatchet Man Josh Manning, Barbara Patterson and Rich Atkins Cliff Hudson
9:00am The Coward Gordon Stalworth
11:00am Case 3-1 starts (Security Room) Restaurant Man Ronald Shiner, Heather Tompkins and Pamela Tompkins
12:00pm Photo Challenge
1:00pm Above The Law Kay Nelson, Lily Deacon, Kelly Carpenter, Janet Star
Jennifer Gorman
Sally Mills and Nick Evans
Jo Slade
Raincoat Cult
3:00pm Case 4-1 starts (Security Room)
5:00pm Mark Of The Sniper
The Woman Who Didn't Make It
Antique Lover
Wayne Blackwell
Jolie Wu, Rachel Decker
Floyd Sanders
The Hall Family
September 21
12:00am Case 5-1 starts (North Plaza) A Strange Group Ray Mathison, Nathan Crabbe, Michelle Feltz, Beth Shrake and Cheryl Jones
Kindell Johnson
Sean Keanan
1:00am Floyd The Sommelier
3:00am Case 6-1 starts (Security Room)
6:00am Long Haired Punk Mindy Baker, Debbie Willet and Paul Carson Paul Carson
11:00am Case 7-1 starts (Security Room) A Sick Man Leroy McKenna
12:00pm Photographer's Pride Ted Hawthorne Kent Swanson
3:00pm A Woman In Despair Simone Ravendark
5:00pm Case 8-1 starts (Security Room) Paul's Present
7:00pm Simone The Gunslinger
8:00pm Cheryl's Request
10:00pm The Facts starts (Carlito's Hideout)
September 22
12:00am Special Forces arrive for cleanup
10:00am Special Forces withdraw
12:00pm Frank's escape helicopter arrives